Keva Industries Products Price List | PDF Download 2021

Keva Industries is among those MLM company, which have decent growth rate in India. After year 2000, there is rapid growth in number of Indian MLM Company.

Before proceeding further, I clear this post is On Keva Industries Products Price List. I have added download button at the end of the post to download keva products price list PDF. And you can skip mid part.

Amway, Avon and Herbalife are top MLM company of MLM Industry and many Indian company get inspire from them.

Most of MLM company’s plan and products are aggregate of these three MLM Companies. In beginning of MLM in India, most of company comes to market with suit length, online education course and holiday package products.


But now most of MLM companies are shifting towards health and wellness products. Because, somehow these products cost them cheap and on sell company have higher profit to share with direct seller.

Keva Industries Products

Keva Industries most of products are for health and wellness. Keva Industry have also mention in one of their PPT that, “One must consult a doctor before treating a disease with Keva Products.”

Which indirectly mean that, for pharmaceutical purpose don’t use company product without expert suggestion.

Keva Industries have following category Products:

  • Keva Home Care Products
  • Keva Wellness Products
  • Keva Herbal Products
  • Keva Agriculture Products
  • Keva Personal Care Products
  • Keva Food Products
  • Keva Health and Fitness Equipment Products
  • Keva Energy Products
  • Keva Electronic Items

People often search for Keva Industries Products Price List PDF. But, keva have not released any catalogue or PDF where all category products are listed. Keva have released number of forms,JPG, PPT and ZIP file on their official website.

You can also download particular products brochure by clicking here.

Keva Business Plan

When we talk about Keva Industries Business plan, for it we have written a separate post.In which we have shared more detail about keva Industries Business Plan and Income Plan in Hindi. You can also read that post.

Keva Products Price List

Products are the backbone of a MLM Company. If products are not reliable and cost effective then it become hard for company to survive in market. Keva Products Price List contain the Product Name, Price in Rupee and Business Points.

BP (Business Points) are very important for direct seller,because the most of income are depended on it. So,person should know importance of BP.

Keva Industries Products are classified according to the their category.

Product Price List Source: facebook.com/kevaraipur


Download Keva Product Price List PDF

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The Products Price List is similar to above PDF, which you can save offline.


I hope, our post on Keva Products Price List is helpful for you. At the end of the post you have found the Keva Industries Products Price List PDF.

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