Raztune.com Review: Real or Fake Site?

Raztune.com promises instant cash by listening to music on its platform and taking quick surveys.

How much we can earn from this website by just listening to songs? It isn’t necessary to listen to full duration to earn?

What are the payment methods? Is Raxtune.com a real or Fake website? We have answered all your questions in this post.

What is Raztune.com?

Raztune allows you to earn rewards by listening to music. Raztune will not pay you until you reach $90 or more. If you invite will get an earning of $1 for each registered user.

To earn more up to $80 by creating a video ranging from 4-10 minutes in length and including your referral link in the description but it has criteria that say channels with less than 500 subscribers, can’t join the Bonus program.

Raztune.com Review Real or Fake Site

Presently, they have a range of payout options available, including Crypto, AdvCash, Paypal, Skrill, and gift cards such as Visa or Amazon.

They further claim to provide instant cash and gift cards to their members who listen to music and participate in easy music surveys. Owner information is not available.

The website was last registered on 01 October 2023 as per WHOIS. Raztune.com has a monthly 116.5K visitors to the website as of March 2024 sourced SimilarWeb.com.

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Website Profile

Registration Date01 October 2023
Product/ServicesListen & Earn

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Raztune.com Real or Fake?

After investigating the website, we found that it was not a reliable website, and we found red flags that you should consider before leaving credentials to this website. Let’s have a look at what we found.


  • No user verification when signed into the website.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit is too high.
  • False claims of earnings.
  • Negative reviews available on the web.
  • Owner information is missing.
  • There is doubt about music copywriting authorization.
  • Help and documentation for users is bad.
  • Recently created website.
  • Customer support (Email) is not available on the website.

Raztune.com is a fake website, it just wants to drive traffic and engagement to the website. There are a lot of things that are inconsequential like terms of conditions and policies.

Raztune.com User Reviews

This type of website became popular because of its lucrative offerings of earning by easy tasks. Users should not get into the trap of such a website. We recommend don’t leave any credentials as it doesn’t ask for user verification.

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