31 Top Network Marketing Companies in India 2023

In this post, we will share our Top Network Marketing Companies in India 2022 List. In our country, we have a lot of options to begin a Direct Selling Career.

top network marketing comanies in india

The Indian Government has already released the list of legal direct selling companies & Direct Selling Guidelines to facilitate proper direct selling business in the country.

India has 450+ legal direct selling entities, hence newcomers get confused and start searching for the number 1 network marketing company.

Beginners should consider the MLM Success rate of 0.4% which is quite intimidating.

Nowadays internet has become an important part of MLM Business. Networkers have started using social media to persuade others.

Also, many use the internet to gather information about network marketing companies instead of trusting random Direct Sellers. Most of the direct sellers still use deceptive methods & false claims to lure others.

Meanwhile, It is not the truth that all MLM Companies & Leaders are frauds. Many Indian & foreign MLM companies present in India give an opportunity to make money on the basis of networking & selling skills.

Here we have listed a few Best MLM Companies in India and some Fastest growing Network Marketing Plan.

Top 31 Network Companies in India 2022

Here is the list of top network marketing companies in India. The below table contains the name of the most popular direct selling companies functioning in India with brief information.

RankCompany NameMCA Registration DateProduct CategoriesDirectorsHead Office
1Vestige Marketing Private Limited02 June 2004Health Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Home Appliance, FMCGKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam BaliDelhi
2Modicare Limited12 July 1973Personal Care, Skin Care, Home Care, FMCGBalbir Singh, Krishan Kumar Modi, Charu Modi, Ruchir Kumar Modi, Samir Modi, Anil Kumar, Upreti Rajesh NairNew Delhi, Delhi
3RCM (Fashion Suitings Private Limited)1988Personal Care, Home Care, FMCGTilok Chand Chhabra, Karun Jain KachharaBhilwara, Rajasthan
4IMC (International Marketing Corporation Private Limited)31 December 2013Health Care,
Agriculture Product,
Personal Care,
Home Care
Ashok Bhatia,
Satyan Bhatia
Ludhiana, Punjab
5Tupperware India Private Limited1 May 1996Plastic ContainersShyamal Chatterjee, Kimberly Kay Weate, Deepak ChhabraGurgaon, Haryana 
6MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited14 March 2013Personal Care, Home Care, Agro CareManmohan Singh, Kishore Kumar, Kolla Sathya Narayana, Hackeem Abdul RahimChennai, Tamilnadu
7Ok Lifecare Private Limited2 November 2016Health Care, Home Care, Personal CareSarita Karwasra, Dinesh Kumar Sharan, Krishna Devi, PromilaRohtak, Haryana
8Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd25 January 2011Skin Care, Nutritional, Drinks and Gels, Personal CareAarti Vijay Kadam, Nikita Cyrus Naterwalla, Navaz D Ghaswala, Rex Gene MaughanMumbai, Maharashtra
9Keva Industries23 August 2014Home Care, Wellness Products, Herbal ProductsKaran GoelLudhiana, Punjab
10Asclepius Wellness Private Limited7 October 2014Health CareSanjeev Kumar, Chand Raipuriya, Amit KumarNew Delhi, Delhi
11Biosash Business Private Limited17 November 2015Personal Care, Health Care, Home CareArjun Khanna, Rajeev KumarFaridabad, Haryana
12Altos Enterprises Limited28 October 2002Personal Care, Home Care, FMCGAbhishek Gupta
Charanjit Ahuja
Manmohan Bhatt
Ludhiana, Punjab
13Herbalife International India Private Limited08 October 1998Health & Fitness, NutritionalAjay Khanna, Rashmi Dayal Chachra, Mark David StoreyBangalore, Karnataka
14Amway India Enterprises Private Limited03 August 1995Personal Care, Home Care, Heath Care, FMCGNew Delhi, Delhi
15Oriflame India Private Limited25 August 1994Personal Care, Beauty ProductsSubraminian Sitaraman, Manjit Singh Bawa, Frederic Sebastian Nikodemus WidellNew Delhi, Delhi
16Safe And Secure Online Marketing Private Limited22 January 2001Health & Beauty, Home Products, FMCGSidharth Sehgal, Harish Sondhi, Rajat Verma, Raju Anand, Rajpal AroraNew Delhi, Delhi
17Naswiz Retails Private Limited07 November 2016Herbal Products, Food and BeveragesSantosh Kumar Chandrakar, Manish NandaNew Delhi, Delhi
18Glaze Trading India Private Limited16 March 2004Health Care, Personal Care, Agriculture Product,Ashwini Arora, Arun Chhibber, Sanjeev Chhibber, Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, Chetan Prakash HandaNew Delhi, Delhi
19DXN Marketing India Private Limited18 March 2014Health Care, Personal Care, Food And BeveragesPremarajan Puthan Veetil, Rabique Khaja Moinudeen, Teoh Hang ChingChennai, Tamilnadu
20DNAR Enterprises Private Limited06 September 2013Personal Care, Cosmetics, ShoesRaj Ranjan Kumar Giri, Dipak KumarSouth Delhi, Delhi
21HHI Marketing Private Limited08 January 2016Home Care, Personal CareSatinder Kaur, Reema Jain, PoojaLudhiana, Punjab
22Indusviva HealthSciences Private Limited17 January 2014Health ProductsMandalanen Subramanyam, Kuruvila ChackoBangalore, Karnataka
23Atomy Enterprise India Private Limited22 February 2019Personal Care, CosmeticsSeikh Imtiaz Ali, Seok Gyun KwonNew Delhi, Delhi
24DBA (Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Private Limited)22 September 2011Garments, Accessories, CosmeticsNathasha, Roshan Singh BishtMohali, Punjab
25Avon Beauty Products India Private Limited30 June 1995Cosmetics, Skin Care, Personal Care, AccessoriesJayant Vijay Kapre, Pankaj Bhatnagar, Amlan MukherjeeGurgaon, Haryana
26Winfinith Marketing Private Limited15 April 2020Health & WellnessDegala Mahesh,
Jagadeesh Manjunatha
Bangalore, Karnataka
27My Recharge Private Limited23 September 2010Personal Care, AyurvedaAshok Kulhari, Devendra KumarJaipur, Rajasthan
28Forlife Trading India Private Limited22 February 2008Immune ProductsDaniel Spencer Lee, Mark Floyd Ostler, Kulwant Singh, Bawa Singh, David Ted Lisonbee, Shishir Kumar JhaMumbai, Maharashtra
29Enagic India Kangen Water Private Limited06 May 2015Water (Alkaline) FiltersKazuo Yokoya, Mandar Madhukar Khopade, Winston TanChennai, Tamilnadu
30Planet Dewsoft Private Limited09 June 2015Education CourseAnubha Sehdev Atri, Rishi SehdevNew Delhi, Delhi
31Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited29 April 2002Personal Care, Home Care, Health CareKalyanasundaram Subramani, Zhongtao Zhang, Jeyakumar Delhi

Top 10 MLM Companies of India

Every direct seller wants to see their company on top, which is not possible. Many small companies are also there, which are not in the list but doing great.

So it’s hard for us to select a few companies. On the basis of the below parameters and precedence, we have out-listed the top 10 companies.

  • Products & Services (Range, Quality, Demand, & Price)
  • Market Saturation
  • Leaders & Environment
  • Training & Support

So here are the Top 10 Network Marketing Companies to join this year, which are currently on the boom.

1. Vestige

NameVestige Marketing Private Limited
DirectorsKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali
Register Date02 June 2004
Head officeDelhi
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesHealth Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Home Appliance, FMCG
Minimum Product Purchase1000-2000 Rs
Product RepurchaseRequired after Bronze Director Level

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is the most popular and giant network marketing company in the country. It started in the year 2004 and also knowns as “Indian Amway“.

At the present time, vestige revenue is highest in Indian MLM Industry. A wide range of products available in the Vestige Products list. Some of their most popular products are Vestige Noni Capsule, Vestige Spirulina, Flax Oil Capsule, etc.

Vestige has launched few apps and publishes Vestige Catalogue on a regular basis in many different languages. Vestige provides online as well as offline training through seminars.

Vestige Business has produced the highest number of top MLM leaders in India and recently most popular MLM leader Sonu Sharma moved to vestige and left his earlier MLM company Naswiz Retails.

Siddharth Singh is the highest-paid leader of the vestige.

2. Modicare

Modicare Limited
NameModicare Limited
DirectorsBalbir Singh, Krishan Kumar Modi, Charu Modi, Ruchir Kumar Modi, Samir Modi, Anil Kumar, Upreti Rajesh Nair
Register Date12 July 1973
Head office New Delhi, Delhi
Email[email protected]
[email protected]
Product CategoriesPersonal Care, Skin Care, Home Care, FMCG
Minimum Product PurchaseNot Required
Product RepurchaseNot Required

Modicare Limited is a subsidiary of a popular Indian business family; Modi Groups. Modicare Limited MLM Business started in the late 90s by Samir Modi remains a top competitor to Amway India for more than 2 decades.

Modicare revised its business plan and named it Modicare Azadi Plan. The company launched Modicare Business Apps & Modicare Catalogue, which helps their distributors.

Modicare Product List includes personal, home, baby, health care, and FMCG products such as Modicare Well Noni Juice and Modicare Spirulina.

Modicare has various talented MLM leaders like Dr. Surekha Bhargava.

3. RCM Business

RCM (Right Concept Marketing)
NameRCM (Right Concept Marketing)
DirectorsTilok Chand Chhabra, Karun Jain Kachhara
Register Date1988
Head officeBhilwara, Rajasthan
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesPersonal Care, Home Care, FMCG
Minimum Product Purchase200 Rs
Product Repurchase200 Rs (Every Month)

Fashion Suitings Marketing Private Limited is one of the oldest Indian direct selling companies known as RCM.

Around 2011 RCM collapse after controversy with the Rajasthan state government and later started with a new plan. The RCM products list is diversified and contains health, grocery & even clothing products. RCM products are reasonable to price which makes it rank to 3 in this list.

Nutricharge S5 is a well-known product of RCM. They even endorse Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and badminton player Sania Mirza for their product promotion.

4. IMC

IMC (International Marketing Corporation Private Limited)
NameIMC (International Marketing Corporation Private Limited)
DirectorsAshok Bhatia, Satyan Bhatia
Register Date31 December 2013
Head officeLudhiana, Punjab
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesHealth Care, Agriculture Product, Personal Care, Home Care
Minimum Product PurchaseNot Required
Product RepurchaseNot Required

Started in the year 2013, IMC (International Marketing Corporation) is a rapidly growing MLM Company in India. Popular Business Coach TS Madan has also joined this company.

IMC products list contains health, personal, and home care products in which most products are herbal. They launched the IMC business app to help direct sellers.

IMC Shri Tulsi is most popular product of this company.

5. Tupperware

Tupperware India Private Limited
NameTupperware India Private Limited
DirectorsShyamal Chatterjee, Kimberly Kay Weate, Deepak Chhabra
Register Date1 May 1996
Head OfficeGurgaon, Haryana 
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesPlastic Containers
Minimum Product Purchase1500 Rs
Product Repurchase

Most of the MLM Companies focus on health and grocery products but Tupperware is one of the rare MLM companies that focus on unique products i.e. plastic containers and utensils.

With its quality products, Tupperware is also popular for its party plan, which makes it more interesting compared to other MLM Companies. Tupperware is a women-oriented direct selling company.

They release the Tupperware Catalogue regularly which helps its kitty-party networkers. Tupperware also facilitates proper training & support to their direct sellers.

6. Mi Lifestyle

MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
NameMI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited
DirectorsManmohan Singh, Kishore Kumar, Kolla Sathya Narayana, Hackeem Abdul Rahim
Register Date14 March 2013
Head officeChennai, Tamilnadu
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesPersonal Care, Home Care, Agro Care
Minimum Product Purchase5000 – 7500 Rs
Product Repurchase

Mi lifestyle is one of the best & popular MLM companies in India. Most of Mi lifestyle products are based on health & wellness include products like On & On Nutrilife.

Products are not too expensive like most other MLM companies. Mi Lifestyle has been awarded by economic times for being the best health care brand. Their Element product range is quite popular

Mi lifestyle also provides decent training & support to the direct sellers.

7. Ok Life Care

Ok Life Care Marketing
NameOk Life Care Marketing
DirectorsSarita Karwasra, Dinesh Kumar Sharan, Krishna Devi, Promila
Register Date2 November 2016
Head officeRohtak, Hariyana
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesHealth Care, Home Care, Personal Care
Minimum Product Purchase1000 – 1500 Rs
Product RepurchaseNot Required

Ok Life Care is a direct selling company that started in November 2016 in Rohtak, Hariyana. In the past few years, it has become one of the fastest-growing networking companies in India.

130+ products in Ok Life Care Products List is a plus point for the direct sellers, as they get a vast choice to purchase products. 

The packaging of Ok Life Care products is also attractive and makes them look premium. But like most of the MLM Companies, products of Ok Life Care are also slightly overpriced, and Direct Sellers have to spend extra on every purchase. 

8. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd
NameForever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd
DirectorsAarti Vijay Kadam, Nikita Cyrus Naterwalla, Navaz D Ghaswala, Rex Gene Maughan
Register Date25 January 2011
Head officeMumbai, Maharashtra
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesSkin Care, Nutritional, Drinks and Gels, Personal Care
Minimum Product Purchase30,000 Rs
Product Repurchase1 CC (After Supervisor Level)

FLP Business Plan is popular for its aloe vera products. FLP claims to have the largest aloe vera farm in the Dominican Republic.

Forever Living Products list contains health care & personal care products that are made from pure aloe vera extract and natural honey such as Forever Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Argi+, Forever C Plus, etc.

FLP offers proper training & support and release FLP catalogue on a regular basis.

9. Keva

Keva Industries
NameKeva Industries
DirectorsKaran Goel
Register Date23 August 2014
Head officeLudhiana, Punjab
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesHome Care, Wellness Products, Herbal Products
Minimum Product Purchase2000 Rs
Product Repurchase

Keva Industries is an Indian MLM company that was officially registered in 2014 under MCA.

Keva Products List contains health & wellness products in large numbers. Keva products are not highly overpriced like most other MLM Companies.

Keva MLM Business Plan is based on a binary plan, where income is generated when 2:1 or 1:2 pair added in the downline.

10. AWPL

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited
NameAsclepius Wellness Private Limited
DirectorsSanjeev Kumar, Chand Raipuriya, Amit Kumar
Register Date7, October 2014
Head officeNew Delhi, Delhi
Email[email protected]
Product CategoriesHealth Care
Minimum Product Purchase4,000 Rs/5,000 Rs/8,000 Rs/ 10,000 Rs/13000 Rs/15,000 Rs
Product RepurchaseNot Required

Asclepius Wellness promotes herbal ayurvedic products which are from wellness and personal care categories.

Nowadays, most companies primarily focus on nutrition, wellness, and cosmetics products as these products are demanding and have a high margin.

It started in the year 2014 and within the last 6 years, AWPL’s business plan has grown rapidly.


We hope this post on Top Network Marketing Companies in India was helpful for you. Obviously, there are many more companies available in our country which are doing well but based on the popularity we mention giants of the industry.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding any Network Marketing Company and Plan, feel free to comment below.

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    A top quality product from the range of cosmetics, wellness, luxury, perfumery, grocery, kitchen products and detergent powders & soap everything is available at Eazyways. Trust the best direct selling company of India to get the best value products in this competitive marketing and hold your hand with ‘Eazyways’ for making shopping smarter.
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