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IMC is among fast-growing Indian MLM Companies. IMC incorporated in the year 2013 and launched their first official app on play store on 29, October 2015. IMC first app name is IMC Business Application.

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IMC Business App offers various features that are extremely useful for the IMC Direct Seller / Distributor.

In this post, we will overview the IMC Business Application and check its significance. You can skip the mid part if you just want to Download Latest IMC Business Application.

International Marketing Corporation

IMC full form is International Marketing Corporation. And IMC refers to International Marketing Corporation Private Limited company. The IMC managing director is Satyan Bhatia and the director is Ashok Bhatia.

IMC is registered from Chandigarh and also an IDSA member. IMC products list have Health Care, personal care, home care, and Agriculture products.

When IMC distributor buys IMC products they get products at a price less than MRP. And fixed BV on products that are used to calculate the other IMC income.

Anyone can join IMC, they just have to fill joining form with the help of any existing Associates or Distributors.

IMC Apps

IMC have launched three apps on play store.

  • IMC Business Application
  • IMCRadio
  • IMC QR Code Scanner

IMC Business Application is most useful app among all these apps for IMC Direct sellers.

IMC Business Application

About IMC Business Application

  • Released on 29, October 2015 at Play Store.
  • IMC Business App size around 4 MB.
  • Downloaded by more than 10 lakh users.
  • Rated 4.5 stars by 6,000+ users.

IMC Business Application Uses

  • Users can check their BV and Downline status.
  • Provide information about the company and IMC Outlets in India.
  • Gives notification about IMC Meetings, Events, News and Updates.
  • It can be used to BV Transfer.
  • Provide personal accounts and purchase details.

Download IMC Business Application

To download the latest IMC Business Application version, just click on the below button. You will redirect to the play store and then click Install.


About IMC Radio App

  • Released on 17, November 2017 at Play Store.
  • IMCRadio size around 9 MB.
  • Downloaded by more than 1 lakh users.
  • Rated 4.7 stars by 700+ users.

IMCRadio App Uses

  • Registered IMCRadio app user can listen to live IMC Events.
  • Past IMC events also can be download by this app.

Download IMCRadio App

To download latest version of IMCRadio app, click on the below download button.

IMC QR Code Scanner

About IMC OR Code Scanner

  • Released on 31, March 2018 at Play Store.
  • IMC QR Code Scanner size around 8 MB.
  • Downloaded by more than 1000 users.
  • Rated 4.5 stars by 21+ users.

IMC QR Code Scanner App uses

  • IMC QR Code Scanner app is used to scan the IMC Events ticket.
  • Registered users can check IMC event ticket validity by using this app.
  • The authorized person from the company only can use this app.
  • Only QR code generated by IMC can Scan by this app.

Download IMC QR Code Scanner

So, this app is not for all. If you are willing to download it, click on the below download button.


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IMC Business Apps are vital for every IMC Associates and Distributor. Nowadays everywhere apps make our work easy, So everyone must use them.

If you have any query regarding IMC Business apps you can comment below.

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