Vestige Product Catalogue PDF Download 2023

Vestige is a Legal Indian Direct Selling company, often known as MyVestige or Vestige Marketing Private Limited, which works internationally.

Vestige is one of the best MLM companies and a prime competitor of international direct selling companies such as Amway, Herbalife, and Forever Livings.

We have written an in-depth comparison between Vestige, Modicare, and Amway India which you can read by clicking the below link.

Mr. Gautam Bali, the founder and current Managing Director of Vestige, is accelerating the company towards growth.

In this post, firstly, we will discuss a few details regarding the Vestige company profile and its business plan. Lastly, there is a download button to download the latest Vestige Product Catalogue.


Vestige Company Profile

Company Identify NumberU51909DL2004PTC126738
Started On02, June 2004
DirectorKanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood, Gautam Bali
ProductsHealth Care, Personal Care, Agriculture, Home Appliance

Vestige Business Plan

Any person from any caste, sex, age, religion, background, and qualification can join the Vestige and start earning.

If you are 18+, you can join through any of the existing Direct Sellers. By using their sponsored ID, you will be able to join their downline. But it is suggested to join after understanding the pros and cons of Vestige Business.

As per the Vestige Business Plan, you need to purchase a minimum of 30 PV, i.e., around Rs 1000. With this, you become a Direct Seller of Vestige, also known as Vestige Associate or Distributor.

After joining Vestige, Direct Seller has to perform two tasks. The total earning of every Direct Seller depends on these two major tasks.

1. Products Selling

If a person joins Vestige as Direct Seller, he/she has to sell Vestige products. Vestige products list includes personal care, home care, and agricultural products. On each successive sell, Direct Seller earns fix retail profit. The following formula can calculate the retail profit.

Retail Profit = Product MRP – Product Price for Distributor

2. Recruitment

To earn more money from Vestige, Direct Seller needs to add a new Direct Seller in his downline. When a person from the downline makes any purchase, the upline member also gets a part of the commission.

Recruitment is a way to earn passive income.

Vestige Apps

Vestige has released 4 mobile apps, and all are used for different purposes. The names of the apps are:

These apps help distributors to do direct selling business with ease.

Vestige Products Catalogue

Vestige Product List includes various popular products such as Flax Oil Capsule, Spirulina, and Noni capsules from different categories.

Vestige updates the product catalog regularly. The product catalog describes newly launched products, featuring products and all products mentioned in the Vestige product price list.

Vestige products catalog can be used as a marketing tool where Direct Seller can attract customers by showing off products with the right details.

To Download Vestige Products Catalogue PDF, click on the below download button.



We hope this post was useful for you, and you were able to download the PDF of Vestige Products Catalogue. If you have any questions regarding our post, you are free to comment below.

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