Avon India Products Catalogue August 2019 | Brochure PDF Download

Avon is the pioneer of MLM business, which have broke all record of selling Products through direct seller. Avon annual sales is more than $ 5.5 billion worldwide. Avon is second after Amway in term of net revenue.

This post is about Avon Products Catalogue. But before directly jumping to catalogue, we will know more about Avon.

Avon India Catalogue

Avon India Products are used in Indian Metro Cities. But, today Oriflame & Avon facing each other as a tough competitor at global level and in India as well. Because both are MLM company and both have same category product which is beauty & personal care products.

Avon Products quality are really dope, but they become little expensive for Indian market. But many Indian women are mad about their looks, so they can do anything to look better. Just kidding…

Further, we will check the Avon Company details, Avon Business Plan as well and at last we will see Avon India Products Catalogue. So, let’s start. Avon India Brochure Download.

Avon Company Profile

Company NameAvon Products Inc
Year Started1886
FounderDavid H. McConnell
Head Officelondon, United Kingdom

More about Avon Business Plan

Anyone who wish to work as independent direct seller can join Avon. Avon products are available in more than 100 countries. And India is one of them.

After joining to Avon you have to do these two tasks, by which you can earn money.

Products Selling

As a direct seller you have to sell maximum number of company’s product. You can sell them to your friends, Relatives or anyone who interested to buy.

As you can see in below chart, your retail profit increase when you purchase products of higher amount.

Avon India Catalogue
Source: Avon.co.in

New Recruitment

You can also invite your friends to work with you. They will get attach in your downline. And when your downline purchase Avon’s Products, you will also get some commision.

You have to add maximum number of people in your downline, So you will earn more money passively.

Again check the above chart and you will know about, how purchase of your organization will earn you more.

Pros & Cons of Avon

There are several pros & cons of joining Avon as a direct seller.

First of all, Joining Avon or any other MLM company offer more flexibility in your working hours, more work freedom and help to improve communication skills as well.

Avon is oldest MLM company, So provide stable ecosystem and they also have training facility as well.

Many Indian Women wish to work from home and earn wealth, So joining MLM Company like Avon will be beneficial. And Avon Products are biased towards women which biggest reason to join Avon or Oriflame.


Avon publish their catalogue or brochure on regular basis, which you can use as tool to attract customer. While Avon Brochure provide more information about products.

Only problem for Indian Women to join Avon is product price. For an average indian woman, these products seems expensive. Specially, for small cities of India.

In Indian Metro Cities, direct seller can find customer who will regularly purchase Avon Products, but in rural area or small cities it seems backbreaking.

How to Join Avon

To join Avon India, go to avon official website or just click on below link. And fill the form.

If you know any representative / direct seller of avon you can direct fill the above form and join avon. If you don’t know, just click on below link, fill the form and get more details from them. Means a nearest avon representative will contact you.

Download Avon India Catalogue

As I have earlier said, Products Catalogue & Brochure are part of marketing. Currently, E-Catalogue are in trend, which are generally PDF file. Here Catalogue & Brochure are same thing.

Avon Catalogue contain information about their new launch products, seasonal products and provides more detail about products which are mention in catalogue.

To download latest Avon Catalogue PDF, just click on below download button.

We regularly update Avon India Catalogue, So you can subscribe to this site, to get notification when catalogue update.


As far we have discuss Avon provide a good business opportunity, but in India people from metro cities have more advantage.

Avon Product Catalogue play important tool in product marketing. So one should be updated with catalogue.

If you have any query regarding Avon Business Opportunity, you can comment below.

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