Vestige Marketing Business Plan – How to Start & Earn Millions

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is one among the rare Indian MLM Companies which works at the international level. Vestige Marketing is also known as Myvestige.

Vestige started in 2004 and their slogan is “Wealth through Wellness”. The only competition to Amway India is Vestige. Vestige is one of the top 100 MLM companies according to revenue. And the Vestige Turnover has crossed 194 Million USD annually.


In the Indian Network Marketing Industry, Vestige is a shining name. More than 1 million people are part of this company.

Now the customer can purchase vestige products online, not only on the vestige official website but also on Amazon, Flipkart.

In this post, we are going to overview Vestige Marketing Private Limited closely. And we will check Vestige Business Plan, Vestige Products, Vestige Income Plan, Competition, History and last Vestige pros and cons.

Vestige Company Profile

Company Identify NumberU51909DL2004PTC126738
Started On02, June 2004
DirectorKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali
ProductsHealth Care
Personal Care
Home Appliance

Vestige History

Vestige started in the year 2004, with 3 director Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood and Gautam Bali.


Gautam Bali, Managing Director of MyVestige is a popular entrepreneur. Apart from Vestige, Gautam is also the director of 16 other companies.

Gautam is also well known for his motivational speech.

In the beginning, Vestige had very few products. But now vestige products list includes the number of products form different categories including health care, personal care, agriculture and more.

Vestige Business Plan

The vestige Business plan is also similar to other MLM companies.

Any person from any caste, sex, age, religion, background, and qualification can join the Vestige Business Plan.

In MLM Company, Qualification doesn’t matter, but to get success in an MLM company person needs various skills like Communication, leadership, and Recruitment skills.

So, let’s move to how to start Vestige Business.

How to Join Vestige?

Vestige currently doesn’t have an online joining option. So joining through your nearest branch is the only option.

If you are 18+ then contact any existing vestige direct sellers. By using there sponsored ID, you will get join in their downline.

You required legal identity proof and bank account details to receive payments.

Here I recommend to join only a trustable upline, who can teach you more about MLM Business and who believes in teamwork.

Vestige doesn’t take any joining fees. But, you have to purchase products minimum of 30 PV which is around 1000 Rs. (We Will discuss PV in Income Plan Section.)

After joining and purchase of 30 PV products, a person becomes Direct Seller of Vestige which is even called Vestige Associates or Distributor.

How to earn from Vestige?

To earn money from vestige, a direct seller needs to accomplish two jobs. Products Purchase and Recruitment.

Products Purchase

Purchasing Products from vestige is also part of earning.

Every vestige direct seller gets products at a lower price than MRP which is called Distributor Price. And on every purchase, direct sellers earn PV (Point Volume) and BV (Business Volume).

The PV and BV get accumulated and a separate earning is calculated.

And When a Direct Seller purchase products at Distributor Price and sell the product at MRP then Direct Seller earn retail profits.


For Example, A direct seller purchase Vestige toothpaste at 100 Rs distributor price and earn 20BV.

Now he sells toothpaste at MRP 120 Rs, then 20 rs is his retail profit and later earned 20 BV will also get converted into an earning.


Recruitment is a prominent source of income in Every MLM Company.

Recruitment includes building a large downline which called network. And here network marketing starts.


A Direct Seller has to recruit new direct sellers in their downline. And motivate these direct sellers to recruit more direct sellers.

Together recruitment purchasing products is vital. Because MLM never pay money on only recruiting direct sellers. Direct Sellers get paid, when their downline purchase products.

As we discussed earlier, on every purchase Direct Sellers earn few PV and BV. This PV and BV of downline help upline to earn money.

For example, Suraj joins Vestige as a Direct Seller. Now his two friends Shaym and Pratik join Vestige in his downline. On joining of Shyam and Pratik, Suraj will not get any earning.

But when Shyam and Pratik Purchase Vestige products in bulk, then only Suraj will earn money from his downline.

Because when Shyam and Pratik purchase products, they earn BV and at the same time, Suraj earn GBV (Group Business Volume). That GBV is leadership Bonus in Vestige, about which we will discuss ahead.

Income Plan

Vestige has 7 types of Income.

  • Saving On Consumption
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus
  • Director Bonus
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus
  • Car Fund
  • House Fund
  • Travel Fund

We will understand one after another. If you want to read the vestige income plan in more detail download the below PDF. (Source: myvestige.com)

Saving On Consumption

You can also call it a retail profit which is 10% to 20% on every product. Vestige Direct Sellers get products at Distributor Price, which is lower than MRP.

If Direct Seller sells the product at MRP, they get direct retail profit in their pockets.

Retail Profit = MRP – Distributor Price

Accumulative Performance Bonus

Accumulative Performance Bonus depends on Personal BV and PV earn.

BV and PV are fixed on every product of Vestige. You can check BV and PV of Vestige’s product price list by clicking the below link.

For example, Vestige 100 Rs one Toothpaste pack gives 60 BV on purchase. A person purchases 100 toothpaste packs than his BV will be 600. Till 8000 BV, the performance bonus is 5%.

5% of 600 BV is 30 Rs, So the person is earning 30 Rs performance bonus on 1000 Rs product purchase.

You can check the below chart to understand the performance bonus on different levels of BV and PV.

Source: myvestige.com

Director Bonus

After completing 1,60,016 BV Products Purchase in Vestige, Direct Seller become Bronze Director and Director Bonus start.

When someone in the downline becomes director, then the Direct Seller becomes Silver Director. The following are different levels of directors.

  • Bronze Director
  • Silver Director
  • Gold Director
  • Star Director
  • Diamond Director
  • Crown Director
  • Double Crown Director
  • Universal Crown Director
  • Double Universal Crown Director

Director Bonus is calculated by the following formula.

Director Bonus (in Rs) = DB (Director Bonus Point Value) x Points x 18

DB Point Value is calculated by the below formula. Monthly PV is the total PV earned by all directors.

DB Point Value = 14% of company’s monthly PV / Total DB Point Collected

Points in Director Bonus is calculated by

PGPV (Personal Group Point Value) x Fixed %.

Fixed % get decrease from top to down in downline. You can check the below chart, max fixed % is 6 and goes up to 0.5%. PGBV of each level of downline is calculated separately and then get add.

source: myvestige.com

Leadership Overriding Bonus

LOB starts when a direct seller reaches to Silver Director levels. But only when the minimum PV is 40 and GPV is above 5,625.

source: myvestige.com

The formula for calculating LOB income is

LOB Point Value = 15% of Company’s Monthly PV / Total LOB Points collected

Travel Fund, Car Fund & House Fund

Car Travel, Travel Fund, and House Fund are 5%, 3%, and 3% respectively.

They all are calculated by point sharing system. Travel Fund is for the Silver directors and above. The car fund is for Star Directors and above. And last House fund is for Crown Director and above.

Travel Fund Point = 3% of company’s monthly PV / Total Travel Fund Points Collected

Car Fund Point = 5% of company’s monthly PV / Total Car Fund Points Collected

House Fund Point = 3% of company’s monthly PV / Total House Fund Points Collected


Products are the backbone of every Direct Selling Company. If products are

  • Best in Quality
  • Reasonable in Price
  • and Demanding

then the interest of Customer and Direct Sellers increase towards the company.

When we talk about Vestige Products, without any doubt they are far better than most of other Indian MLM Companies.

Vestige Products are also less in price compared to Amway, Herbalife, Oriflame, Tupperware, and other international network marketing companies.

But at the same time, vestige products are slightly overpriced.

For example, Vestige 100 gms toothpaste packets MRP is 75 Rs and most common toothpaste Colgate Strong Teeth‘s price is 49 Rs for 100 gms.

Vestige Products

Vestige Products List contain health care, personal care, agriculture, home care products. Vestige Noni capsules and Vestige Spirulina are few popular vestige products.

Vestige Pros and Cons

There are various advantages and disadvantages of Vestige.

Vestige Advantages

  • Vestige is one among leading MLM Company in India.
  • Truly products based and good quality products
  • Solid Company Support
  • Various Learning opportunity

Vestige Disadvantages

Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway

Vestige, Modicare, and Amway are the tough competition of each other.

First of all, their product range overlaps with each other and all of them have grown together in India.

I have already written a deep comparison of Vestige vs Modicare vs Amway. So, you can read that post to know, which MLM Company is best in India.

Vestige Apps

Vestige has launched a few apps, which are extremely helpful for every vestige direct seller.

These apps names are

Apps launch by vestige can be used to find the nearest branch, online training, check earning and payouts, company updates, and much more.

Vestige Catalogue

PDF Catalogues are now an important marketing tool. Avon, Herbalife, Forever Livings, Tiens and most of the leading MLM Companies publish their catalogue on a regular basis.

Vestige also publishes their Catalogue in Hindi and English both languages.

Catalogue provides more details about new launch products and products mentioned in the catalogue.

Anyone can download Vestige Catalogue, by clicking the below link.


Q. Does vestige take any joining fees?

Vestige does not take any joining fees.

Q. 30 PV Purchase is compulsory in vestige?

Ans. Yes, every direct seller has to make a purchase of a minimum of 30 PV. After 30 PV purchase, one can start doing the vestige business.

Q. There is any Vestige Product return policy?

Ans. Every direct seller can return vestige products within 30 days. Read Vestige Refund Policy.

Q. Vestige is illegal and Fraud?

Ans. Many newcomers assume, that MLM Companies like vestige is illegal. Vestige is a legal MLM company which is one among legal direct selling company in India.

Q. Vestige is an Indian Company?

Ans. Yes, Vestige is an Indian MLM Company, started by Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, and Gautam Bali in the year 2004.

Q. Should I join Vestige or Not?

Ans. If you want to start MLM Business, then vestige is a great option in India. But MLM is not everyone’s cup of tea. 99.96% MLM participants lose their money, So take your decision wisely because of its all about career, money and precious time. MLM requires extremely trained marketing, communication, leadership, and public presenting skills.

Q. Vestige is better than Amway?

Ans. Personally, I believe vestige is far better than Amway for Indian Market. Vestige threshold purchase amount is around 1000 Rs and in Amway, the threshold amount is around 7000 Rs. And last Amway’s products are too expensive. You can even read Vestige vs Amway vs Modicare post, to know more.


I hope our post on Vestige Marketing Business Plan is beneficial for you. Vestige Products make Vestige better than other MLM Companies.

If you have any queries, you are free to comment below. Thank you.


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  1. hi I am study in south Africa I want join ur company but I want to know how can I get this products in south Africa

    1. Hello Sir……….. I am Haresh here from Ahmedababd………
      Sir, I hold the post of Dy. Section Officer in Government and as well as run this business…………and believe me this is great Platform where we can show our Leadership and earn a huge income…….

      This Company has great vision, Income plan and internationally popular products…….there are some friends in South Africa and I want to start the business with them but still i have not approached them. If you get ready to work with me and my team, I would like to work with you…….. moreover, i will put my friends’ IDs in your downline…….. so you will get the fast start of this business……..

      So far as getting the products concerned in South Africa, the company has started in Ghana recently and in short time company will operate from other places in South Africa also………….and second thing is that, i will provide the products by the way of courier……. So please think about it…………

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    1. Suppose my self pv is 0 & group pv 200 in a single month…i am asking to you that will i receive any amount from vestige to my linked bank account?

  2. Manoranjan Ganta

    Hello Sir, i just want to know one thing that if i purchased some products and got 30 pv for the first time and i fail to make a team under me but i keep purchasing products will i be given any pv ?

  3. Vestige or ok life care which is best.
    I m already associated with vestige but I have face challenge with repurchase due to higher price.

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