Forever Living Marketing Plan Review: Opportunity or Scam?

Forever Living Products is one of the most popular MLM companies worldwide, that sells products prepared out of Aloe Vera and Bee Hive.

FLP has various products for health, nutrition, and cosmetics such as Forever Argi+ and Forever C Plus. FLP also claims to have the largest aloe vera plant in the world.

FLP Marketing Plan

This post is an honest review of Forever Living. Here we will go through Forever Living’s marketing business plan, company profile, and products.

So let’s start without any further ado.

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products is a product-based MLM company that started in Arizona, USA.

An American businessman, Rex Maughan is the founder of Forever Living Products.

FLP was established in the year 1978 and now it has spread over 160 countries. FLP MLM business plan is also popular in India.

Rex Maughan,

On 25 January 2011, FLP was incorporated under MCA in India and for now, it is one of the legal direct selling companies following direct selling guidelines.

FLP India’s head office is in Mumbai. It is IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) member company.

FLP Company Profile

Registration Date25 January 2011
Email[email protected]

Forever Business Plan

Being an MLM company, FLP allows every person to join and earn money through their marketing plan.

There are 3 options to join FLP.

  • Customers: They are regular customers who purchase products from FLP for personal use.
  • Preferred Customers: Preferred Customers get 15% discounts on FLP products.
  • FBO: People associated with FLP as distributors are known as FBO i.e. Forever Business Owner.

FBO gets the product at a 30% discount and has the privilege to build a business with FLP.

During joining, FBO has to do product purchase of 2 CC to get the title of Assistant Supervisor.

The value of 2 CC in FLP India is around 30,000 rupees.

Similar to other MLM companies, FLP FBO has to perform 2 major tasks.

1. Product Retailing

FLP offers its products to FBO at a discounted price. FBO has to sell these products to customers at MRP and earn retail commissions.


Retail Commission varies as per product. More sale leads to more commission.

2. Recruitment

The second and most important task is of recruiting people.

Existing FBOs need to recruit new FBOs in the downline. Whenever downline FBOs make product purchase, upline gets some commission.


Remember, only recruitment doesn’t offer commission. As per direct selling rules, commissions from MLM companies should be based on product sales made by self and downline distributors.

FLP Products

As stated earlier, most of the products of Forever Living are based on aloe vera cultivation and bee-keeping. The product range mainly includes Health, Nutrition and Personal Care products.

The best-selling product of FLP is Aloe Vera Gel with an MRP of ₹1,728 for a liter pack.

forever living products

FLP promises to provide the best quality products but their products are expensive like most other MLM companies. The main reason behind being expensive is that the company has to pay the commission to a network of FBOs on each sale.

To get further details of other FLP products, you can check the Forever Living Products List PDF.

FLP provides 30 days product return policy with full refunds to customers and preferred customers.

Whilst, FBO has a 12-months product return policy on packed products with a 100% refund allowance.

Personally, I felt its huge advantages for FLP distributors, but most are unaware of this return policy.

FLP Income Plan

Now let us have look at FLP Income Plan which is also called Compensation Plan.

It explains when and how much FBO will get paid from FLP.

CC Meaning

CC is an important part of the FLP Income Plan. It stands for Company Currency. The name itself suggests that it is the currency unit of FLP.

1 CC in FLP is around 15,000 rupees. Every FLP product has a fixed CC, which is used to extract the income of FBO.

You can get the details of CC on each product in the Forever Living Products Catalog.

Types of Income

Forever Living Product assures to provide 10 types of income.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Personal Bonus
  3. Volume Bonus
  4. Leadership Bonus
  5. Gem Bonus
  6. Earned Incentive Bonus (Car Plan)
  7. Profit Sharing
  8. Personal Development
  9. Exotic Vacation
  10. Special Promotion

Remember, FBOs do not get all the income initially. Some criteria are required to be fulfilled to get most of the FLP incomes.

Retail Profit

The very first income provided by FLP is the Retail Profit.

FLP offers different discount percentages on products to the distributors depending upon their level.

As a result, the distributors get the product at a lower price than MRP.

The difference between the discounted price and MRP can be called Retail Profit.

Retail Profit = MRP – Distributor Price

FLP Levels

FLP has designed different levels for FBO, which also can be called Rank.

The below table shows you, different bonus percentages based on rank achieved.

RankCC RequiredProduct DiscountPersonal Bonus
Preferred Customer15%15%
Assistant Supervisor2 CC30% + 5%15% + 5%
Supervisor25 CC30% + 8%15% + 8%
Assistant Manager75 CC30% + 13%15% + 13%
Manager120 CC30% + 18%15% + 18%

We are not explaining all incomes in-depth in this post.

Forever Living Review

Hope the above explanation is enough to understand Forever Living and its product marketing business plan.

Forever Living is a legitimate direct selling company. But it has overpriced products, which is a major disadvantage of it.

No doubt, FLP products look premium and have decent quality, but considering the Indian market, products are not affordable to most Indians.

Vestige, Modicare and Mi Lifestyle like MLM companies allow you to start a business with less than 5,000 rupees. While, FLP distributors are enforced to make the first purchase of 30,000 rupees and achieve Assistant Supervisor rank.

Should I join FLP?

It completely depends on you. First of all, clearly understand the MLM and the FLP business plan. Examine and review Forever Living Products at the personal level.

Then you need to work on your marketing, communication, and presentation skills which are important to convince people to buy products and join in the downline.

Before taking any decision, keep in mind that you can’t earn decent regular income from any MLM company including FLP for a period of 4 to 5 months. In MLM, you have to form your team which requires the time of 3 to 4 years of extremely hard work.

Additionally, the success rate of MLM is just 0.4%. MLM is for everyone, but everyone is not for MLM.

Don’t make a decision of greed or by just getting motivation from others. Do proper research by yourself, make sure will you be able to work as per situation and decide wisely.

Forever Living FAQ

Is FLP a fraud company?

No, FLP is a legit product-based direct selling company working legally under MCA and as per direct selling guidelines.

How to join FLP?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join FLP. Aadhar and Pan Card are required to be submitted at the time of joining. One can either register through FLP’s mobile app or contact an existing FBO.

What is the meaning of CC in FLP?

CC means Company Currency, It is a currency unit of FLP. It is used to determine the individual’s income where 1 CC equals around 15,000 rupees.

Is it necessary to buy a product from FLP?

Yes, to work as an FBO in FLP, it is necessary to purchase products.

How much can I earn from FLP?

The earnings entirely depend on you and the size and activeness of your team. It usually requires hard work of 3 to 4 years to get success in MLM.

Is the FLP product good?

The FLP products are good in terms of quality but are priced higher than the regular market products. This is common in most MLM companies such as Amway, Herbalife, Modicare, etc.

Can I return FLP products?

Yes, under the Direct Selling Guidelines, FLP products can be returned within 30 days and money will be refunded by the company.


10 thoughts on “Forever Living Marketing Plan Review: Opportunity or Scam?”

  1. You always have to work hard and be dedicated no matter which company or association you are working with , you can’t gain something big by doing nothing in return , everyone who wants to get successful needs to work-hard and harder at every level and it obiously takes time to become a successful bussines men/women nothing comes for free…………….if you want to join an MLM company you need to have an open mind only then you can actually achieve something good and big. Your mindset is what makes you successful MLM are the best options for someone who wants to earn just by sitting at home.

  2. If you are reading this comment , hopefully you are either new in FLP( Forever) or about to join.
    I will strictly recommend you to Learn and Examine yourself. FLP is a huge platform which requires proper knowledge and skills. Many of the people join this business to get rich quicker without any key skill and they fail.
    Yes , FLP is not a scam. But some uneducated people present FLP in wrong manner which seems scam or false.
    If you want to build your career and have a long term vision you can happily join this business. All it needs is your hard work and patience. Go with the marketing plans and strategies as guided by your seniors .


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