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So in this post we are going to provide Forever Living Business Plan PDF to download.

FLP is one of the best MLM Companies in the world and well known for its aloe vera and honey products such as Forever Aloe Vera Gel,  Argi Plus, and C Plus.

FLP Business Plan PDF

FLP vastly focused on the backbone of their business MLM Products which makes them stand out in a country like India.

Forever Living Products Business Plan

Forever Living Products was established in the year 1978 in Arizona, the USA by its Rex Maughan an American businessman. It has now spread over 160 countries.

FLP also registered itself under MCA in India and it is one of the legal direct selling companies as well.

FLP operates an MLM Business plan which can be joined by anyone belonging to any caste, state, sex, caste, and qualification. One can earn money by sharing the FLP’s products and income opportunities with others.

The people who join FLP and are associated with it are known as FBO i.e. Forever Business Owner.

After joining the company, the FBO has to purchase 2 CC (FLP products) of up to 30,000 Rupees to achieve the title of Assistant Supervisor.

Once the title of Assistant Supervisor is achieved, there are many levels that can be achieved either by purchasing the company products or by letting others purchase the products.

With every addition in the downline, the earning of an FBO increase. Also, with every increase in CC, the level of an FBO increases.

MLM looks easy but it is not a cup of tea for everyone as the success rate of MLM is only 0.04% which means it requires hard work to get success. 

Read FLP Income plan in Hindi to get a clear understanding of each type of income and the benefits of working with FLP.

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You can also check the Forever Living Products Price List and FLP Catalogue Here.


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