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Keva Industries is among top MLM companies in India, having a solid growth rate.

This post is on Keva Industries Products List. I have added download button at the end of the post to download keva products price list PDF.

Amway, Avon and Herbalife are leading the MLM Industry and many Indian companies takes inspiration from them.

Most of MLM company’s plan and products are aggregate of these three MLM Companies.

In beginning of MLM in India, most of company comes to market with suit length, online education course and holiday package products.


But now most of MLM companies are shifting towards health and wellness products. Because, these products cost them low and have high profit to share with direct sellers.

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Keva Industries All Products List

Keva Industries most of products are for health and wellness. Keva Industry have also mention in one of their PPT that, “One must consult a doctor before treating a disease with Keva Products.”

It means that, for pharmaceutical purpose don’t use company products without expert suggestion.

Keva Industries have products from following category.

  • Home Care
  • Wellness
  • Herbal
  • Agriculture
  • Personal Care
  • Food
  • Health and Fitness Equipment
  • Energy
  • Electronic Items

People often search for Keva Industries Products Price List PDF. But, Keva have not released any catalogue or PDF where all category products are listed. Keva have released number of forms, JPG, PPT and ZIP file on their official website.

Keva Products Price List

Products are the backbone of every MLM Company. If products are not reliable and cost effective then it become hard for company to survive in market.

Below Keva Products Price List contain the product name, price in rupee and business points.

BP (Business Points) are very important for direct seller, because the most of income are depended on it.


#DescriptionMRP (RS)Business Points
1Keva Ancient Mineral Drops 15 ML350145
2Keva Ancient Mineral Drops 50ML949400
3Keva CTMD 30ML949400
4Keva Solar Energy Drops 50ML949400
5Keva Anti Pollution Drops 30ML715300
6Keva Anti Ageing Drops 30ml949400
7Keva American Ginseng Drops 30ml949400
8Keva Grape Seed Drops 30ml949400
9Keva Joints Care Drops 30 ml949400
10Keva Feminine Drops 30 ml949400
11Keva Stemcell Plus Drops 30 ml949400
12Keva Milk Thistle Drops 30ml949400
13Keva Goji Berry Drops 30ml949400
14Keva Co Enzyme Q10 Drops 30ml949400
15Keva Sea Buck Thorn Drops 30ml949400
16Keva Wheatgrass Drops 30ml949400
17Keva Moringa Extract Drops 30ml949400
18Keva Omega 3 Drops 30ml949400
19Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops 5ml700400
20Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops 15ml20001100
21Keva Triple Stem Cell Drops 30ml39992200
22Keva Acidity Relief Drops 30ml1000450
23Keva Acidity Care Drops 15ml350150


24Keva Cholesterol Care Tablets (60 Tab, 1250mg)949400
25Keva Vision Care Tablets (60 Tab, 1250mg)949400
26Keva Garlic Care Tablets (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
27Keva Allergy Care (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
28Keva Slim care (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
29Keva Energy Plus (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
30Keva UTI Care (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
31Keva Sleep Aid (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
32Keva Piles Relief (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
33Keva Memory Booster (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
34Keva Iron folic (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
35Keva Digestive Health (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
36Keva Liver Health (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
37Keva Addiction Care (60 tab, 1250mg)949400
38Keva Joints Relief (60 tab, 1250mg)949400


39Keva Noni 400ML715250
40Keva Aloe Vera Plus 1 Liter749225
41Keva Acai 750 ML1199450
42Keva Silver Plus 236ml59992500
43Keva Triphala Juice 1 Ltr749225
44Keva Anti Diabetic Juice 1 Ltr750225
45Keva Wheagrass Juice 1 Ltr750225
46Keva Slimming Juice 1 Ltr750225
47Keva Health Spray 20ml1200600
48Keva Giloy Juice 1 Ltr750225
49Keva Sugar Control Juice 750 ml1199450
50Keva Himalyan Berry Juice 750ml1199450


51Keva Bone Health1199500
52Keva Power Plus1199500
53Keva Heart Care1199500
54Keva Anti Diabetic as Keva Diabafit1199500
55Keva Thyroid Care1199500
56Keva Menstrual Care1199500
57Keva Memory Plus1199500
58Keva Daily Plus1199500
59Keva Kidney Care as Keva KD Care1199500
60Keva Leucorrhea Care1199500
61Keva Chlorophyll1199500
62Keva D-ToxiPlus1199500
63Keva Piles Care1199500
64Keva Ganoderma Plus1199500
65Keva Immunorich1299500
66Keva Glucosamine Plus1199500
67Keva Chaga29991500
68Keva Triple Stem Cell Tablet39992300
69Keva Anti Sugar (NT Sugar)39992200
70Keva Bone & Joint Health39992200
71Keva Skin Care Tablet1199500
72Keva Slim Fit1199500
73Keva Moringa Plus (120 Cap)1199515
74Keva Omega 3 (softgel)1199450


75Keva Double Stem Cell Powder 200gm29991500
76Keva Protein Plus 200gm999400
77Keva Triple Stem Cell Powder 500gm59993300
78Keva Kids Growth Powder 500gm39992000
79Keva Alfalfa Powder 200gm29991500
80Keva Soya Protein 200gm999400
81Keva Vanilla whey Protein 200gm999400


82Keva Slim Tea 250 Gm1200500


83Keva Flax Seed Oil29950
84Keva Liver Care29990
85Keva Catuaba29980
86Keva Calcium Tablets29980
87Keva Cow Colostrum29990
88Keva Spirulina18035
89Keva Aloe Vera24065
90Keva Ortho Care29990
91Keva Gano Power29990
92Keva Moringa Power29990
93Keva Amla14922
94Keva Z Plus (Zinc Plus)25980
95Keva Hormone Balance29980
96Keva Ashwagandha14922
97Keva Multivitamin Tablets (MV Tab)29980
98Keva Curcumin29990
99Keva Gymnema Sylvestre29990
100Keva Neem29990
101Keva Musli29990
102Keva Shilajit29990
103Keva SHN Care (Skin, Nail & Hair Care)29990
104Keva Green Tea29990
105Keva Organic Spirulina500175
106Keva Cough Care Chewable9020
107Keva Immunity Booster29950
108Keva Man charge29960
109Keva Woman charge29960
110Keva Giloy299100
111Keva Triphala299100
112Vitamin D3 Chewable 60000 IU (pack of 4)9018
113Cough & Cold Care Tab5910
114NityaMukti Tab5912
115M Tone (30 Cap)29990
116IMMUNEER (50 TAB)299100


117Keva Protein Powder 200gm29970
118Keva Sports Nutrition Powder 200gm29970
119Keva Kids Energy Powder 200gm29970
120Keva Constipation Churan 100gm11925
121Keva Gluco Health 100gm29983


122Keva Panch Tulsi Drops 15ml599
123Keva Ear Drops 10ml5910
124Keva Eye Drops 10ml5910
125Keva Cough Syrup 100ml599
126Keva Lady Care 100ml7714
127Keva Gold tulsi Drops 15ml14945
128Keva Stress Free 100ml7714
129Keva Digestive Care 100ml7714
130Keva Stone Crush 100ml7714
131Keva Blood Purifier 100ml7714
132Keva Yakrut Care 100ml8016
133Keva Sugar Care 100ml8016
134Keva Heart Tonic 100ml8016
135Keva Uric Acid Control 100ml8016
136Keva Male Health Tonic 100ml8016
137Keva Stevia Drops 10ml8016
138Keva Fever Care Syrup 100ml8016
139Keva Slim Care Syrup 100ml8016
140Keva Gold Tulsi Drops 30ml299120
141Keva Kids Health Tonic 100ml8016
142Keva Thyroid Health Syrup 100ml8016
143Keva Liver Tonic 200ml299100
144Keva Raktshodhak (Blood Cleanser) 200ml299100
145Keva Uterine Tonic (women) 200ml299100
146Keva Iron Tonic 100ml8016
147Keva Antacid 100ml8016
148Keva Lycopene 100ml8016
149Keva B Complex 100ml8016
150Keva Digestive Enzyme 100ml8016
151Keva Anti snor Drops 15ml5910
152Keva Nasal Drop 15ml6012
153Keva Respitone 100ml8016
154Keva Multiherb Health tonic 100ml8016
155Keva Vocon Syrup 100ml8016
156Keva Tonsiwin Syrup 100ml8016
157Keva Shatavari Syrup 100ml8016
158Keva Krimihar Syrup 100ml8016


159Keva Anti Pain Oil 50ml15030
160Keva Pain Relief Gel 15gm5910
161Keva Pain Care Syrup 100ml8016
162Keva Balm 10gm6012
163Keva Pain Relief Spray 50ml20032


164Keva Itch Relief 15gm5910
165Keva Piles Aid 15gm5910


166Keva Advanced Fairness Cream 50gm26525
167Keva Rejuvenating Day Care Cream 50gm26525
168Keva Face Cream 50gm26553
169Keva Day Care Cream 50gm26553
170Keva BB Cream 50gm8517
171Keva Fairness Cream 50gm808
172Keva Blemish Balm Cream 50gm8528
173Keva Foot Care Cream 50gm599
174Keva CC Cream 50gm299125
175Keva Under Eye Cream 25gm808
176Keva Turmeric Anti Septic Cream 15gm5910
177Keva Sunscreen Cream with SPF 30 50gm9011
178Keva Hair Removal Cream 40gm9014
179Keva Hair Colour 20gm302
180Keva Hand Sanitizer 50ml855
181Aloe Eye Masque 50gm7714
182Hydrating Face Masque 50gm7714
183Cucumber Face Pack 50gm775
184Keva Body Lotion 200ml15010
185Men Deo 150ml20023
186Keva Face Cleanser 200ml11914
187Keva Face Toner 200ml11914
188Keva Slimming Gel 100ml18030
189Keva Facial Spa Hydrating Cream 50gm8515
190Keva Marks Care Cream 50gm858
191Keva Strawberry Softwash 250ml (Hand & Body Wash)15010
192Keva Lime Softwash 250ml (Hand & Body Wash)15035
193Keva GreenApple Softwash 250ml (Hand & Body wash)15010
194Keva Body Care Lotion 200ml15035
195Keva Hair Styling Gel 50gm11920
196Keva Rose Toner 200ml15510
197Keva Cold Cream 50gm8517
198Toilet Seat Sanitizer 50ml20030
199Keva Cucumber Toner 200ml15510
200Keva Aloe Vera Toner 200ml15510
201Keva Shaving Cream595
202Keva Lemon & Pomegranate Cream 50gm8517
203Keva Papaya Gold Cream 50gm8517
204Keva Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream 50gm8517
205Keva Skin Soothing facial cream 50gm8517
206Keva Rich Cocoa Nourishing cream 50gm8517
207Keva Skin Polishing Cream 50gm8517
208Keva Body Massage Oil 200ml18020

Women Special Personal Care Products

209Breast firming Spray 18ml15030
210Breast Care cream 50gm12024
211Intimate Hygeine Cleanser 18ml16022

Male Special Products

212Intimate Hygeine Cleanser 18ml16022

Hand Sanitizer & Mask

213Hand Cleanser 5 LTr2500250
214Anti Pollution Face Mask8016
215Hand Cleanser 100ml (2 Pcs)10010


216Keva Natural Hair Oil 200ml18020
217Keva Almond Hair Oil 200ml18036
218Keva Bhringraj Hair oil 200ml18020
219Keva Amla Hair Care Oil 200ml18054
220Keva Natural Hair Care Oil 200ml18048
221Keva Sarso Amla Hair oil 200ml18020
222Keva shikakai Hair Oil 200ml18023
223Keva Cool Hair Oil 200ml18020


224Keva Aloe Face Wash 100 ml11910
225Keva Neem Face Wash 100ml12020
226Keva Aloe Vera Face Wash 100ml11924
227Keva Neem Glow Face Wash 100ml12036


228Keva Hair Repair Shampoo 175ml18054
229Keva Silky Shampoo 200ml12010
230Keva Protein Shampoo 200ml18036
231Keva Dandruff Control Shampoo 175ml18027
232Protein Hair Care Shampoo 200ml18052
233Dandruff Control Shampoo 175ml18052

Keva Soap

234Keva Beauty Soap 100 gm5910
235Keva Glow Soap 100gm10023
236Keva Neem Tulsi Pudina Soap 100gm595
237Keva White Pearl soap 100gm595
238Keva Refreshing Soap 50gm252


239Keva Toothbrush (Set of 2 Pcs)595
240Keva Bright Toothpaste 100gm909
241Keva Clove Toothpaste 100gm909
242Keva Mouth Wash 100ml8512
243Keva Mint toothpaste 100gm9023
244Keva Gum Care Lotion 30ml12024


245Rice Bran oil 1 Ltr2805
246Kaipo Gold Tea 250gm1207
247Green Tea with Tulsi (pack of 25 sachets)20030
248Keva Diabetes Control Tea (pack of 25 sachets)20030
249Tomato Ketch up 500ml20030
250Rice Bran Oil Health 1 Ltr30030
251Kesar Kulfi Falooda 180gm15015
252Badam Kheer 140gm15015
253Gold Refreshing Tea 250gm16048


254Body Care Lotion 200ml15035
255Keva Honey & Almond Pack 50gm595
256Keva Lemon & Honey Scrub 50gm8517
257Keva Bridal Gold Rose Scrub 50gm8517
258Strawberry Facial Scrub 50gm8517
259Sandal Mud Face Pack 50gm8517
260Depigmentation Fruit Face Pack 50gm8517
261Brightening Face Pack 50gm8517
262Skin Firming Face Pack 50gm8517


263Keva Dish Liquid 500ml15010
264Keva Toilet Cleaner 500ml13013
265Keva Washing Soap 500gm902
266Keva Multipurpose Cleaner (3 in 1) 400ml15015
267Keva Detergent Bar 200gm302
268Keva Bartan Bar 200gm302
269Detergent Powder 1 Kg16016


270Keva Eye Liner855
271Keva Mascara855
272Keva Kajal11918
273Keva Nail Paint Remover 30ml595
274Keva Red Liquid Sindoor 6ml5912
275Keva Maroon Liquid Sindoor 6ml5912
276Blue Eyeliner855
277Green Eyeliner855
278Foundation 30ml10015
279Gold Bleach 35gm8515
280Red Dark Lipstick997
281Red Lip Stick10012
282Coffee Lip Stick10012

Nail Polish Shades

283Red Matt Nail Polish10020
284Maroon Nail Polish10020
285Grey Dark Nail Polish10020
286Pastel Blue Nail Polish10020
287Orange Nail Polish10020
288Purple Nail Polish10020
289Pink Nail Polish10020
290Dark Green Nail Polish10020

Lip Gloss

291Pink Lip Gloss10012
292Orange Lip Gloss10012
293Brown Lip Gloss10012
294Maroon Lip Gloss10012


295English Product Printed Book39940
296Hindi Product Printed Book39940
297Hindi Educational Book 140 Pages39940


298Red Dark SlimStick11912
299Pink SlimStick11912
300Tan Moment SlimStick11912
301Red SlimStick11912
302Rebro slimstick11912
303Brown intense Slimstick11912
304Cool Khaki Slimstick11912

Keva Health & Fitness Equipments

305Keva Fruit & Vegtable Purifier150005000


307Mix Fruit Facial Kit 60gm29950
308Chocolate Facial Kit 60gm29950
309Diamond Facial Kit 60gm18045
310Gold Facial Kit 60gm299115
311Platinum Facial Kit 60gm18010
312Fairness Facial Kit 60gm18010


313Keva Agro 80 1 Ltr599120
314Keva Growth 250ml29990
315Keva Agro Enzyme 500ml30057
316Keva Agro Booster 1 Kg899250
317Keva Flower Boon 250ml15020
318Keva Agro Micronutrients 500ml20030
319Keva Power Agro Growth Promoter (ampoules)7014
320Agro Growth 500ml550200
321Agro Neem Oil 100ml29960


329Keva Navy Men T Shirt 40, 4259950
330Keva Navy Men T Shirt 3859950
331Gray Dark Gray T Shirt (38)59950
332Gray Dark Gray T Shirt (42)59950
333Rust Red Coffee T Shirt(38)59950
334Rust Red Coffee T Shirt(40)59950
335Pink Mauve T Shirt (38)59950
336Red Black T Shirt (42)59950
337Pink Burgandy T Shirt (42)59950
338Rust Red Coffee T Shirt(42)59950
339Pink Mauve T Shirt (40)59950
340Red Black T Shirt (38)59950
341Camel Coffee T Shirt (42)59950
342Camel Coffee T Shirt (38)59950
343Pink Mauva T Shirt (42)59950
344Camel Coffee T Shirt (40)59950
345Gray Dark Gray T Shirt (40)59950
346Red Black T Shirt (40)59950
347Pink Burgundy T Shirt (38)59950
348Grey Pink T Shirt (42)59950
349Pink Burgundy T Shirt (40)59950
350Black Dark Green T Shirt (42)59950
351Black Olive Green T Shirt (38)59950
352Black Orange T Shirt (38)59950
353Black Dark Green T Shirt (38)59950
354Black Dark Green T Shirt (40)59950
355Black Olive Green T Shirt (42)59950
356Black Red T Shirt (38)59950
357Grey Pink T Shirt (38)59950
358Grey Pink T Shirt (40)59950
359Black Ink Blue T Shirt (42)59950
360Dark Green Yellow T Shirt(42)59950
361Navy Blue White T Shirt (40)59950
362Black Olive Green T Shirt (40)59950
363Black Ink Blue T Shirt (38)59950
364Yellow Dark Green T Shirt (38)59950


365Keva Foot Patch29980
366Keva Dual Detox Foot Spa350007500
367Keva Detox Array1200250


368Magenta Capri49940
369Orange Capri49940
370Maroon Capri49940
371Bio Energy Card20085

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