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सेफ शॉप प्रोडक्ट प्राइस लिस्ट – सिक्योर लाइफ़ उत्पाद मूल्य सूची

Safe Shop is an Indian direct selling company among MLM companies with the highest number of direct sellers in India. Under MCA, it is registered as Safe and Secure Online Marketing PVT LTD better known as Secure Life or Safe Shop India.

This post will provide you Safe Shop Products Price List with BV, MRP and SSP. At the end of this post, we have also added a button to download Safe Shop all products list PDF.


Safe Shop Products Price List

We try to always update and bring the latest Safe Shop products price list up to you. But for the most recent pricing update, you can check Safe Shop official website,

The main attributes of Safe Shop price list table are:

  • SKU: It is code to identify the stock units.
  • Name: Name of the product.
  • BV: BV stands for Business Volume, used to calculate incomes.
  • MRP: Maximum retail price of products.
  • SSP: Safe Shop Price for direct sellers, lower than MRP.

You can also check our Safe Shop Products Review in Hindi.


 NEAPRHAOMABAEDEODJUNHaoma I Bae Novel Body Mist Deodrant Unisex135ml (pack Of 6)  6
  Rs. 1,950Rs. 1,099.00
 EAPRMEMYJWEBRIDMe Myself Designer Fashionable Artificial Jewellery-bridal  60
  Rs. 8,388Rs. 6,230.00
  Rs. 6,990Rs. 5,835.00
 NEAPRBG-SLINGJUNZeno-sling Bag  4
  Rs. 999Rs. 670.00
 EAPRKINGLINENCOMBOKing Luther Linen Fashion Combo (fabric For Shirt Set Of 2 & Suit Length 3.10mtrs)  50
  Rs. 7,998Rs. 4,590.00
 EAPRMEMYJWEPANNMe Myself Designer Fashionable Artificial Jewellery-panna  60
  Rs. 8,988Rs. 6,730.00
 EAPRMEMYJWEMOTIMe Myself Designer Fashionable Artificial Jewellery-moti Haar  50
  Rs. 5,988Rs. 4,420.00
 EAPRSTIVAPARKGSETStivali Elegnt Park Elegant Avenue (tie,cufflinks, Pocket Square) Gentlemen  13
  Rs. 2,299Rs. 1,839.00
 NEAPRSAFEAIRPRMASKJUNSafe Air Protection Safety Mask (pack Of 10)  3
  Rs. 1,250Rs. 1,029.00
 EAPRZENDIAPBAGBZeno Diaper Bag – Blue Color  10
  Rs. 2,995Rs. 1,940.00


 NEAPRSCOMOFABRICS-BLACKScotch Moda Improved Fabric Suit Length By Raymond-black40 Rs. 5,900Rs.3,325.00
 EAPRSMTSHIRTScotch Moda Fashion T-shirt By Grado 3
  Rs. 999Rs.835.00
 EAPRZEJEANSGRADOWSFMe Myself Women Slim Fit Jeans New  By Grado  25
  Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,075.00
 EAPRKINGSHIRTPRFPKing Luther Casual Style Mandarin Print 1 Shirt  5
  Rs. 2,999Rs. 1,900.00
 NEAPRSCOMOFABRICS-GREYScotch Moda Improved Fabric Suit Length By Raymond-grey  40
  Rs. 5,900Rs. 3,325.00
 NEAPRVECHETTIBRUNSWIK-BEIGENew Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado-beige  40
  Rs. 5,500Rs. 2,995.00
 EAPRGEOSAR-GREENLaranya Lavanya Woodrose Georgette Embroidered Style Saree With Blouse Fabric-green  30
  Rs. 3,699Rs. 2,590.00
 EAPRZIBALDIFABRICFOR1Zibaldi Fabric For 2 Trouser & 2 Shirt(6.90 Mtrs) Vimal  13
  Rs. 2,090Rs. 1,665.00
 EAPRKINGSHIRTCHFPKing Luther Smart Western Checks Linen 1 Shirt  5
  Rs. 2,999Rs. 1,890.00
 EAPRMEMYBLFLNKURTMe Myself Latest  Blossoms Fashion And Festive Pack Of 2 Long Kurtas  18
  Rs. 4,990Rs. 3,780.00
 EAPRZEJEANSBLKZeno Nuvo Jeans By Grado (black)  25
  Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,025.00
 EAPRKLBDHKURTBUNSKing Luther Fashion Badhaiyan Kurta Pyjama Bundi Set  15
  Rs. 4,990Rs. 3,500.00
 NEAPRSCOTCRAYWOOLFPScotch Moda Elegant Premium Woollen Blend Pure90 Suit Length (3.25mtr) By Raymond  70
  Rs. 14,999Rs. 8,661.00
 EAPRLARANYALAVANYALADILaranya Lavanya New Ladies Suit  27
  Rs. 3,599Rs. 2,710.00
 EAPRVICSAR-MUSLaranya Lavanya Vichitra Silk Corner Pallu Embroidered Style Saree With Blouse Fabric-mustard  30
  Rs. 3,699Rs. 2,590.00
 NEAPRSCOMOFABRICS-BLUEScotch Moda Improved Fabric Suit Length By Raymond-blue  40
  Rs. 5,900Rs. 3,325.00
 EAPRSCOTCHMOSHIRTBScotch Moda Classic Corporate Shirt Blue By Raymond  14
  Rs. 2,299Rs. 1,825.00
 EAPRSMSHKHScotch Moda Men Shorts Cool Khaki  6
  Rs. 1,299Rs. 922.00
 EAPRVICBUTTI-YELLOWLaranya Lavanya Vichitra Silk Embroidered Style Booti Work Saree With Blouse Fabric-yellow  30
  Rs. 3,699Rs. 2,590.00
 EAPRKINLLINSHIRSKing Luther Cool And Casual Set Of 2 Stylish Linen Shirts  25
  Rs. 5,998Rs. 4,068.00
 EAPRFABDUOSETFPKing Luther Linen Latest Fabric Duo Set (1.6mtr/each) Set Of 2  6
  Rs. 1,999Rs. 1,621.00
 NEAPRVECHETTIBRUNSWIK-BLACKNew Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado-black  40
  Rs. 5,500Rs. 2,995.00
 EAPRVICSBOOTY-YELLOWLaranya Lavanya Vichitra Silk Multicolor Embroidery Small Booty Style Work Saree With Blouse Fabric-yellow  30
  Rs. 3,699Rs. 2,590.00
 EAPRSTILEATEKNIMStivali Leather Knight Stylish Cruiser Men Jacket (black)  50
  Rs. 11,990Rs. 9,100.00
 EAPRZENOCOBOXJScotch Moda Cotton New Men Boxer (pack Of 2)  6
  Rs. 1,299Rs. 990.00
 NEAPRSCOMOFABRICS-BEIGEScotch Moda Improved Fabric Suit Length By Raymond-beige  40
  Rs. 5,900Rs. 3,325.00
 EAPRZENOJEANSGRADORZeno Nuvo Jeans By Grado (blue)  25
  Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,025.00
 EAPRSCOTCHMOSHIRTWScotch Moda Classic Corporate Shirt White By Raymond  14
  Rs. 2,299Rs. 1,825.00
 EAPRSTILEATEBNYCStivali Leather Ebony Stylish Ladies Jacket (black)  50
  Rs. 11,990Rs. 9,100.00
 EAPRGEOSAR-BURLaranya Lavanya Woodrose Georgette Embroidered Style Saree With Blouse Fabric-burgundy  30
  Rs. 3,699Rs. 2,590.00
 EAPRBRUNSWIKFABRICFORBrunswik Fabric For 2 Trouser & 2 Shirt (6.90 Mtrs.) By Grado  13
  Rs. 1,980Rs. 1,665.00

Checkout: Best 1 Ton Split AC


 EAPRSHERBHAITON2PCKDECHaoma Bhringraj Brahmi Shining Herbal Hair Tonic Oil (pack Of 2)  4
  Rs. 950Rs. 780.00
 NEAPRSALOEVERKES1PCKDECHaoma Fresh Aloe Vera With Kesar And Green Tea  10
  Rs. 1,542Rs. 1,030.00
 NEAPRSAMLATUL1PCKDECHaoma Energising Amla Tulsi Syrup  10
  Rs. 1,527Rs. 1,060.00
 EEEEHAODIGBILSRIJUNHaoma Digestion Organic Bilwa By Sri Sri Tattva  2
  Rs. 499Rs. 356.00
 EAPRSDIABAHAOMA2PCKDECHaoma New Diaba Care 500ml (pack Of 2)  7
  Rs. 1,690Rs. 1,015.00
 NEAPRHAOMAHERBALSOAPPDECHaoma Fresh Herbal Soap Pack Of 12pcs  2
  Rs. 960Rs. 599.00
 EAPRHAOMSPIRNADECHaoma Spirulina A New Immunity Capsules (100n)  3
  Rs. 699Rs. 549.00
 EAPRHAOMAGARCINIACAMBORDECHaoma Improved Garcinia Cambogia (100 Caps)  5
  Rs. 849Rs. 711.00
 EAPRHAOKOFF2CAREDECHaoma Afresh Koff Kare Syrup Duo  1
  Rs. 474Rs. 269.00
 EAPRHAOLIVER2TONDECHaoma New Livocare Syrup Duo  1
  Rs. 476Rs. 269.00
 EEEEHAOSTRASHWSRIJUNHaoma Stress Reliever Organic Ashwagandha By Sri Sri Tattva  4
  Rs. 599Rs. 522.00
 NEAPRHAOJOINT3OILFP6Haoma Pain Oil Sexta Pack  5
  Rs. 2,598Rs. 1,410.00
 EAPRHAOMAJOINTPAINCAPRDECHaoma Health Solution Joint Pain Capsule (100 Caps)  5
  Rs. 949Rs. 710.00
 EAPRSNONIHAOMA2PCKDECHaoma Noni Premium (1000 Ml) Duo  10
  Rs. 3,306 Rs. 1,655.00
 EAPRHAOCHAWANSRIJUNHaoma Empowered Chyawanprash By Sri Sri Tattva  3
  Rs. 899Rs. 690.00
 NEAPRHAOMAHERBALTOOTHPADECHaoma Fresh Herbal Toothpaste (100gms) (pack Of 6)  2
  Rs. 954Rs. 499.00

Baby Products

 EEEEHUGCUDBAMOCJUNHugs & Cuddles Baby Moistursing Cream  4
  Rs. 549Rs. 475.00
 EEEEHUGCUDBASHAJUNHugs & Cuddles Baby Shampoo  4
  Rs. 549Rs. 493.00
 EEEEHUGCUDBAMOILFPJUNHugs And Cuddles Baby Massage Oil  2
  Rs. 449Rs. 383.00
 EEEEHUGCUDBABOLJUNHugs & Cuddles Baby Body Lotion  4
  Rs. 599Rs. 512.00
 EEEEHUGCUDBABOSHJUNHugs & Cuddles Baby Body Wash  4
  Rs. 549Rs. 490.00
 EEEEHUGCUDBADIACRJUNHugs & Cuddles Baby Diaper Rash Cream  7
  Rs. 599Rs. 494.00


 EAPRMIAKSFSTORMiakasa Store Helpmate Safeset 4(pcs)stainless Steel (19ltr,25ltr,32ltr,milkcan 4.5ltr)  25
  Rs. 7,000Rs. 5,575.00

Cook Care

 EAPRNNMIAKAS-COOKCOMBMia Kasa Cookpot Style Combo(2pressure Cooker 4ltr ,6ltr)  108
  Rs. 15,990Rs. 12,450.00
 EAPRMIAKASAMONCOOKSETMiakasa Home Style Monarch 11pcs Triply Cookware Set  110
  Rs. 18,230Rs. 13,250.00


 EAPRLARCOWGHJYOTJUNMiakasa Spiritual Organic Pure Cow Ghee Jyots (100pcs)  1
  Rs. 599Rs. 371.00
 EEEEMIAKGHJYOTRJUNMiakasa Mogra Scented Jyot (121pcs) With Plastic Box  1
  Rs. 399Rs. 266.00
 EAPRMIADEVARPUTHFPMiakasa Classic Dev Aradhana Pooja Thali Ss  3
  Rs. 1,200Rs. 819.00

Dinner Sets

 EAPRMIAKKINGDINGMiakasa Royal Dinner Set (24pcs) Gold Pvd On Stainless Steel  75
  Rs. 12,930Rs. 8,950.00
 EAPRMIAKTABARLDINFPMiakasa Wonder Laser Dinner Set (72pcs)  75
  Rs. 15,900Rs. 10,850.00
 EAPRMIASHAGUN101Miakasa Shagun Classic Dinner Set 101 Pcs  100
  Rs. 14,499Rs. 11,840.00
 EAPRMIAKASADINNERS51Miakasa Classic Premium Double Wall Dinner Set 51 Pcs  40
  Rs. 7,300Rs. 5,990.00


 EAPRMIAKROYTEGMiakasa Royal Tea (2 Bowl 6 Cup Set) Gold Pvd On Stainless Steel  30
  Rs. 6,600Rs. 4,344.00
 NEAPRMIADOUB-BOWLMia Kasa Double Wall Shiny Serving Bowl (set Of 2)  10
  Rs. 1,990Rs. 1,681.00
 NEAPRMIAINS-CASSERMia Kasa New Belito Casserole Double Wall(3500 Ml)  10
  Rs. 2,100Rs. 1,725.00
 EAPRMIAMAGKITCSMiakasa Helpmate Magic Kitchen Set (2magic Baskets,1 Magic Peeler,1masalabox)  7
  Rs. 1,499Rs. 875.00


 EAPRHAOMABONEHEALTHRFPDECHaoma Strong Bone Health (100 Tabs)  2
  Rs. 1,250 Rs. 985.00


 EAPRSTSHOERTFPStivali Jumanji Exclusive Elegant Leather Shoe Tan  10
  Rs. 4,999Rs. 3,062.00
 EAPRSTIVDRWTSHOStivali Dr Watson Elegant Leather & Tweed Shoe  40
  Rs. 6,999Rs. 5,555.00
 EAPRSTIVBUCKLSHOFPStivali Rafael New Improved Buck Leather Shoe  12
  Rs. 4,999Rs. 3,630.00
 EAPRSCOMESSPSHScotch Moda Esercizio Comfortable Sports Shoe  12
  Rs. 3,299Rs. 2,525.00
 EAPRSTILEATPSHORIScotch Moda Leather Stylish Pishori Jutti (black)  10
  Rs. 4,999Rs. 2,290.00


 EAPRMIASAMBCUPJUNMia Kasa Spiritual Sambrani Cups (pack Of 60pcs)  2
  Rs. 800Rs. 574.00


 EEEEMIAKSFMGICJUNMiakasa Safemagic Detergent Powder 2kg  1
  Rs. 600Rs. 386.00
 EEEELARTMTKETCJUNLa Rasoi Fresh Tomatoes Ketchup 1ltr (pack Of 2)  1
  Rs. 380Rs. 323.00
 EAPRELAICHISABUT1PCKDECLa Rasoi New Green Elaichi 100gms  2
  Rs. 925Rs. 763.00
 EAPRSABUDANA1PCK2La Rasoi Improved Sabudana 1kg  1
  Rs. 450Rs. 300.00
 NEAPRSPREMTEA1PCKJUNLa Rasoi Fresh Premium Tea 1kgs  1
  Rs. 610Rs. 458.00
 EEEESDHANIYAPOW3PCKJUNLa Rasoi Fresh Dhaniya Powder 200gms (pack Of 3)  2
  Rs. 405Rs. 275.00
 EEEESGARAMMAS2PCKJUNLa Rasoi Afresh Garam Masala 200gms (pack Of 2)  4
  Rs. 770Rs. 701.00
 EEEELARCHVGMSLJUNLa Rasoi Chatpata Taste Veg Masala (pack Of 4)  2
  Rs. 552Rs. 439.00
 EAPRCASHEW1PCKJUNLa Rasoi Nuvo Kaju 500gms  1
  Rs. 850Rs. 661.00
 EAPRDALCHINI2PCKJUNLa Rasoi Nuvo Dalchini Sabut 100gms Pack Of 2  1
  Rs. 310Rs. 173.00
 EEEELARAGHEEN2LDECLa Rasoi Enriched Cow Milk Ghee 2 Ltr By Sri Sri Tattva  8
  Rs. 1,700Rs. 1,530.00
 EAPRKISMIS1PCKJUNLa Rasoi Fresh Kishmish 500gms  1
  Rs. 490Rs. 365.00
 EEEELARZNVGMSLLa Rasoi Improved Zaykedaar Non Veg Masala (pack Of 4)  2
  Rs. 552Rs. 439.00
 EAPRSTURMPOW3PCKJUNLa Rasoi Turmeric Powder 200 Gms Trio Pack  1
  Rs. 345Rs. 229.00
 EAPRALMOND1PCK2La Rasoi Nuvo Badam 1kg  2
  Rs. 1,450Rs. 1,125.00
 EAPRSKALIMIR1PCKJUNLa Rasoi Afresh Kali Mirch 100 Gms  1
  Rs. 208Rs. 206.00
 EEEEEPRBSMTRICEJUNLa Rasoi Extra Premium Basmati Rice 2kg  1
  Rs. 550Rs. 361.00
 EEEELARASRONEWLa Rasoi New Royal Selection  11
  Rs. 2,437Rs. 2,109.00
 EAPRLAUNGSABUT1PCKDECLa Rasoi Fresh Laung Sabut 100gms  1
  Rs. 360Rs. 268.00
 EEEESJEERA2PCKJUNLa Rasoi Jeera 200 Gms Duo  2
  Rs. 360Rs. 298.00
 EEEELARMXFRJAMJUNLa Rasoi Mixed Fruits Jam 1kg  1
  Rs. 320Rs. 253.00
 EEEESLALMIRCH3PCKJUNLa Rasoi Lal Mirch 200gms Trio Pack  2
  Rs. 390Rs. 309.00
 EEEELARAGHEENDECLa Rasoi Enriched Cow Milk Ghee 1 Ltr By Sri Sri Tattva  4
  Rs. 850Rs. 772.00
 NEAPRSFUSIONTEAJUNLa Rasoi Fusion Of Flavours Handpicked Fresh Tea 500gms  1
  Rs. 480Rs. 385.00


 EAPRMIABEDPIBEBOMiakasa Fashion Double Bedsheet & Pillow Cover With Beads Border  20
  Rs. 3,199Rs. 1,570.00
 EAPRMIAGGGSTFPJUNMia Kasa Enviro Go Green Use And Grow Stationary Combo  1
  Rs. 699Rs. 485.00
 EAPRCOMLINENSETMiakasa Home Fashion  Complete Linen (1 Quilted Duvet, 1 Bedsheet, 2 Quilted Pillow Cover, 2 Quilted Cushion With Filler) Set  40
  Rs. 6,599Rs. 4,650.00
 EAPRMIACOMLINENHEALMiakasa Home Fashion Combo (1 Quilet Duvet, 1 Bedsheet, 2 Quilet Pillow Cover, 2 Quilet Cushion With Filler) Set & Healthy Morning 1jug 4 Glass Set  40
  Rs. 10,199Rs. 7,200.00
 EAPRMIACANDLEFPJUNMiakasa Votive Fragnance Candles (4pcs)  1
  Rs. 650Rs. 463.00
 EAPRMIAKBEDSHEETONEMiakasa Home Style Double Bedsheet With Pillow Covers By Raymond  14
  Rs. 2,199Rs. 1,735.00


 NEAPRHAOMABAALPFPHaoma New Baalposh Herbal Chocolate Drink500gm (pack Of 2) By Sri Sri Tattva  1
  Rs. 930Rs. 535.00
 EAPRSBRAIHEAH1PCKRDECHaoma Strong Brain And Health Booster  2
  Rs. 827Rs. 741.00

Personal Care

 EAPRHAAPPLEARGANSCONDISEPTHaoma  Refreshing Apple Coniditoner & Argan Conditioner Combo  3
  Rs. 800Rs. 530.00
 NEAPRHAOMANEEMTURMSEPTHaoma Fresh Neem & Turmeric Face Wash100gm (pack Of 4)  3
  Rs. 960Rs. 630.00
 EAPRMULDAYNIG2Haoma Mulberry Justin Day And Night Cream Combo Pack Of 2  4
  Rs. 1,596Rs. 790.00
 EAPRSHERMOISLOT2PCKDECHaoma Chandan Herbal Glowing Moisturising Lotion (pack Of 2)  3
  Rs. 810Rs. 540.00
 NEAPRHAOMACHARCOALFSMCSEPTHaoma Glam Charcoal Face Wash, Scrub & Mask Combo  3
  Rs. 996Rs. 652.00
 EAPRSBODYMASOIL2PCKJUNHaoma Afresh Pure Badam Nirgundi Herbal Massage Oil (pack Of 2)  3
  Rs. 750Rs. 613.00
 NEAPRHAOMACHARCOALSEPTHaoma Glam Charcoal Face Wash100gm (pack Of 4)  3
  Rs. 996Rs. 652.00
 EAPRHAAPPLEARGANSHAMSEPTHaoma Refreshing Apple & Argan Shampoo Combo  3
  Rs. 800Rs. 490.00
 NEAPRHAOMANEEMTURMFSMCSEPTHaoma Fresh Neem Turmeric Facewash, Scrub And Mask Combo  3
  Rs. 960Rs. 630.00
 EAPRHAOMASERUMJUNHaoma Refreshing  Hair Fall Control Serum  14
  Rs. 2,499Rs. 1,818.00
 EAPRSHERSHAMP2PCKDECHaoma Pristine Neem Shikakai Herbal Vitalizing Shampoo (pack Of 2)  3
  Rs. 815Rs. 540.00


 EAPRWISDOMFLUTESEHaoma Spiritual Knowledge Series Wisdom Flute Signature Edition  6
  Rs. 3,195Rs. 2,190.00
 EAPRBHAGWADGITASEOCTHaoma Spiritual Knowledge Series Bhagwad Gita Signature Edition New  105
  Rs. 12,800Rs. 7,600.00
 EAPRSUMPOORNAHANOCTHaoma Spritual Knowledge Series Sampoorna Hanuman New  105
  Rs. 11,800Rs. 7,090.00
 EAPRGYANVAJRAJUNHaoma Spiritual Knowledge Series Gyan Vajra  6
  Rs. 3,195Rs. 2,190.00


 EAPRSAFRIDHELMSafe Rider Strong Safety Helmet  6
  Rs. 1,700Rs. 1,300.00

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  1. Yuvraj singh chouhan

    sir sports ke product bhi launch kardo.
    jaise-shoes, kit, track suit etc.
    yeh GBV aur RBV dono mein launch kardo.
    Isse business mein aur progress hogi.
    Thank you.

  2. सिस्टम के बारे में जानकारी दें और इससे क्या फायदे संभव हैं और क्या नुकसान हो सकते हैं क्या यह सुरक्षित और फायदेमंद है और भविष्य में जैसे कि आप के प्रतिनिधि घर पर जानकारियां उपलब्ध करा रहे हैं और लाखों रुपए एक बार प्रोडक्ट खरीदने पर भविष्य में कमाने का प्रलोभन दे रहे हैं क्या यह सत्य है और यह कैसे संभव है।

  3. Sir kya khud se id bana bana kar success ho
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    1. Gyandeep Vishwakarma

      Bhai khud se Id bana k kaise success hoge network to wahi hoga network badhane ke liye Ek dusare joi sale karna hoga aur wo do apne do ko share karenge and fir wo do apne do ko is tarah continuous chalta raha to network badhega aur appka income bhi.

      Thank you

  4. Product lane ke bad dispatch kob hoga kob melaga uska date janna joruri hy.but hm products lia payment kia .kus information veja I nhi. Kio? Filipkart ,Amazon isme turont puri information a jate hai.pls give me answer.(management).

    1. Dear Harendra Sir,
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  5. what is the target sale every month to be in the game ?
    kitne logo ko join karna hai har mahine ya fir kitne products purchase hone chaiye apne under me to i will keep on getting payment

  6. Dosto,
    aap koi bhi team join karo mujhe fark nahi padta..mene safeshop me 4 saal kaam kia. aur apko surprise hoga ki mene kitna lagaya aur kitna kamaya…………batata hu………..mene pehli baar Lucknow me ek Diamond seminar of (Mr Elan, presently may be on Venus level) attend kia jisme bahut jyada show off tha….khair mene bina plan dekhe 24000 rupees de diye ek unknown ko…agle din Mr P yadav ( Newly Diamond after 9 years of work )mere ghar aaye aur plan dikhaya. fir mene apne family members ko bhi join karaya aur 100 tak ko team banai. mene 3 saal tak sare Friday Training, Sunday venues, ALL BBS seminar, 2 baar Disha training ( Mr VIkas yadav) attend ki. Vikas yadav is all time great leader but his team leaders are not like him except one or two.

    aap jankar hairaan honge ki mene total kharcha kia 3 lakh ke karib aur earning hui 20000 ki sirf.
    ab kami kaha rahi..
    1. ye log apni taraf se form banakar bharwane ka 500/ lete the jo ini pocket me jata tha, company ka koi lena dena nhi,
    2. agar koi nokri wala aadmi milta to ye usko loot hi lete the, usko bolenge ki aap leader ho apke pass kam se kam 200 form hone chahiye. 200×500=100000 uski pocket se gaya….jab wo kisi ka form bharega to usko kya milega….ghanta…
    3. jab bhi koi function hoga to usko 50-100 ticket denge. 100×250=25000 uski pocket se gaye. ab aap ye batao ki nokri karne wala 200 ticket kaha se logo ko promote karega..agar usne 20 logo ko bhi invite kia to 80 ticket ka paisa kaha gaya—-leader ki jeb me….20 ticket promote kar bhi di to logo ko free khane ki aadat hai unse paise bhi maangna galat hi hai.
    4. Apne fayde ke liye safeshop ke leaders ne bahut se logo ko sarkari nokri se resign karwaya taaki wo kutte ki tarah kaam kare aur inko paisa aaye.. bahut se logo ke ghar barbad karwaye Tiger team walo ne. abhi ek fresh case hai Mr Devesh ka jo AIr force me tha . usko bola ki nokri se bhaag jao aur Patna me business build karo hum tumhe support karenge…bechara nokri chhod ke full time ho gaya aur business karne laga..kuch mahine usko help ki fir uska result jyada nahi aaya to uski help karni chhod di..usko heart attack hua aur mar gaya. uske chhote bacche the.. ab uski family ko Air Force se kuch nahi milega kyuko wo BHAGODA tha..aur safeshop se bhi kuch nahi milne wala………..aap log batao…………uski BIBI aur baccho ki kya galti hai….ab unka kya hoga
    5. jab koi leader full time hai…uske niche koi leader 3 saal se sari activity me participate kar raha hai to full time leader ki kya zimmedari hoti hai..
    full timer ne 3 saal me koi to joining nikali hogi…unme se ek joining bhi meri team me nahi aai…kyu…jo active leader hota hai usko kam se kam 3-4 joining dekar motivate karna chahiye…..mujhe pata hai MLM me khud hi work karna hota hai….lekin leader ka bhi kuch farz banta hai……
    6. Ek bhai saab aur hai jiska naam ek Precious stone pe hai…jo lohe ko sona bana deta hai…..wo sala jaha bhi jata hai logo ke paise lekar bhaag jata hai…mana bhi nahi karta aur deta bhi nahi hai…..

    company ne apna naam 3 baar badla hai..aap search kar lena…kyuki bahut se logo ne paise liye aur bhaag gaye…
    – ghatia products, costly products…koi research nahi, koi technology nahi, koi vision nahi, koi future plan nahi….sirf JHUTHA motivation..motivation se ghar nahi chalta…..jitna jhooth IS business me hai utna kahi bhi nahi………….be careful dosto………….

    – JAB se ATOMY business India me aaya hai tabse sabhi companies ko apna plan badalne pe mazboor hona pada hai, unko health and cosmetics products bhi ADD karne pade hain…warna Suit- lenghth aur suit-saree bechkar hi loot rahe the…..

    SAFESHOP ko sirf Tiger Vikas hi chala raha hai, jis din Tiger vikas gayab us din …………………..gayab……..
    mene kisi par koi bhi allegation nahi lagaya hai, meri kisi se koi dusmani nhai hai….jo mere sath aur meri team ke saathn hua hai wo hi bataya hai……..i have all the reality with proof…….

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