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Modicare Limited is among legal direct selling companies in India and it is also ranked as one of the Best MLM Companies in India.

Modicare is a product based MLM company that entered and became successful in the Direct Selling Industry. Modicare obeys Direct Selling Guidelines.

Amway India and Vestige Marketing are other popular MLM companies that are giving tough competition to Modicare Limited.

We have written a post on Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway where we have shown how Modicare Business Plan and Vestige Business Plan overtook Amway India.

Samir Modi, a prestigious personality from the Modi business family has become popular in the MLM industry and is called the backbone of Modicare Limited.

Azadi Plan launched by Samir Modi is the MLM Business plan of Modicare. The tagline given to the Azadi Business plan is the following.


Samir Modi

In this post, we will discuss in detail about the Modicare Limited Business Plan which is Azadi Plan.


And lastly, we have added a download button from where you can Download Modicare Business plan PDF.

Modicare Business Plan

Samir Modi’s grandfather Gujarmal Modi and father Krishan Kumar Modi are great businessmen.

In 1996 Samir Modi started an MLM Company named Modicare Limited. Modicare Business plan is the same as other MLM Company’s business plan where the Direct Seller who joins the company has to do two jobs.

Product Selling

Every Modicare Direct Seller has to sell the maximum number of Modicare products. More product sales lead to more retail profit.

Modicare has several products, and on each purchase, the Modicare Direct Seller gets fixed PV (Point Volume) and BV (Business Volume) which are used to calculate various income.

You can check as well as download the Modicare Product Price List with PV, BV, and DP by clicking the below link.


Under recruitment, Modicare Direct Seller has to recruit more Direct Sellers on their downline. When the downline sellers make any product purchase the upline sellers also get a small amount of commission.

The recruitment process shows the power of network marketing, where passive income starts with a huge downline and team.

Modicare Azadi Business Plan

There is nothing much new in the Modicare Azadi Business Plan. But Azadi Plan PDF explains more about the types of income that Modicare offers.

There are overall 10 types of Incomes in Modicare’s Compensation plan.

  1. Savings on Consumptions
  2. Retail Profit
  3. Accumulative Performance Bonus
  4. Director Bonus Pool
  5. Team Builder Bonus Pool
  6. Leadership Productivity Bonus Pool
  7. Dream Travel Bonus Pool
  8. Dream Vehicle Bonus Pool
  9. Dream Home Bonus Pool
  10. Atoot Bandhan Bonus Pool

After Types of Income, the PDF contains more information about Modicare Rules & Regulations, Policy, Ethics, and much more.

Download Modicare Business Plan PDF

You can download the Modicare Business Plan PDF, which is known as the Azadi Plan that was launched on the official website of Modicare.

Click on the below button and PDF will start getting downloaded.

Download Modicare Product Catalogue

You can also download Modicare Product Catalogue PDF. The Modicare Product Catalogue contains information about the featured products and newly launched products.

You can even use the Product Catalogue as a marketing tool. In many cases, the product catalogue is used to lure the customer.

Also, to help the Direct Sellers in accounting and make their work easy Modicare has developed the Modicare Mobile App.


I hope this post on Modicare Business Plan, that is Modicare Azadi Plan was helpful for you. And you were able to download the Modicare Business plan PDF.

If you have any queries regarding our post on the Modicare Business plan or if you are unable to download the Modicare Business Plan PDF, you can comment below.

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  1. How can we believe your every concept for MLM company! What is your term & condition to promote a direct selling companies or product

    1. Hii Mohan Newar,
      First of all, we only mention about companies which belong to legal direct selling company list in India. Secondly, does not promote any particular MLM Company, and we strongly believe to bring positivity to Indian MLM Industry.
      If a company falls and people face crises it will be their responsibility, and we have already mentioned it on our policy page.

  2. Madhusudan Agrahara

    I was going through a business presentation which started @ 6 pm, till 6.30 the organisers wasted time in setting meeting to order, then plan was never clearly explained, and it was very clear they were just promoting products. till the end i was unable to understand as to how an effective team can be built in this system, so that we can change our selves from smart users to passive income earners.

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