Fcb789.com Review: Real or Fake Site?

Fcb789.com is an investment website that offers easy-to-earn opportunities from home just by performing simple tasks on your smartphone.

What kind of earning opportunities exist, how to withdraw, and how to perform tasks? Finally, whether Fcb789.com is a legit or a scam website, this post has answered all of your questions.

What is the Fcb789.com?

Fcb789.com is an investment website that gives easy tasks for its users daily to complete and earn commissions after completing the assigned tasks. Every day, it assigns five tasks, and when the user completes all five, he or she is rewarded with 500 naira.

Fcb789.com Review Real or Fake

The website has VIP plans available to purchase from and one can avail extra benefits on commissions. It has nine VIP ladders each with its price and perks.

The minimum VIP recharge amount is 13K NGN (Nigerian Naira) and the maximum is 2.40 Crore NGN.

The platform has been established recently and has a registration date of 24 September 2023, as per WHOIS. The website has web traffic of 644.3K monthly visitors as of March 2024 to the site, according to SimilarWeb.com.

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Website Profile

NameFCB 789
Registration Date24 September 2023
Product/ServicesDownload & Earn

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Fcb789.com Real or Fake?

After extensive research about Fcb789.com, we found red flags. Consider the below points we found:

1. Operator Hiding

Its website has not disclosed any information about its operators. Websites often conceal owner details to avoid detection, accountability, and legal consequences on actual website owners.

2. No Headquarters Address

Although the website claims to be operating from New York, United States, it does not provide exact information of headquarters’ addresss which raises strong concerns.

3. Posing as Other Company

FCB789.com pretends to be a real FCB company by stealing its logo and videos. They have even copied employee’s images and descriptions from FCB.com. Official FCB website warns of other hoax domains too.

4. Negative Reviews

There are negative reviews available on the internet (YouTube) that tell you not to fall into this investment trap and refrain from depositing any money to perform tasks.

5. Zero Online Presence

We have discovered that they are not present on any social media platform and no links are given on the website. It shows they are not serious about their business and want to be hidden from legal eyes.

6. No Login Without Referral Code

While we’re trying to log in to Fcb789.com it mentioned that you cannot because you have no referral code. Its website indicates it is only available to Nigerians.

7. Recently Started Website

Fcb789.com is a recently created investment website. Whois.com sourced that the domain was registered on 24 September 2023, which means that this website is just 4-5 months old.

8. Soliciting Depositing First

If they provide easy-to-earn-from-home opportunities, why ask for a deposit to perform simple tasks? This is a clear signal that they will loot your money and no withdrawal will be made to you in the future.

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In conclusion, this investment website is a scam. It has negative reviews available on the internet and is only available to Nigerian people. Such websites asking for deposits for performing tasks are totally scams.

We recommend using the right and reputed investment websites to earn legitimate money.

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