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Today we will discuss about Winfinith Company, which is a legal direct selling company in India. It is comparatively a new company in the industry.

It is gradually trying to become a competitor of the existing MLM companies such as Vestige Marketing, Modicare Business.

In this post, firstly, we will give you a few details regarding the company’s establishment and existence, and later, there are details regarding the Winfinith Business Plan. Lastly, you can download Winfinith Business Plan PDF.

What is Winfinith?

Winfinith, known as Winfinith Marketing Private Limited, is an Indian Direct Selling company incorporated on 15th April 2020 under MCA. It was started by Mahesh Degala as the Director and Manjunatha Jagadeesh as the Managing Director at Bangalore, India.

winfinith business plan pdf download

Winfinith Business Plan

The Winfinith Business Plan is familiar to the plans of other MLM companies. It will be easy to understand if you are aware of such plans.

To become a part of Winfinith, it is important to compulsorily register yourself online and become the Direct Seller, known as Business Associate of Winfinith.

There is no investment required to become the Business Associate of Winfinith, but you need to make your first purchase within 35 days.

Similar to other MLM companies, the Business Associate of Winfinith also has to perform two important tasks; purchasing – selling of products and Building downlines.

Product Purchasing and Selling

Once you join Winfinith, you have to purchase the products from the company and sell them to your friends, family members, colleagues, or other people.

As a Business Associate, you will get the products at up to 30% discounted price, and you have to sell them to others at the Maximum Retail Price.

The profit earned will be MRP – Discounted price.

Building Downline (Recruitment)

Recruitment is the main source of income as it provides you the exponential income growth.

You have to add more people to your downline; when they purchase Winfinith products or add new Business Associates in their downline, it helps you earn more.

A great team gives you a high income, but it is not easy; a lot of hard work and time are required.

Types of Income in Winfinith

The Winfinith Business Plan PDF explains in detail the types of income that the company offers. There are certain criteria to upgrade to each type of income explained well in the Business Plan PDF.

There are overall 9 types of Incomes in Winfinith’s Compensation plan.

  1. Retail Profit or Saving on Consumption
  2. Business Building Bonus
  3. Team Building Bonus
  4. Sponsor Supportive Bonus
  5. Level Achievement Bonus
  6. Infinity Bonus
  7. Unlimited Car Fund
  8. Unlimited House Fund
  9. Luxury Fund (For Shopping and Travel)

Along with the Types of Income, the PDF contains more detailed information about Winfinith Rules & Regulations, Policy, Ethics, and much more.

Winfinith Products

Before joining any MLM company, it is important to understand its products well, because products are the most important part.


Winfinith products include products related to women’s health, fitness and diet, immune system, natural earth, baby care, skincare, haircare, and Kisan growth.

You can check all the products in the Winfinith Product Brochure.

Download Winfinith Business Plan PDF

You can download the Winfinith Business Plan PDF officially launched on the website of Winfinith Pvt. Ltd.

Click the below button to get the PDF downloaded in your device.


To help Business Associates work with ease and accuracy, the company has also launched the Winfinith Mobile application.


We hope this post on Winfinith Business Plan PDF Download was beneficial to you. Also, you were able to understand the Winfinith Business Plan and download the Winfinith Business Plan PDF.

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