Vestige Marketing Business Plan – Honest Review

Vestige Marketing Private Limited also known as Vestige. It is one of the top Indian MLM companies which operates at the international level.

Vestige is started in 2004 and its slogan is Wealth Through Wellness. Vestige is one of the top 30 global MLM companies according to revenue. Vestige’s annual turnover is more than 1500 crores.

Vestige has over 1 million active distributors in India, which shows how huge this company is.

In this post, I am going to review Vestige closely. And we will know about Vestige’s marketing business, products, income plan and at last pros & cons of joining Vestige.


I will also answer the question, Should You Join Vestige?

Vestige Marketing Business

Vestige is started in 2004 by 3 individuals Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood and Gautam Bali.


Vestige is functioning in India, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Thailand, Bahrain and UAE.

Many people think Vestige is an MLM company, hence it’s a scam. But in reality, direct selling (MLM) is a legal business model in most countries including India.

Vestige follows direct selling guidelines 2016 and direct selling rules 2021 issued by the Indian government. Hence it is a legal direct selling company.

Anyone can join Vestige as a distributor (direct seller) and earn commission based on personal and downline product sales. Vestige is different from Pyramid and Ponzi schemes which offer recruitment-based commission.

Here, I don’t want to justify misleading claims usually MLM leaders make. MLM is not a quick-rich scheme, therefore be careful with extraordinary earnings and product claims made by some MLM promoters.

Company Profile

Year Started02, June 2004
DirectorsKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Home Appliance

How Does Vestige Work?

Vestige has a long-range of daily use products, whose sales generate income for distributors.

Basically, distributors have to perform 2 major tasks.

Product Purchase & Sells

Vestige provides its products to distributors at a lower price than MRP called DP (Distributor Price).


Distributors have to purchase these products, either they can consume these products or sell to customers, to get the retail commissions.


The most challenging task is, recruiting new active distributors who purchase and sell Vestige products. Basically, a person has to build a network of customers and distributors in the downline.


Remember, the distributors do not get any commission on recruitment. But product purchase made by downline offers commission to the upline.

Joining Vestige

People from any caste, sex, age, religion and qualification can join the Vestige as a distributor, but presentation and marketing skills are vital to earn from it.

Vestige currently doesn’t have an online joining option. So joining through an existing distributor or the nearest Vestige branch are two available options.

A person must be 18+ with legal identity proofs and bank account details are required during registration.

The distributor under whom you join Vestige will be called Upline and when you will recruit new people, they will be your Downline.

Following Direct Selling Rules, Vestige doesn’t take any joining fees. But, distributors have to purchase products of 30 PV which is around 1000 Rs.

To maintain active distributor rank and certain incomes, monthly product repurchase is also required.


Products are the backbone of every direct selling company.


Vestige has 200+ products in their portfolio of different categories such as FMCG, agriculture, wellness, appliance and personal care, such as Vestige Spirulina, Noni Capsule, Flax Oil Capsule.

You can check the complete Vestige products price list, by visiting the below link.

Vestige offers a 30-day product return policy, where packed products can return to get a 100% refund.

There are very few MLM companies that provide quality products at affordable prices and Vestige is doing that.

As per products, Vestige is far better than its foreign competitors such as Amway, Herbalife and Forever Living. Sametime, Vestige has also suppressed its Indian competition Modicare, RCM and Mi Lifestyle.

Still, one major drawback is that Vestige products are slightly overpriced than the retail market.

vestige modicare amway products
Product NameDentassure ToothpasteFresh Moments ToothpasteGlister™ Multi Action ToothpasteColgate Strong Teeth Toothpaste
MRP (Pack Size)75rs (100gm)48rs (100gm)270rs (190gm)75rs (150gm)
Cost per 100gm75rs48rs142rs50rs

Compensation Plan

Vestige has 10 types of incentives for distributors.

  1. Saving On Consumption
  2. Performance Bonus
  3. Bronze Director Bonus
  4. Business Building Bonus
  5. Team Building Bonus
  6. Leadership Overriding Bonus
  7. Travel Fund
  8. Car Fund
  9. House Fund
  10. Elite Club Bonus

You will not get all your income at the beginning. Most incomes have certain criteria to achieve them.

Saving On Consumption

Vestige offers products to its distributors at 10 to 20% discounts. This discount will be called saving on self-consumption and retail commission if products are sold to other customers.

Residuals Incomes

As the compensation plan is large to explain and understand, we are not covering it in this post.

To understand all other Vestige incomes in-depth, please refer to the below video. Watch it for only informational purposes and don’t get into the promotion.

You can also understand the same compensation plan in Hindi as well from the below link.

Vestige Review

Hope the above explanation helped you to know about Vestige MLM business, products and compensation plan. Now I will share my personal review about it.

Let’s start with some advantages of Vestige.

Vestige Advantages

  • Affordable & Quality products
  • Anyone can join it
  • Leading MLM company in India
  • Operating for the last 2 decades
  • Improvise marketing & interpersonal skills

Vestige is far better then most other MLM companies present in India. Many popular top MLM earners and leaders like Sonu Sharma and Siddharth Singh are part of it.

Vestige Disadvantages

But being an MLM, which is a controversial business concept, Vestige has some disadvantages too.

Should I join Vestige or Not?

If you are keen to participate in MLM, then Vestige is a good option, cause of the product range, quality and pricing they offer.

But MLM is not everyone’s cup of tea. 99.6% of MLM participants lose their money in buying MLM products. MLM asks for extraordinary marketing and convincing skills to make income out of it.

As it doesn’t have a fixed salary option, it takes around 3-4 years to earn a decent regular income from an MLM company like Vestige. As distributors need to build large customer and downline networks.

So take your decision wisely because it’s all about your career, money, and precious time.


Does vestige take any joining fees?

Vestige does not take any joining fees, but regular product purchases are required to be an active distributor.

30 PV product purchase is compulsory in Vestige?

Yes, every distributor has to make a purchase of a minimum of 30 PV. After 30 PV purchases, one can start promoting Vestige products.

Vestige is illegal and fraud?

As network marketing is a legal concept in India, Vestige is a legal entity and it is not a money-circulation scheme.

Vestige is an Indian company?

Yes, Vestige is an Indian MLM company, started by Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood and Gautam Bali in the year 2004.

Vestige is better than Amway?

Personally, I believe Vestige is far better than Amway for Indian market. Amway’s products are too expensive and various reasons to keep Vestige above. You can even read our Vestige vs Amway vs Modicare post, to learn more.

I hope our post on Vestige Marketing Business Plan is beneficial for you. If you have any queries, you are free to comment below. Thank you.


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    • Hello Sir……….. I am Haresh here from Ahmedababd………
      Sir, I hold the post of Dy. Section Officer in Government and as well as run this business…………and believe me this is great Platform where we can show our Leadership and earn a huge income…….

      This Company has great vision, Income plan and internationally popular products…….there are some friends in South Africa and I want to start the business with them but still i have not approached them. If you get ready to work with me and my team, I would like to work with you…….. moreover, i will put my friends’ IDs in your downline…….. so you will get the fast start of this business……..

      So far as getting the products concerned in South Africa, the company has started in Ghana recently and in short time company will operate from other places in South Africa also………….and second thing is that, i will provide the products by the way of courier……. So please think about it…………

      Thanking you………..take care

  1. Hello Sir, i just want to know one thing that if i purchased some products and got 30 pv for the first time and i fail to make a team under me but i keep purchasing products will i be given any pv ?

  2. Vestige or ok life care which is best.
    I m already associated with vestige but I have face challenge with repurchase due to higher price.

  3. Sir me tamilnadu rahati hi or mere upline Hyderabad me Hume Tamil nahi aati or yaha hum kisi ko jaante bhi nahi to hum kese business ko build kare


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