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So this post is about Tiens India Products Price List. Where we will discuss about Tiens Products Price List with BV. But, before it will overview the Tiens company.

Tiens is a chinese direct selling company in India which is quite rare.Because very few chinese MLM companies are active in India.


Tiens is globally popular network marketing company, but in India it’s full name is Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited. People often called it Tianshi Company or Tianjin Company.

Tianjin is a beautiful city in China, and Tiens Group’s headquarters are also situated there. So may be this one will be reason of Tiens different name in India.

Tiens rank around 75 in top 100 MLM companies on basis of revenue. Infinitus, Perfect, Quanjian are other chinese direct selling company, which are among top 10 MLM companies in term of revenue they generated.

These stats directly shows that, china is rapidly growing in direct selling Industries. While, after USA most of chinese MLM companies are ranking at top. Where from India only Vestige is ranking under top 100 MLM companies.

As far i know, there is no lack of MLM companies in India. But, most of Indian MLM companies don’t have quality products, which moves them backward.

Tiens Business Plan

Tiens don’t offer binary plan, but person have to make direct sponsor of around 6 person.

BV matter a lot when calculating direct and indirect sales profit. Tiens have two rank stages 1 to 8 stars ranks and honourable ranks respectively.

Where 1 to 8 stars have 8 level subsequently and in Honourable ranks have 10 level. The last level rank is Tiens Laureate.

Join Tiens India

Any Indian citizen can join Tiens India and there no qualification require. Anyone who join tiens get the 1 star level where they can purchase Tiens products at Distributor Price.

Now on completing purchase of 100 PV products, level get upgrade from 1 to 2.

Any person can join Tiens from Tiens India Official Website.

But, I recommend to join through Tiens existing nearby Distributor. Because there presence makes your work easy.

Tiens India Products Price List

Here is the Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited Products Price List. In following list few are abbreviation are used.

  • BV = Bonus Value
  • MRP = Maximum Retail Price
  • PV= Point Value
  • DP = Distributor Price

In below table tiens products are classified according to their category.

  • Food Supplement
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Equipments
  • Others
  • Non BV Products
Product Code Product Name B.V (Rs) M.R.P P.V/D.P (Rs)
B001 OPC – Plus Capsules 1605.00 2298.00 1838.00
B002 Teapoly Capsules 1446.00 2070.00 1656.00
B003 Gymnema Tablets 904.00 1294.00 1035.00
B005 Spirulina Capsules 1605.00 2298.00 1838.00
B006 Zinc Capsules 633.00 906.00 725.00
B009 FOS Powder 496.00 888.00 710.00
B014 Fe-Plus Capsules 304.00 544.00 435.00
B015 Fat Burning Capsules 759.00 1359.00 1087.00
B016 Tiens Multivitamin Tablet 262.00 469.00 375.00
8017 Tiens Co Enzyme 515.00 923.00 738.00
6018 Tiens Omega Life 576.00 1030.00 824.00
B019 Protein Powder 1061.00 1898.00 1518.00
B020 SAMe 200mg 2039.00 3649.00 2919.00
B021 SAMe 400mg 3980.00 7120.00 5696.00
H001 Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Normal Hair) 235.00 420.00 336.00
H002 Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Dry and Damaged) 235.00 420.00 336.00
H003 Revitize Nourishing Shampoo (Anti Dandruff) 235.00 420.00 336.00
H004 Revitize Amla & Neem Hair Oil 167.00 300.00 240.00
H011 Spakare Bath Soap (Pack of 4) 279.00 419.00 399.00
H012 Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Normal Hair) 247.00 443.00 354.00
H013 Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Dry and Damaged) 247.00 443.00 354.00
H014 Revitize Dream Hair shampoo (Anti Dandruff) 247.00 443.00 354.00
R001 Nana Hand Wash 159.00 285.00 228.00
N001 Orecare Tiens Herbal Tooth Paste 90.00 189.00 180.00
A023 Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Day Use) 79.00 158.00 150.00
A024 Airiz Sanitary Napkin (Night Use) 73.00 147.00 140.00
H005 Dicho Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner 201.00 360.00 288.00
H006 Dicho Dish Wash 201.00 360.00 288.00
H007 Dicho Detergent Powder Hand Wash 200.00 358.00 286.00
H008 Dicho Detergent Powder Machine Wash 200.00 358.00 286.00
Q002 Blood Circulatory Massager 28000.00 45000.00 37500.00
Q004 Hypotension Apparatus 4181.00 7481.00 5985.00
0005 Weight Reducing Belt 4541.00 8125.00 6500.00
Q007 TIENS – Aculife 24080.00 40000.00 34464.00
Q014 Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner 11703.00 20938.00 16750.00
Q015 TIENS Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus 7756.00 13875.00 11100.00
Q022 Acupoints Treasure Multifuncational Apparatus – ATMA 13624.00 24375.00 19500.00
Q023 TIENS Water Purifier & Aqua Filter 4207.00 6322.00 6021.00
Q024 TIENS Aqua Filter (2 pcs) 3481.00 5232.00 4983.00
Q013 Tiens Aura Energy Stone 2044.00 3656.00 2925.00
Q016 Ti – Energy Bracelet – Crystal Black Men’s Edition 3983.00 7125.00 5700.00
Q017 Ti Energy Bracelet – Crystal Black Men’s Extended Edition 3983.00 7125.00 5700.00
Q018 Ti Energy Bracelet – Elegant Black Men’s Edition 2935.00 5250.00 4200.00
Q019 Ti Energy Bracelet – Elegant Black Men’s Extended Edition 2935.00 5250.00 4200.00
Q020 Ti Energy Bracelet – Magic White Women’s Edition 4821.00 8625.00 6900.00
Q021 Ti Energy Bracelet – Magic White Women’s Extended Edition 4821.00 8625.00 6900.00
Q025 Tiens Health Mattress (Single) 46114.00 69300.00 66000.00
Non BV Products
Z001 Application Form     135.00
Z002 BCM Book     80.00
Z003 Order Form     155.00
Z004 Pocket Size Business Kit     50.00
Z005 Product DVD – (Pack of 2)     300.00
Z006 Product Flyers     80.00
Z007 Tiens – Corporate Profile     250.00
Z008 Tiens – Fast Track Book     255.00
Z009 Tiens – News Letter     75.00
Z010 Tiens – Product Catalogue (Pack ore)     300.00
Z011 Tiens – Product Hand Book     210.00
Z012 Tiens Polythene Bag     10.00

Download Tiens Products Price List PDF

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I hope, this post on Tiens India Products Price List is helpful for you. In next post i will try to post Tiens India Business Plan in detail.

You can subscribe to our site to get update, when we update tiens products price list. If you have any query regarding our post, you are free to comment below.

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