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The company having the highest number of women networks is Tupperware. Tupperware got started from the USA & today Tupperware serves in 80+ countries. Tupperware’s direct selling business uses the party-plan network marketing concept.

Earl Silas Tupper started Tupperware Corporation in 1946 and later changed the company name to Tupperware Brand Corporation. Apart from the direct seller, Tupperware have around 15,000 employees.

Tupperware thinks about their direct seller/ Distributor, therefore they release the new Tupperware Products Catalogue regularly. While Tupperware Catalogue are important to run Tupperware business ahead.

Tupperware Party plan was a little different from other MLM / Network Marketing plans. Here, especially women invite their mate to do business while enjoying the household party.

The products Tupperware has are mostly used in the kitchen & mostly women handle the kitchen of a family. So, from the beginning, Tupperware was women biased.

Tupperware is also performing well in India, but in reality, Tupperware is still underrated in India. Tupperware can easily boost their market in India.

Tupperware India

In India, many women want to grow their wealth as working Full-time or Part-time. But there is lots of barrier like household works etc. Most of the Indian women need a job that has time flexibility and they can do work from their home.

Tupperware India offers this type of opportunity, but most Indian women are not aware of it. But still joining Tupperware offers number of advantage.

  • Indian women can work from their home
  • can build leadership quality within them
  • can generate passive income from Tupperware
  • Build a relationship as Business Women
  • And last Can earn a handsome amount of money per month.

We have explained Tupperware India Business Plan & Tupperware Advantage in the old post. So, this topic is a little different from the earlier posts. In this post, we will look forward to Tupperware India Products Catalogue. Many people often call it a Tupperware Catalog.

Tupperware India Catalogue

To notify and giving more information about products to Tupperware Direct Seller. Tupperware release their products catalogue regularly. The Catalogue is generally in PDF form. So, anyone can use them and use for attracting their customer.

Download Tupperware India Catalogue PDF

To download the Tupperware India Products Catalogue just click on the below download button. The PDF will download in a few seconds.


I hope this post on Tupperware India & Tupper Products Catalogue is helpful for you.

If you have any problem with downloading Tupperware Catalogue, you can comment below. To get more information about Tupperware India Business Plan, you can check our old post.

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