Glaze Trading India Reality | Business or Scam? – Global Glaze Review

So, today I am going to review another Indian MLM Company named Glaze Trading India Private Limited. Most of us also call it, Glaze India, Global Glaze, Galway or Glaze trading Company.

Surprisingly the Glaze India Private Limited ranked on Google on both opposite keywords “India No 1 Company” and “No 1 Chor Company” (meaning No. 1 Scam Company). In which, one is sarcasm, about which we are going to talk ahead.

Glaze India Reality

In this post, I have mentioned about Glaze India Trading, it’s Business Plan, Products, Salary on Different levels and Pros & Cons of joining.

If you are still curious about Glaze India and want to know the Reality of Glaze India. I bet this post will obviously help you to get more cultivated about MLM Company like Glaze India Trading.

Glaze Trading India Private Limited Profile

Company NameGlaze Trading India Private Limited
Year Incorporated2004
DirectorsSanjeev Chhibber, Chetan Parkash Handa, Sarabjeet Singh, Sumit Kohli, Nisha Dutta
Head OfficeJanakpuri, New Delhi

On 16 March 2004 Glaze India started with two directors Sanjeev Chhibber & Chetan Handa. You can call Mr. Chhibber and Mr. Handa as the backbone of Glaze India.

Because both of them are widely popular among Glaze India Direct Seller for Motivational Speech. And here one fact becomes true,

“Nowadays, MLM is selling Dream not Products”

So, the ability to lure people in Glaze’s Network Marketer comes from their top, which I feel the worse thing in MLM.

Glaze India is Fake & illegal?

Many of Ex-Glaze India Direct Sellers and people who come to know about Glaze India first time feel that Glaze India is illegal and a Scam.

It’s not the truth. Glaze India is one among legal direct selling company in India. Glaze India is got registered under the Indian Government Direct Selling Guidelines. So you can never directly call any company illegal if the company holding legal certificates and no serious case is running against.

But legal documents do not guarantee that the company will never do fraud. Most of all giant scams like PACL even hold legal papers, but scams happen.

So, it’s become consumer responsibility to read the business plan and find that it will help or not.

Glaze India trading is a legal company but there is lots of news available on the internet related to the company. In most of the cases, Glaze India’s Direct Seller get sued for using deceptive method to recruit people.


Even I am can not call Glaze India as an illegal company, But lots of people complain that Glaze India harm them in economic, social and at the personal aspect as well.

In many cases, people also try to trap their family and friends to join Glaze, So they can earn little more money by their joining. But in the end, most of losing hard earned money in buying overpriced products.

Glaze India Product

Products are the most prominent thing in every MLM Company. An Ideal MLM Company products should be like:

  • Low of Cost
  • Best in Quality and
  • Demanding.

Glaze India Products list include cosmetics, health care, nutrition products and even agriculture products.

Here, I remembered India’s Fastest Grow MLM Scam “Future Maker“. Future Maker was selling products at 162 times higher rates, meaning if you buy 10 Rs products from the future maker, the product will cost you 1620 Rs.


The same situation is in the Glaze Trading Products. The products are demanding, but pricing and quality are not up to mark.

Products price is not as high as the Future maker. But, glaze products cost more than double compared to general products daily we use.

So, on the basis of products, Glaze India is not reliable according to my opinion. Here a person has to pay a high amount to be part of this company.

Glaze India Business Plan

Glaze India Business plan is similar to other MLM Company plan. Where a person has to join as a direct seller and have to buy products from the company.

Income from glaze india depends on Product Selling and Recruitment (Building Networks).

Glaze Product Selling

In product selling, person have to sell glaze products to their friends and family. on each successive sell, person earn retail profit.

But the retail profit is so less and one can never earn decent regular income by just selling products.

Most importantly, glaze direct sellers have to sell overpriced products to their friends and family. So, it’s never a good deal to fudge loved ones for personal profit.


All MLM companies are recruitment-driven, where building large downline is the only way to earn good money.

But it is never an easy job. Recruiting large downline, managing network and maintaining personal sells is not like cutting a cake.

Here a person requires high communication skills, marketing skills, and the ability to lure people for selling overpriced products.

last and Most important fact, only 0.4% of people get success in MLM business. If a company have 1 lakh, direct seller, then only 400 peoples get success in company and they are at top of the pyramid.

You can read Jon M Taylor (Ph.D., MBA) Book on MLM. His 15 years of research on 350 MLM Companies is officially published on US government site FTC. So, one must read that book to understand the dark reality of MLM.

Most of 0.4% of people are those, who fix their position before the company gets started. So for average people like you and me, there is only a 0.2% chance to get success.

And instead of joining any MLM Company, if you do proper research and start a small business, then there is a 35% chance that you will get success. And 35% is far better than 0.02%.

Salary from Glaze India

Glaze India has different levels BD, CD, PD, ED, SD, RD respectively. As your IP (Incentive Point) increases your level also increases.

I have already written a post comparing income on at different levels. From the CD level, your income start and your maximum earning on CD level are around 200 Rs.

In Glaze India Seminar, leader promise and claim that you can become a millionaire by working with Glaze India. But, on analysis, I found that on the highest company level, the RD level average money you can monthly earn is 25,000 Rs.

And to become RD in Glaze, you have to handle a huge downline with a monthly 6,48,000 Rs. purchase. So after that much effort, you only earn 25k, which you can earn by doing 9 to 5 job.

In a Network Marketing company, you can never expect a fixed monthly salary. unlike a job, here your monthly income varies according to your downline purchases and work. So calling network marketing earning as salary is not fair.

You may feel satisfied by knowing that, one can earn 25k monthly my Glaze India. But for this 25000 Rs. per month one has to spend 1 to 5 years in selling overpriced products and fooling others to do so.

So, it’s your choice to be part of this illusion or saving others from getting in this trap.

Glaze India & IDSA

Glaze India is a member of the IDSA (India Direct Selling Association). And most of Glaze India Leaders say it proudly. But, in reality, there is no authority of IDSA. IDSA is just an MLM Company union started by three MLM companies (Amway, Avon, and Oriflame). The primary purpose of both IDSA and FDSA is just doing marketing in India.

Every MLM company has to pay a fixed amount of money to become its member. So, they can also use the IDSA name for marketing.


I hope this post on Glaze Trading India Private Limited is helpful for you. And at last, you got more idea about Glaze India Business Plan or you can call Global Glaze Galway.

You can never say Glaze India illegal, but reading income plan and products is prominent before joining.

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