Renatus Nova Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, Dose, Price

Renatus Nova is a product of Renatus Wellness Private Limited, an MLM company registered in Bangalore in July 2018. Renatus Nova is the only product of this Direct Selling Company.

In this post, you will get the details regarding; What is Renatus Nova, its components, uses, benefits, side effects, and price. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

What is Renatus Nova?

Renatus Nova is a health product of the network marketing company Renatus Wellness.

Renatus Nova is available in the form of capsules that help to replenish the vitamins-minerals in the body, help to improve intelligence, and also relieve various physical and mental problems.

renatus nova review

Renatus Wellness claims that Renatus Nova helps to overcome over 600 diseases, which is quite fascinating. The list of diseases includes arthritis, diabetes, bone disorders, fever, virus-infections, impotence, etc.

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Renetus Nova Composition

The following active ingredients are present in Renatus Nova, which are used in a fixed quantity.

  • Mangosteen
  • Maca Root
  • Siberian Ginseng 
  • Elderberry
  • Black Currant 
  • Raspberry 
  • Sour Cherry Sour Cherry
  • Ganoderma Luciderma
  • Sigru

Renetus Nova Benefits & Uses

Renatus Wellness Company says that Renatus Nova Capsule is effective on chronic diseases. However, there is no written proof available for this.

It is a wellness supplement whose ingredients are known for their health benefits. The overall mixture of components may provide various health benefits. 

1. Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a national fruit of Thailand that is also famous as the ‘Queen of Fruits.’ It is effective in normal fever, weight reduction, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol, increasing immunity, and reduce menstruation-related problems.

2. Maca root

Maca is a drug found in Peru, whose root is used in solving various problems. The root of Maca is mainly used to control blood pressure and relieving fertility disorders.

Apart from this, it helps increase strength, relieving stress, and balancing the hormones in women.

3. Siberian Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng helps to keep your mind calm with improved concentration and memory. It also increases the sex hormones (testosterone) in men.

4. Elderberry

Elderberry helps to protect yourself and get relief from the virus infection.

5. Black Currant

Black Currant is rich in vitamins A, B5, B6, E. it consists of anti-ageing, anti-cancer properties and is also helpful in treating heart-disorders and inflammation.

6. Raspberry

Raspberry is helpful in skin-related disorders, burns, swelling, bones and heart diseases, etc.

7. Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry is effective in insomnia, arthritis, mental disorders.

8. Ganoderma Luciderma

It is useful in treating diabetes, digestion, stress and infection.

9. Sigru

Sigru contains plenty of anti-oxidants. It proves to be effective in bone pain, swelling, and joint pain.

Renatus Nova Side Effects

Renatus Nova consumption may have the following side effects. Do not stick only to this list, you may face other side effects depending on the type of body or allergy to any ingredient of renatus nova.

  • Constipation
  • Upset stomach
  • Stir up
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Skin irritation

How to Use Renatus Nova ?

The Renatus Nova Capsule should be taken only after consulting a doctor or specialist as the dosage differs according to each person’s condition.

1 to 3 capsules can be taken on an empty stomach in the morning and evening with warm water

At least for 1 hour do not eat anything after consuming Renatus Nova capsules.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is suggested to drink 5% water of your total body weight and in summer it should be 6% of your total weight.

People under 18 years of age should not consume Renatus Nova capsules.

For the lever and kidney disorders, consult a doctor.


Renatus Nova Precautions

The following precautions should be taken before consuming Renatus Nova.

  • People below 18 years of age should not consume the capsules.
  • Pregnant women must contact a physician before trying Renatus Nova capsules.
  • Breastfeeding women should avoid taking Renatus Nova.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Renatus Nova, you must avoid using it.
  • Consult a doctor if you have any existing serious disease or taking any medication regularly.
  • Seek special advice from a doctor before taking it as a supplement for liver, kidney, or heart disorders.

Renatus Nova Price

The price of a pack of Renatus Nova Capsules is Rs 1794 that contains 120 capsules.


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  1. नमस्कार
    मेरे पापा को 2.5 साल लगभग पहले stroke हुआ था और लगभग 5साल पहले MI हुआ था। blood thin की दवाई Aspirin 75mg. +Clopidogrel 75mg.चल रही है।रोज़ एक कैप्सूलRenatus Nova देना शुरू किया है। blood thin की दवाई क्या बन्द करनी चाहिए? Capsuleबढा कर दो करना चाहता हूं।

    • My wife age 35…taking ent ear medicines n also thyroid ..can she take these capsules..she has body hand n leg pain problem with little migrain

  2. I have taken Renautus Nova atleast 3 bottles and I am patient of thyroid and eczema. After taking this My skin is very irritative and some white patches appeared in all parts of my skin and before four years I have operated by gall stone. Is this Renautus Nova capsules are suitable for me please reply.

    • Previous composition was best , why company changed some ingredients ? New renetus i did not use, is it more effective than previous? Macaroot is more powerful than siberianginseng? I think previous renetus very useful.

    • Why not?
      After 3 months ie after taking 3 bottles didn’t you get any type of relief?
      maybe the slightest?If not then you might not be following the right path or instructions.
      Have proper guidance from the wellness coach for this product.
      .To get clear freedom you have to be in dicipline and consistency.

  3. I am using renatova since one month
    Can you suggest me a doctor in Bangalore(Karnataka) or at Tirupathi (andhra pradesh).

    • If you are using Renatus Nova, then a doctor for what? Anything regarding the product then meet or talk to a wellness coach, who is handling these products.

  4. I am suffering from constipation since last 2 years,daily take 7.5 ml Pickin syrup in night,then no problem but I want to leave it,.Can renatus nova will solve the problem as in side effects, constipation is showing.acidity problem for which I take omripezol 20 in morningà

  5. I am having vitiligo problem .can I use Renatus cap If any benefit for me pl suggest My age is 60 plus .I used unani nd allopathy also. But no use.

  6. My mother in law has been suffering from severe kidney infection for two-years .Can I give her Renatus Nova capsule.suggest me the doses.

  7. My wife is a suchibai patient and her hemoglobin is low that is 9 and myself having fatty liver and cholesterol is high and constipation so, can we take this capsule

  8. I am a prostate patient, have been taking ayurvedic medicines regularly, can I take Renatus nova without stopping those medicines?Pl. suggest.

  9. Can an obese female person use this?
    My sister is 31 and weighs 95kg. She’s on some medication for psychiatric illness. Can she use this medicine?

    • Im also using with timing and drinking lots of water still my pain has increased day by day im suffering from arthritis renatus nova not working

    • Every t5hing is a business.
      Go to the doctor…. that is his business
      Buy medicine from a chemist…That is his business
      So when you buy Renatus from a wellness coach …that is his business..
      For effectiveness you need monitoring.


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