Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway – Best Company to join in 2022

This post is about MLM company comparison. As an Indian MLM analyst, I will compare the three most popular truly Products Based MLM Company In India, Vestige, Modicare, and Amway.

The reason behind calling these companies truly products based is the quality and range of products they provide.

After banning of the pyramid scheme, many companies use dummy products to show them as an MLM Company. And in India, Suit Length is the most popular dummy product 😁.

But Vestige, Modicare, and Amway have done great focus on products. But after being number 1 MLM Company, Amway is still facing several allegations for selling overpriced products.

So, today we are going to compare these three MLM companies, which is Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway.

We will try to figure out the Best MLM Company for Indian Market. so let’s start the comparison.

Why Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway?

So first of all, I should clarify why I have chosen these three companies for comparison?

Vestige Vs Modicare Vs Amway

Basically, this post is written according to the Indian Market situation. And from a decade Vestige, Modicare & Amway are the ruling Indian Network Marketing companies.

Vestige & Modicare are Indian Company which are giving tough competition to American Company Amway, which had captured the large Indian market before Vestige and Modicare got popularize.

But Vestige and Modicare have better J-Curve growth compare to Amway. And now Vestige is one among the top 100 MLM companies in terms of revenue.

These three companies also have a common range of products. And the last point, most of the direct sellers from Vestige, Modicare, and Amway hates other companies. Means Vestige member hates Modicare and Amway and so on.

Parameter of Comparison

A comparison without proper parameter is meaningless. So, here we will use the following parameter to compare these MLM companies.

  • Joining Amount
  • Market Saturation
  • Products
  • Income Plan
  • Company Support
  • Direct Seller’s Experience and
  • Allegation against Company

Joining Amount

Before Direct Selling Guidelines comes to existence in India many companies were taking joining fees. But now no company is allowed to do so.

Vestige, Modicare, and Amway don’t take any joining fees (Excluding Form Filling Charge). But to start earning from these companies, a person has to purchase products of the threshold amount they set.

Until you don’t purchase products of this threshold amount, you are not able to start your network and that threshold amount varies from one to another company.

In Amway, you have to purchase products of around 100$ means 7,000 INR to become active Amway Direct Seller. In vestige, you have to do 30 BV personal purchases means around 1500 Rs.

And last, in Modicare, your accumulative BV should be 25 which is cost below 100Rs purchase.

So, to become an active direct seller of Vestige, Modicare & Amway you have to purchase products of around 1500 Rs, 100 Rs & 7000 Rs respectively.

Note: In most cases, higher your personal products purchase higher will be your retail profits. So, the threshold amount is not the principal factor to judge any MLM Company. But, the threshold amount should not be so high where a person has to buy products of 10,000 Rs to start networking.


Products and Services are the most prominent in every MLM Company.

  • Products Quality
  • Products Demand
  • Products Range and
  • Products Price

are vital for the direct seller who joins the company.

Vestige, Modicare, and Amway three of them are products based and in terms of Products Quality, Demand, and Range all of them performed well. But the pricing of the products is making a difference.

We are making a comparison with a common product which three of them sell i.e. toothpaste. We will consider their base toothpaste price in 100 gms quantity.

Vestige’s Dentassure Toothpaste and Modicare’s Fresh Moments Toothpaste cost 75 Rs for 100 gm packaging.

And Amway’s Glister Toothpaste cost around 142 Rs if we take the quantity 100 gms. (Actual price is 270 Rs of 190 gms.)

It concludes that Amway products are overpriced compared to Vestige and Modicare. And like toothpaste example in most of products cases, similar situations arise.


And if we compare the product price with a non-MLM company, even Vestige and Modicare products also seem a little overpriced. Again take toothpaste example, Colgate’s Strong Teeth Toothpaste 100 gms package priced 49 Rs.

So, the MRP of Vestige and Modicare products is a bit overpriced, but Amway crossed the walls of pricing. No doubt, Amway provides good products, but what to do when most of the people around us can’t afford them.

If you want to check the Products Price List of Vestige, Modicare and Amway click on the below link.

Income Plan

Comparing income plan is not fusible. Because some MLM Company facilitates more income on direct sells and some on sells by the network.

In MLM primary income depends on the sells generated by the downline. Every MLM company have different types of level, profit percentages, and incentive.

For example, if Company A gives 10% and 15% profits on 1000 Rs and 2000 Rs products purchase respectively and Company B gives the same 12% profits on both 1000 Rs and 2000 Rs purchase. ( Net profit from Company A will be 400 Rs and from B will be 360 Rs)

Till 3000 Rs purchase Company, A seems more profitable, but there will be more chance of income fluctuation until we reach 5000 Rs purchase.

So, the calculation of comparing income plan of Vestige, Modicare & Amway will take a different way.

Market Saturation

Every company requires a limited amount of distributor to cover a particular area. As the area and demands increase, the number of distributors also increases, but up to an extent. And that extent or limit is called Market Saturation.

MLM market saturation

After, market saturation occurs the company can’t add more distributors. The same situation is also seen in the MLM Industry.

Vestige, Modicare, and Amway have all been for more than 10 years. So, we can’t doubt on their stability and existence like new MLM Companies. But the concept of market saturation arises.

In MLM when Market Saturation comes to the door of an MLM Company, the rate of joining of new direct seller get reduce. And due to saturation, the direct sellers have to work more for the recruitment process.

At last the job of recruiting new people gets harder.

Most of the people, whom I have asked about Amway have an impaired image in their mind. Amway infamous for the overpriced products and also adversely suffering from Market Saturation.

Most of the direct seller has zero interest in Amway and today people prefer to join MLM company about which they listen for the first time and not that one company which started in the year 1959.

After Amway, Vestige will be next to reach Market Saturation. Because it is the most popular Indian MLM Company and has more than a Million direct sellers.

To reach market saturation Modicare has more time compared to the other two, which is a good signal.

Company Supports & Training

Earning always comes after learning. For a new Network Marketer, training and proper guidelines to work in an MLM Company always required.

And today only a few reputed MLM Companies provides that support. In the 21st century, every company has several ways to show their support.

Apart from the classroom training sessions, today online training is in trend. Most MLM companies have launched the number of training programs on their apps and websites.

Because online training and support is a one-time effort and then every direct seller can access them anytime and anywhere.

If we look towards Vestige, Modicare, and Amway three of them conduct seminar as well as online training sessions.

Vestige official Apps have an online training feature and Amway has also launched Amway India Learning Academy.

Modicare online training course is available on training.modicare.com.

Moreover, Vestige, Modicare, and Amway all of them also release their Products Catalogue regularly. Products Catalogue are a vital marketing tool for every direct seller.

You can check their catalogue by clicking the below link.

So, on the basis of Company Support for the direct seller. Three of them have performed equally.

Direct Seller’s Experience

You may get shocked by knowing that, in MLM only 0.4% of people get success.

The stats are calculated by Jon M. Taylor (MBA, Ph.D.). He has done 15 years-long research on 350 MLM Company including Amway also. He found that only 0.4% of people are getting good profit and 99.96% of people are losing money in purchasing overpriced products.

His research got published on American Government Website FTC. So, we can’t ignore his conclusion on Network Marketing.

Now come to Direct Seller’s Experience, in an MLM Company assume 1% of people getting successful (Actual success rate is just 0.4%).

1% of these successful people will be happy, but the experience of 99% of unsuccessful people towards the company also matters. Because 1% will never get success without this 99% of people.

If 99% of people have paid a large amount to purchase products, not learned anything, and cheated by the upline to purchase overpriced products. Then undoubtedly, the experience of this 99% of the direct sellers will be extremely bad.

On the basis of Direct Seller’s Experience, Amway is worst. Because a person has to purchase around 7000 Rs products and that products are highly overpriced.

Vestige and Modicare are far better compare to Amway in terms of the consumer experience. Because their products are less overpriced and secondly the threshold purchase amount to become a direct seller is much lesser.

Allegation Against Company

Allegation and cases reported against an MLM Company also matter, because it describes the environment of the company and its network.

In most MLM legal crises, direct sellers are sued and the company gets the safeguard. Because most time Direct Sellers uses the wrong practice to recruit new people and sell products.

But Amway’s story is twisted. From a decade several warrants are released to arrest Amway India CEO till now. And recently Delhi High Court restrained Amway and few other MLM companies to sell their products online.

Companies like Glaze India, Safe Shop, eBiz and Naswiz also have got several allegations against their direct sellers for using the wrong method of hiring.

But the image of Vestige and Modicare is far clean compare to all other Indian MLM companies.

We don’t have any numerical data records to explain this parameter. But, we can say that Vestige and Modicare both win on this parameter of comparison.

My Opinion

According to my personal opinion, Amway is still not suitable for the Indian Market. Because of their extremely overpriced products and the high threshold amount to become a Direct Seller.

Vestige and Modicare are tough contenders in the Indian MLM Company race. I will give both of them equal marks.

If you have also your personal opinion, you can share in the below comment box.


I hope you like our post on Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway. We tried to make it more informative and help you to choose the best MLM Company wisely.

Vestige, Modicare, and Amway all of them have a different unique quality and one is better to others in their own way.

But, before joining and giving them your time, money, and effort you have to do proper research. Understand your requirements and situation than take a step ahead, because it is all about your future and career.

And lastly, don’t ignore the MLM Success rate found by Jon M. Taylor. Cause in a company out of 1000 only 3-4 people get success and these 0.4 % of people are at the top of the pyramid.

So, if you are a highly skilled marketing person and have large contact, then go to an MLM Company. Otherwise, there is several easy and better way to get rich in Life. I am not one who hates MLM, but this is the harsh reality which your loveable MLM Leader never tells you.


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Hemant Kumawat

Hemant Kumawat

हेमंत कुमावत एक MLM विश्लेषक और ब्लॉगर है, जो निष्पक्ष डायरेक्ट सेलिंग कंपनियों का अवलोकन करते है और TechMistri.com से लोगों को इस इंडस्ट्री के प्रति शिक्षित करते है। आप इनसे फेसबूक पेज, इंस्टाग्राम और टेलीग्राम के माध्यम से संपर्क कर सकते है।

52 thoughts on “Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway – Best Company to join in 2022”

      1. Very well explained nd especially a people who get motivated after seeing videos of leaders who are earning good income nd they decide to quit there jobs..They need to understand the MLM concept.. I am not against if it.. but need to take a wise decision based on your own skills

    1. Very unique comparison.. Perfectly define the current situation of MLM.. 0.04%…. It’s true..
      I am also doing mlm….
      Thank you..

      1. Great information
        But you must described the compensation plan.
        How much money distribute to the associates in % of the collected money against the products

    2. If you want to get rich , Start your own business, invest in stock market(it’s not easy), or get a central government job, but you need to work hard, handle risks, psychologically strong..my suggestion I have joined modicare, vestige but it’s not easy to get rich in these field (network marketing)

  1. It is true that success rate is too low in MLM companies but we have to understand it from different perspective.
    First in most other careers too sucess rate is also not too rosy in India. Even a petty kirana shop often fails in many cases despite giving whole 10 hours of your day. Similarly success rate in getting job and being successful is also too low. If you take a closure look sucess rate in most businesses is maximum of one to two percent only. Often people fails in multiple careers before settling for in their life.
    Secondly most people just join MLM in anticipation that their down line will work and they will start getting results. But truth is that if you are dedicated, disciplined and honest in selling the products / plans sucess rate is good. I joined Modicare about 7 months back on insistence of a relative. For 6 months I did nothing except purchasing Rs. 2500 worth of goods every month. Then I decided to give a serious shot to it and in about one month I was amazed to see good results. All I did was I draw a list of persons I want to target. Since I am extremely busy with my regular job I spare half hour daily on it. Just called them one by one and introduce them to the scheme telephonically. Ofcourse I had support from my up line too which did meet personally with the targeted persons and bring the person in my downline. But harsh reality is that leave apart discussing products or plans with their links most people do not take pain to change their own purchasing habits of purchasing the products of MLM company they have themselves joined and expect company to shower them with money. In MLM sale is must and it must start with the home of joinee.

    1. u r right a minimum activity monthly rule has to be there n co should convert the zero people to minimum monthly purchase atleast

    2. Very true sarvjeet . One can’t earn thousands and lakhs just by sitting and hoping the downline to work. It needs same kind of hard work and dedication like we do when work in other companies and jobs .if one is not sure about the product,can’t sell to others .

        1. You’re absolutely right Jyothi Ji, Modicare is the Best Company in Direct Selling from Starting to Final Destination. I agree with your opinion.

    3. perfectly described. I think comparison is irrelevant in many context explained it. Quality is always pay the price. Pocket matters. For some people bicycles or two wheelers or car are costly and for other bicycle or two wheelers or car is cheaper. everywhere pocket determines. to increase the pocket size Direct selling is the best choice without distrubing present occupation.

  2. I have worked in RUP , SAFE SHOP , NANO TECHNOLOGY AND KBFL . But recently I saw plans of every National and international companies including Amway , Modicare and Vestige. I used the products. But I reached on a conclusion that Vestige is far better than any other. I joined it and now I am earning a stable amount from it. Now I am happy that I got a best company.
    Contact -9636972022 (JOHN)

    1. Thank you for such a beautiful explanation.
      Helpful for those who want to trade as well as understand the product.

  3. In every field success rate is 1%. Like take examples of Medical and engineering entrances.
    Many students give entrance but only few passed with good marks.
    as like in mlm if u have skill , burning desire and definiteness of purpose .
    Then ,You will be a part of 1% people.

  4. The information given are one sided to show Vestige better than Amway & Modi cre . Dear Hement the writer of this Note tell me-
    1- How many patents Vestige Have and How many Amway and Modicare?
    2- Where is Manufacturing factoty of vestige in India?
    3- In How many country the Vestige and Amway are doing heir Business?
    4- Why all leaders of Vestige compares vestige with Amway ? If Vestige is better than amway than why r u comparing your best company with Amway?
    5- Why Amway never compares Amway with Vestige?
    6- How Old is Amway in India and USA and How old is Vestige ?
    7- How Vestige leaders always try to bring senior leaders of Amway India . Amway Never try to bring any leader of Vestige in Amway.
    8- I am very senior leader in Amway . Many senior leders of Vestige tried to bring me vestige by giving PRALOBHAN of giving same status in Vestige . Tell me how this manpulation is possible in Vestige ?
    9- What is maximum income of your Dimond in vestige? Income of Dimond of Amway is more than 1 Crore per annum.
    10- How much amount Vestige has distributed to their leaders sofar in India? and how much amount Amway has distributed to their leaders in India?
    11- In my view concentrate on your Vestige business instead of comparing your company with Amway or other MLM companies . And do not wastage your energy in comparision with other MLM Company .Finally AMWAY IS best and number 1 DIRECT SELLING COMPANY OF INDIA AND OF GLOBAL.

    1. Hemant kumawat

      I understand your concern. I am not bias to any particular MLM Company and i tried my best to provide a neutral comparison. The reason for comparing only them was their product and business plan which overlap each other and they are in market from long time.

      There are few problem actually exist with amway and i think which you can’t digest. Amway is already suffering from market saturation and same situation is going to arrive for vestige as well. Vestige is also not a perfect company, they also have some drawback.

      In Business trying to suppress direct competitor is a normal phenomenon. For eg, now Ok Life Care is trying to overtake vestige.

      And all these mentioned question you need to ask someone who is top leader in vestige, so you can make a debate on it.

      For me, it was just comparing few companies on a few basic parameters which are most important for customers.

      1. You did a very bad job in this attempt to compare the organizations and the parameters you have considered are also not doing justice.
        A clear bias is evident.
        Anyways, all those who are relying on this comparison are missing out on framing genuine opinion. better you speak to a person who has really done business in Network Marketing and understand the real picture.
        But I will share my personal opinion about Vestige and Modicare distributors.
        Vestige – Their sole purpose is to break a Amway distributor and make them join their business as they know Amway has quality leaders. Business model is very faulty and manipulative.

        Modicare – Their products are not at par and no control on quality. They do not have transparency in the manufacturing process and have a very poor payment structure.

        Amway – The best thing which made me consider this opportunity is their Education System and transparency in Manufacturing Process. Their payment structure is also very transparent and reliable.

        1. Thanks for your comment. And now read your opinion again, is it not a biased one? Three companies, 1 paragraph for each. 2 criticism and 1 promotion. At least give the justification of what you say.

    2. Congrats ra Nikhil …it took 2 months for me to become 6%, you have achieved it in 1 month…all the best..frnd cum business partner ❤️..lot more to come ✊

    3. Its very common to find an aggressive defender like Ramesh in Amway who are very much part of extremist cult of BWW…

      Anyone who are into amway, Just watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEAQugj0eoI
      before you continue in this business…

      Now to answer Ramesh point to point
      “The information given are one sided to show Vestige better than Amway & Modi cre”
      Keep aside Modicare & Vestige.. Any other company is better than Amway without any doubt.
      1. “How many patents Vestige Have and How many Amway and Modicare?”
      Are you here to use the products, do the business and earn money or to count the patents? How is it relevant to count the patents? My dear Ramesh, Amway does not have a single patent, all the patents are given to the respective products and more over for your kind information, Amway is a marketing company and not product manufacturing company.. Grow up and learn something more apart from your Britt system, uplines, cult, terrorist group.
      2. “Where is Manufacturing factoty of vestige in India?”
      Do you really think is that a question? Why do you need the manufactoring factory address? Just because your system and uplines told that amway started manufacturing in India? Just because Amway started manufacturing in India, it does not make it an Indian company and moreover it does not really matter where the Manufacturing units are location.. Come out of your system & Cult
      3. “In How many country the Vestige and Amway are doing heir Business?”
      You can see in their websites.. Its common that new companies will have less countries in the list compared to old ones.. How does that even matter again?
      4. “Why all leaders of Vestige compares vestige with Amway ? If Vestige is better than amway than why r u comparing your best company with Amway?”
      This is an excellent question from your side. This is because all the vestige leaders are coming from Amway. Working like slaves and losing all the respect for years in Amway, the leaders have changed their way and joined Vestige and succeeded and attained financial freedom which is never achieved by any of your so called Diamonds still dancing on stages to attract new people.
      5. “Why Amway never compares Amway with Vestige?”
      You should always have something good or better from your side to compare with something else. Amway has nothing to compare with any other company. Moreover Amway has no GUTS to simply conduct a meeting with its name. It uses BWW like a coward.
      6. “How Old is Amway in India and USA and How old is Vestige ?”
      In what way Age matters my friend?
      7. “How Vestige leaders always try to bring senior leaders of Amway India . Amway Never try to bring any leader of Vestige in Amway.”
      No one ever joins Amway from other company.. All those who join Amway are entirely new to direct marketing. No Leader of vestige will join Amway even if Amway offer 100 crores.
      8. “I am very senior leader in Amway . Many senior leders of Vestige tried to bring me vestige by giving PRALOBHAN of giving same status in Vestige . Tell me how this manpulation is possible in Vestige ?”
      As you are senior leader in Amway, you will be like that for ever without attaining financial freedom and you will be showing plans, motivating people to earn peanuts for ever. So vestige leaders tries to help you, its not PRALOBHAN my friend. Its like showing a path to those who are dwelling in darkness.
      9. “What is maximum income of your Dimond in vestige? Income of Dimond of Amway is more than 1 Crore per annum.”
      Income of a Diamond in Amway is just 1-3 lakhs per month.. That too with so much effort from downlines dancing on stages. No one earns 1 Crore per annum in Amway, your system, uplines might have misleaded you.
      Vestige top earner is earning 1.5 crore per month, its per month my friend and not per year..
      10. “How much amount Vestige has distributed to their leaders sofar in India? and how much amount Amway has distributed to their leaders in India?”
      Same irrelevant question, more over all your money from amway goes out of our nation and not to our country. Its a shame you are working for a foreign company and defending it comparing with an Indian company.
      11. “In my view concentrate on your Vestige business instead of comparing your company with Amway or other MLM companies . And do not wastage your energy in comparision with other MLM Company .Finally AMWAY IS best and number 1 DIRECT SELLING COMPANY OF INDIA AND OF GLOBAL.”
      If you have Guts, Just invite people to your meetings, home meetings etc revealing your great company name AMWAY.. Dont invite them saying that you have some great business oppurtunity etc etc.. Amway will very soon close its business in India.. Their products will be sold through some other channels but no one will choose Amway to earn money or attain financial Freedom. Moreover your Amway has already accepted its defeat by going for advertising in media…
      Finally, come out of that cult Ramesh.. the sooner you come out of it, the better it will be for your career.. You will never ever ever ever succeed in Amway and become financially free..

      1. Seenu (Direct Marketing), Your most answers to Ramesh are logical, but your 9 point is controversial. You can’t say vestige top leaders (diamonds) earn 1 crore every month. I took an interview of a vestige DUCD on this site and I knew their monthly income, so please don’t spread false details.

        I appreciate your effort and thank you for visiting TechMistri.com

        1. Hey Hemant,
          Thanks for your Reply.
          Regarding 9th point if you observe clearly, I said “Vestige top earner is earning 1.5 crore per month, its per month my friend and not per year”..
          I have mentioned about the top earner in vestige who is Siddharth Singh.
          I did not mention that all the DUCDs in vestige will earn that amount..
          As you can observe I did not spread any false information… May be we both misunderstood something..
          As you know already if it comes to average earnings of all the DUCDs in vestige, it will be minimum of 5 lakhs per month without any doubt and all of them have attained their financial freedom…

          Thank you so much Hemant.. Your effort is very much appreciated…


      RAMESH JI.

  5. its nothing about overpricing its about the quality of the product and yes, its bit costly than other products but we can use these products and later you’ll get results than you’ll get to know its worth for that product.and the last thing about success if we work hard and smart than 100% sure we will get success but there is concept of cheating here if they want they can get the products no one will force any one. any how you’re comparison gave me a very good clarity thank you so much guys.

    1. Thank You Ankith for visiting. But you can’t force people to buy Mercedes benz on the name of quality whose budget is of honda city. MLM is business of people and most of indian belongs to middle class family. Hope you get the point.

  6. Bro..u have raised the best questions…basically vestige is out of IDSA.. They didn’t even mentioned that point…In my opinion AMWAY is original and remaining all are replicas

    1. Hemant kumawat

      Amway is a founder member of IDSA. There are 450+ direct selling companies operating in the country and not even 10% of them are members of IDSA. So IDSA doesn’t matter..

  7. By the grace of God I have come into the MLM industry and I am fortunate enough to be a part of the Modicare business. I hope many people get in touch with this industry and get to change their lives .The company MODICARE is the best MLM company because according to me , it has the best PLAN,PROFILE,PRODUCT,PRICE. I have achieved 5 trips and my dream house and my dream car from the company and I ll be forever thankful.

  8. Pahle to Bhai spelling theek se likhna Sikh bad mein company ke bare mein likh…. Shayad tu Koi Na Koi company se to Zarur Juda Hai vo vestige ya modi care se….
    pahle acchi Tarah Se AMWAY ke bare mein Jaan Lo theek hai bad mein baat karna na….

    1. Hemant kumawat

      Ma’am, if you have any logical suggestion or opinion, please share.. You know about Amway what your leader told.

      1. Modicare or Vestige which is the best company to join and earning money for a new comer in direct selling marketing??????

  9. I have selected modicare by choice not by chance.
    I can give so many reasons that why should we have to do modicare..
    – One and only Indian company who introduced direct selling business in india in 1996.
    – 600+ products is more than any other direct selling company.
    – we can have up to 55% discount by using loyalty and loyalty+ program.
    And many more reasons.



  11. please add Glaze galway mlm company in Your list, beacuse glaze galway a leading direct selling company in that time.

  12. Yes, Amway products are like Roohafza n other companies products are like Pepsi. Amay number 1 thi, hai n rahegi. Amway’s products are of value for money.

  13. pls explain the present situation of anway (turnover/2020,active distributor,actual earningdistributor,etc………..)

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