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Oriflame has built strong roots in the Indian MLM industry. One of the greatest & first MLM companies like Avon today can’t even compete Oriflame. The products & their quality is the most important factor behind Oriflame success.

Oriflame Products Catalogue gets update regularly. And now every month Oriflame Catalogue get Launched.

According to the Indian economy, Oriflame Products looks a little expensive. But the Quality still attracts the people.

The independent direct seller always looks forward to Oriflame Latest Products Catalogue. While to end this query our this post is available. Here we will add Latest Oriflame Catalogue PDF which can be download by our visitor.

We try to update Oriflame Catalogue regularly, So you can sit back & relax.

Before proceeding to the Oriflame catalogue we will know more about Oriflame & Oriflame India Business plan.

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Oriflame Company Profile

Company NameOriflame
Year Started1967
FounderRobert af Jochnick, Jonas af Jochnick
Head OfficeSchaffhausen, Switzerland

More About Oriflame Business Plan

Oriflame Direct Selling Business Plan gives an opportunity to people especially women to earn money.

Oriflame is a women’s products based company. And as we have said in our MLM Fact post, in the USA women have higher success ratios compare to men in MLM.

That’s why it’s become vital for Indian Womens & Girls to know about Oriflame Business Plan. While Oriflame offers free training sessions as well. So that within a year any indian women can become a mature direct seller & build their own network.

To know more about Oriflame Business Plan you can check our older post on Oriflame Business Plan, but that is in Hindi.

Why Oriflame Business for Indian Women

First of all the products oriflame provide are biased to women.

Another thing in India there is a lack of Product Based MLM Company & working with International brands like Oriflame is like a dream for many women.

Oriflame is among direct selling company which thinks about their direct seller. Otherwise, who spent money in lakh to publish monthly or quarterly products catalogue.

Oriflame comes with a party plan also, where women can invite their mate in business at the household party.

Recent stats say Oriflame net revenue crossed $ 1.4 Billion.

So, for a bright future, Oriflame can be a great opportunity. One can start Oriflame as part-time to a leader of thousands of networks.

How to join Oriflame India

To, join Oriflame in India you can check Oriflame the official website or just click on the below link.

While you required a consultant (Upline) who can guide you. For it, you can directly contact Oriflame any direct seller in your city.

Download Oriflame Product Catalogue PDF

Oriflame Products Catalogue is important for doing oriflame business. Because it provides more information about Oriflame products.

New products launch with there price is get mentioned in the products catalogue. Where Oriflame Catalogue attracts the customer towards products.

To download Oriflame Products Catalogue PDF just click on the below download button. (Source: in.Oriflame.com).

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I hope our post on Latest Oriflame Catalogue is helpful for you. The aim of writing this post was sharing more details about Oriflame New Products Catalogue. But, the uncertainty we moved towards Oriflame India business plan, that’s OK.

If you have any queries regarding our post on PDF of Oriflame Catalogue, you are free to comment below.

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