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In this post, we are going to talk about one among the best Indian MLM Company Vestige, which is often called Vestige Marketing Private Limited or MyVestige.


Most of the time we talk about Business Plan, Products and Income Model. Unlike this, here we will only view the Vestige Business Plan PDF, which is officially launched on Myvestige.com.

Vestige Business Plan PDF is captioned Success Plan PDF by vestige.

Vestige is the toughest competition to the world’s number 1 MLM Company Amway in India. We have already written a post on comparing the top three MLM companies Vestige, Modicare & Amway. You can also read it. Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway

Vestige Business Plan PDF


Success Plan PDF launched on the Myvestige website is the official vestige business plan pdf. The PDF includes various important details about Vestige Business such as,

  • Introduction to Vestige’s Director
  • Types of Income in Vestige
  • Required PV, BV for different incomes
  • and How the system works.

To download the Vestige Business Plan PDF, just click on the below button. On a click Vestige Business plan pdf download will start.

Vestige Product Catalogue PDF

Business Plan PDF gives detail about the business plan and income, while Product Catalogue gives detail about featured and new products. For example in the last Vestige Catalogue, they mentioned about Vestige Noni Capsule and Vestige Spirulina Capsules usage & benefits.

A catalogue is an important marketing tool, which can be used to promote products and increase sales.

You can know more about the Vestige Product Catalogue, by clicking the below link.

Vestige Products Price List

Before starting the vestige business one should know about the vestige products and their pricing, BV and PV.

To make your work easy we have uploaded Vestige Products Price List PDF, you can check via clicking the below link.

Vestige Apps

Vestige uses various components of MLM Software to run their business. Therefore, vestige has launched various Apps to make their associates work easy.

Vestige Official App: This was the first Vestige App, which offers all the basic information such as downline details, total purchase, etc.

Vestige POS App: Vestige POS app can be used to add associates online in the downline. you can check the following guide about Vestige POS.

Vestige Best Deals App: This app gives the best offer on vestige products.


I hope this post on Vestige Business plan PDF is useful for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Vestige Business Plan, you can comment below.

And at last, I request every direct seller, please follow the Indian Direct Selling Guideline. It promotes our Network Marketing to the positive direction.

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