4Life India Products Price List PDF Download 2021

In this post, we are going to check the 4life India product price life. I don’t know why, but 4Life India name is not in List of legal direct selling company in India. So let’s move ahead. 4Life MLM Company is worldwide popular for its transfer factor products.

4life comes to India around 2013 and always claims to improve immunity by 437%. 4life says they started manufacturing transfer factor products from 1998 and now across 40 countries in the world.

Those who don’t know what is transfer factor, “Transfer factors are essentially small immune messenger molecules that are produced by all higher organisms“. By changing in their production we can get better control over the immune system.

Now come to our main topic, 4Life transfer factor products price list. You can view the 4Life Product Price list and even download 4life India product price list PDF, officially launched on their website.

4Life Transfer Factor Products


So, below is the 4Life India Product Price List. The product price list contains the name of the product, MRP in rupees and LP which direct sellers earn, on each purchase.

Product NameMRP (In Rs)LP
Transfer Factor PlusRs. 378550
Transfer Factor Tri-Factor253535
Belle Vie298540
TF Renuvo314540
Vitamin & Mineral Complex102012
4Life Transfer Factro Vista353538
Pro-TF Chocolate Canister615550
Nutra Shake Vanilla163520
Nutrashake Mango178020
Nutra Shake Kids Chocolate7058
Intensive Body Lotion1,6058
Supplement Pack (200 LP)17,115200
Essential Oil Kit w/Diffuser13,006100
Ayurvedic Pack37,195400
Supplement Pack (400 LP)35,085400
Ayurvedic Pack (200 LP)17,330200
4Life Essential Oils TForce272534
4Life Essential Oils Lemon1,19512
Essential Oil Kit10110100
4Life Essential Oils Carrier Oil118010
4Life Essentials Oils Peppermint164018
4Life Essential oils Cooltouch272532
4Life Essential Oils CalmaVida172520

Download 4Life Product Price List PDF

You can download 4Life India Product Price List PDF, which is officially launched by 4Life on their website.

The PDF contains an overview of all products which 4Life has in India. The list have

  • Product Name,
  • Quantity,
  • MRP,
  • item code,
  • wholesale price,
  • and LP.

Just click on the below button to download, 4Life India Product Price List PDF.


I hope this post on, 4Life India Product Price List PDF is useful for you. And you are able to download 4Life Product Price List PDF.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding 4Life India & their Transfer Factor Product, feel free to comment below.



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Hemant Kumawat

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