Forever Living Products Marketing Business (Real Truth)

Forever Living Products is one of the world’s most well-known direct selling companies that sell products prepared out of Aloe Vera (beetle) and Bee Hive.

FLP has various products on health, nutrition, and cosmetics such as Forever Argi + and Forever C Plus. FLP also claims to have the largest Aloe Vera plant in the world.

In this article, you will get detailed information about FLP (Forever Living Products) and we will also elaborate FLP Business Plan, You can also consider this post as an Honest Review of Forever Living Products.

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products is a product-based MLM company that started in Arizona, USA. Rex Maughan, an American business-man is the founder of Forever Living Products.

FLP was established in the year 1978 and now it has spread over 160 countries. The FLP MLM Business Plan is also popular in India.

On 25 January 2011, FLP incorporated under MCA in India and for now, it is one of the legal direct selling companies.

FLP Business Plan

Forever Living being an MLM company allows every person to join and earn money through their plan. The people associated with FLP are known as FBO i.e. Forever Business Owner. 

Soon after joining the company, 2 CC which is around Rs 30,000 products needs to purchase to get the title of Assistant Supervisor. 

There are several levels in FLP that can be achieved by purchasing the company products by own and encouraging the downline to purchase. The earning opportunity increases with increasing levels. 

Similar to other MLM companies, FLP direct seller i.e. FBO also has to do 2 work.

1. Buying products

First of all, buying the FLP products is an important step. FBOs can either sell the purchased products at the MRP to get the retail profits or can also use the products themselves.

2. Recruitment

The second and most important task is of recruiting people. In FLP, you need to recruit the maximum number of people in the downline to the FLP and ask them to buy the products. 

Remember, you will never earn by just adding more people to the downline. Your earning will only start when people in your downline buy the products.

FLP Income Plan

The next subject is the FLP Income plan which is also called the compensation plan. It includes when and how much FBO will get paid from FLP.

CC Meaning & Uses

CC is an important part of Forever Living Products. It stands for Company Currency. The name itself suggests that it is the currency unit of Forever Living Product. 

1 CC in FLP is around 15000 rupees. Each FLP product has a fixed CC, which is used to extract the income of FBO.

At the time of joining FLP, it is necessary to purchase 2 CC worth Rs 30,000 to work as a distributor. You can get the details of CC on each product in the Forever Living Products Catalog.

Types of Income

Forever Living Product assures to provide 6 types of income. 

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Reference Income
  3. Car Plan
  4. Tours Plan
  5. Chairman Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus

Remember that you never get all the income initially. Few criteria are required to be fulfilled to get most of the FLP incomes. 

1. Retail Profit

The very first income provided by FLP is the Retail Profit. 

As per the Retail Profit income, an FLP distributor can earn a good amount of profit by selling products at the MRP. 

FLP offers different discount percentages to the distributors depending upon the level.

As a result, the distributors get the product at a lower price than MRP. The percentage of discount increases with the increase in the level of the distributor. The difference between the discounted price and MRP can be called Retail Profit. 

Retail Profit = MRP – Distributor Price

You can view the given discount on the products in below chart, according to the level.

2. Reference income

The second type of income offered by FLP is Reference Income. Before understanding this income, it is important to know about different levels. 

The first level of FLP is known as Novus Customer. The company provides a discount of 15% to the Novus Customer but does not provide the Reference Income. 

To receive Reference Income, the Novus customer has to reach the Assistant Supervisor level also known as AS. The qualifications required to reach AS are as follows. 

To reach the AS level, the Novus Customer has to pay a turnover of up to 2 CC rupees in 2 months to the company. 

Note: Turnover means selling the company’s product.

Whenever in the downline of AS, any Novus Customer becomes AS then Reference Income of 6,000 Rupees and 2 CC is given.


Suppose Ramesh is a Distributor at the AS level and has made Suresh a Novus Customer in his downline to AS, he will be provided with a Reference Income of Rs 6000 by the company.

This Reference Income depends upon the level.

If any AS himself or along with his downline team provides a turnover of 25 CC to the company in any 2 months then he will be promoted to the Supervisor Level.

If the Supervisor makes a Novus Customer in his direct downline to an AS, he is provided with a Reference Income of Rs 6,900 by the company. Also, if any AS under his downline makes any Novus Customer to AS, the Supervisor gets the Reference Income of Rs 900.

Similarly, if the Supervisor gives a turnover of 75 CC to the company in any 2 months, he is promoted to Assistant Manager Level.

If an Assistant Manager makes a Novus Customer in his direct downline to AS, he is provided with a Reference Income of Rs 8,400 by the company. If an AS in his direct down lines makes any Novus Customer to AS then he gets the Reference Income of Rs 2400.

Similarly when the Assistant Manager gives a turnover of 120 CC in 2 months or 150 CC in 4 months to the company, then he gets promoted to the Manager Level. It is considered a reputed level of FLP Company.

Now if the Manager makes a Novus Customer in his direct downline an AS, he receives the Reference Income of Rs 9,900 by the company. If someone under the direct downline of that Manager makes a Novus customer in his downline to an AS, the company pays the Manager a Reference Income of Rs 3900.

Also, if the Assistant Manager in the direct downline of the Manager makes the Novus Customer an AS, the Reference Income of Rs 1,500 is provided to the Manager by the company.

Lastly, if the Supervisor in the direct down line of that manager makes a Novus Customer to an AS, then the manager receives a Passive Reference Income of Rs 3,000 from the company.

The Reference Income is considered as a selective income in FLP and the Passive Reference Income is earned only after reaching the Supervisor Level.

Note: The Passive Reference Income is received by a Supervisor, an Assistant Manager, and a Manager is generated from the direct downline only and not from the entire team.

3. Car plan

The third type of income provided is Car Plan. To get the benefit of the Car Plan, it is mandatory to be at the Manager level.

This income is given at 3 different levels and to get each Car Plan, there are different conditions need to fulfill first.

  • Car Plan Level 1

To get the Car Plan Level 1, a Manager has to provide a turnover of 50 CC, 100 CC, and 150 CC to the company from downline in 3 months in a row. 

On achieving this, FLP assigns the Car Plan level 1 to the Manager and as a result, the Manager earns Rs 26,000 every month for 3 consecutive years. 

  • Car Plan Level 2

To get Car Plan Level 2, the Manager has to provide the turnover of 75 CC, 150 CC, and 225 CC to FLP from downline in consecutive 3 months. 

On completing this, FLP assigns the Car Plan Level 2 to the Manager. Hence, the Manager earns Rs 39,000 every month for 3 consecutive years. 

  • Car Plan Level 3

To achieve this level, the Manager has to provide a turnover of 100 CC, 200 CC, and 300 CC to FLP from downline in any 3 consecutive months. 

On completing this, the Manager is assigned Car Plan Level 3 Income and receives an income of Rs 52,000 every month for 3 consecutive years. 

4. Tours Plan

The fourth type of income given by FLP is Tours Plan. 

To get the benefit of this income, it is mandatory to be at the Manager level in FLP Company. 

Under this type of income, FLP offers the International Tour and a Domestic Tour twice a year to all the qualified managers.

Certain conditions are to be met by the Qualified Manager to get the benefit of the Tours Plan. FLP follows two types of plans and based on that the conditions are decided.

1. Manager Retreat

To achieve this income, a Manager has to provide a turnover of 200 CC, 300 CC, or 400 CC to the company in the decided annual period. Once completed, the qualified manager is offered the International tour as per the Manager Retreat Program. 

2. Global Rally

This is another Tour Plan and to achieve it, the FBO has to fulfill the target given by the company within 1 year. 

The tour is decided by the company.

5. Chairman Bonus

The fifth type of income provided by FLP is the Chairman Bonus.

This is considered as the biggest income of Forever Living Product. As per this income, the company pays 3 percent of its annual turnover to the qualified distributors of Chairman Bonus.

The Chairman Bonus is further divided into 3 levels and each level has its conditions.

  1. The first condition for receiving this bonus is, the Manager is required to be an active Recognized Manager in the Forever Living Product Company and must have active qualification i.e. 1+ 3 CC.
  2. The second type of qualification states that to get a Chairman Bonus, an Active Recognized Manager must be qualified for Leadership Bonus every month.
  3. The third type of qualification states that along with being an active Recognized Manager, to get Chairman Bonus, 75 percent of FLP products must be used by him. It is also mandatory to work according to the conditions to get Chairman Bonus.
6. Leadership Bonus

The sixth and last type of income provided by the company is the Leadership Bonus.

To get a Leadership Bonus it is mandatory to be on the label of Eagle Manager or above.  

The Forever Living product company provides its Bonus to Qualified Managers with the Leadership Bonus depending upon the percentage of their downline Manager’s turnover. 

  • 6% of total turnover to the Direct Manager
  • 3% of total turnover to the 2nd Generation Managers
  • 1% of total turnover to 3rd Generation Manager (Manager in 2nd Generation Manager’s downline)

The Leadership Bonus is awarded by the FLP Company to the qualified Managers up to 3rd Level Generation, it is also known as Gem Bonus.

Forever Living Products

As stated earlier, most of the products of Forever Living is based on Aloe Vera cultivation and bee-keeping. The product range mainly includes Health, Nutrition, and Cosmetic Products. 

The best-selling product of FLP is Aloe Vera Gel with an MRP of Rs 1672 for a liter pack. FLP promises to provide quality products but their products are expensive like most MLM companies. The main reason behind being expensive is that the company has to pay the profit to FBO’s. 

To get further details of other FLP products, you can check the Forever Living Products Price List.

Should I join FLP?

It completely depends on you. First, understand the ground reality of MLM and the FLP business plan.

After this, you need to work on your marketing, communication, and presentation skills, which helps to convince people to buy products and to join in the downline.

Before taking any decision, keep in mind that you can’t earn decent money from any MLM company including FLP in a period of 4 to 5 months. In MLM, you have to form your team which requires the time of 2 to 3 years of extreme hard work. 

Additionally, the success rate of MLM is just 0.4%. MLM is for everyone, but everyone are not for MLM.

Don’t make a decision in greed or by just getting motivation from others. Do proper research by yourself, make sure will you be able to work as per condition, and decide wisely.

Forever Living FAQ

1. Is FLP a Fraud Company?

No, FLP is a valid product-based direct selling company working legally under MCA and as per direct selling guidelines.

2. How to join FLP?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join FLP. Aadhar card and Pan Card are required to be submitted at the time of joining. Also, the purchase of 2 CC (Rs 30,000) products is mandatory. 

3. What do you mean by CC in FLP?

CC means Company Currency. It is a currency unit of FLP. It is used to calculate the individual income where 1 CC equals around 15,000 rupees. 

4. Is it necessary to buy a product from FLP?

Yes, to work as an FBO in FLP, it is necessary to purchase 2 CC products.

5. How much can I earn from FLP?

The earnings entirely depend on you and the size and activeness of your team. It usually requires hard work of 3 to 4 years to get success in MLM. Only after this duration, there is a possibility of good income. 

6. Is FLP product good?

The FLP products are excellent in terms of quality but are priced higher than the regular market products. This is common in most MLM companies such as AmwayHerbalifeModicare, etc.

7. Can I return FLP products?

Yes, under the Direct Selling Guidelines FLP products can be returned and money will be refunded by the company within 30 days. But it is necessary that the product should be in the condition to return. 


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