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In this post we are going to check the Forever Living India Products Price List. Forever living is among world fastest growing MLM company and have several number of products. Forever living is also world largest Aloe Vera products manufacturer.

Most of the products of forever living are made by Aloe Vera. The product list include health care, nutrition, personal care products. Forever Living is widely spread in India and number of Indian direct seller have interest in Forever living Products.


So, to solve the query of these direct seller we have come with this post which have Latest Forever Living Product Price List. Where several visitor want Product Price List PDF, So we have added the button to Download Forever Living Product Price List PDF. So, first of all we are going to view the Forever Living Overview.

Forever Living Company Profile

Company NameForever Living Products International Inc.
FounderRex Maughan
Year started1970
Origin CountryUSA

Forever Living Product India Price List

So, here is the Forever Living Products India Price List. The list contain attribute are product code, name and MRP.

Code Product Description Maximum Retail Price
715 Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tetrapak™ 1,672.00  
716 Forever Aloe Vera Gel Tripak™ 1,728.00  
734 Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Tetrapak™ 1,672.00  
777 Forever Aloe Peaches Tetrapak™ 1,823.00  
036 Forever Royal Jelly 2,349.00  
207 Forever Bee Honey 1,605.00  
039 Forever Arctic-Sea 2,200.00  
048 Forever C Plus 1,462.00  
222 Forever Active Probiotic 2,701.00  
264 Forever Active HA 2,865.00  
355 Forever Immublend 1,965.00  
374 Vitolize Men’s 2,514.00  
464 Forever Fiber 2,194.00  
473 Argi+ 6,378.00  
071Forever Garcinia Plus 2,317.00  
470 Lite Ultra – Vanilla 2,249.00  
471 Lite Ultra – Chocolate 2,249.00  
022 Forever Aloe Lips w/Jojoba 226.00  
028 Forever Bright Toothgel 613.00  
040 Aloe First 1,342.00  
051 Aloe Propolis Crème 1,250.00  
055 Aloe Body Toning Kit 6,114.00  
056 Aloe Body Toner 1,837.00  
057 Aloe Body Conditioning Crème 2,199.00  
061 Aloe Vera Gelly 978.00  
062 Aloe Lotion 978.00  
063 Aloe Moisturizing Lotion 978.00  
064 Aloe Heat Lotion 978.00  
067 Aloe Ever-Shield Deodarant 540.00  
069 R3 Factor 2,126.00  
070 Gentleman’s Pride 1,069.00  
187 Forever Alpha-E-Factor 2,049.00  
199 Aloe Sunscreen 1,116.00  
205 Aloe MSM Gel 1,612.00  
208 25th Edition Perfume Spray – Women 2,976.00  
209 25th Edition Cologne Spray – Men 2,976.00  
Code   Product Description Maximum Retail Price
233   Forever Alluring Eyes 1,553.00
234   Forever Marine Mask 1,446.00
236   Forever Epiblanc 1,371.00
238   Forever Aloe Scrub 1,039.00
261   Aloe Conditioning Rinse 1,299.00
284   Avocado Face & Body Soap 468.00
286   Relaxation Bath Salts 1,928.00
287   Relaxation Shower Gel 1,596.00
288   Relaxation Massage Lotion 1,808.00
307   Forever Aloe MPD 1,987.00
318   Forever Hand Sanitizer 290.00
319   Aloe Sunscreen Spray 1,295.00
337   Aloe Fleur De Jouvence 8,636.00
338   Rehydrating Toner 1,114.00
339   Aloe Cleanser 1,100.00
340   Firming Day Lotion 1,746.00
341   Mask Powder 2,084.00
342   Recovering Night Creme 2,072.00
343   Aloe Activator 1,114.00
462   Forever Sun Lips 382.00
515   Aloe Shave Gel 1,422.00
521   Aloe Jojoba Shampoo 1,605.00
522   Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse 1,605.00
523   Aloe Hand Soap 1,452.00
277   Sonya Aloe Purifying Cleanser 2,245.00
278   Sonya Aloe Deep-Cleansing Exfoliator 1,687.00
279   Sonya Aloe Refreshing Toner 2,245.00
280   Sonya Aloe Balancing Cream 2,140.00
281   Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum 2,951.00
311   Sonya Aloe Deep Moisturizing Cream 2,050.00
605   Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser 1,819.00
606   Sonya Illuminating Gel 1,728.00
607   Sonya Refining Gel Mask 1,819.00
608   Sonya Soothing Gel Moisturizer 1,981.00
554   infinite Hydrating Cleanser 2,335.00
555   infinite Firming Serum 3,708.00
558   infinite Restoring Crème 4,136.00

Forever Living Products India Price List PDF Download

If you want to download the FLP India Price List, just click the below download button and list will be in your hand.


I hope, the post is helpful for you and got the Forever Living Products India Price List PDF. If you have any query regarding this post, you can comment below. Thank You!!

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