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Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an Indian Legal Direct Selling Company, that started a few years back & is currently on the boom. 

mi lifestyle business plan pdf

In this post, we will discuss the MI Lifestyle Business Plan followed by the Download PDF button. Before moving to Business Plan, we will have few details regarding Mi Lifestyle.

What is Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt Ltd?

Mi Lifestyle is one of the product-based MLM companies, started on 13 August 2013 with directors named ” Mohammed Omar Arshak Jawhar ” and ” Vitatobha Suresh “. The Mi Lifestyle is registered from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Mi Lifestyle is a member company of FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Association). 


How to join Mi Lifestyle?

To join Mi lifestyle as a Direct Seller, you must visit the official site of Mi Lifestyle and fill the ” Distributor Application Form “. 

To fill this form, you require the ID and name of a sponsor along with your complete information, including the bank account and the nominee’s information.

It is mandatory to have a pan card and you must be at least 18 years of age. You may take the help of any Mi Lifestyle existing distributors to help you in joining.

It is suggested to follow the Indian Direct Selling Guidelines while working with any MLM company.

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan

If we discuss working of Mi Lifestyle, after joining, the Direct Seller has to perform two major tasks. The total earning of every Direct Seller depends on these two major tasks.

1. Products Selling

When a person joins Mi Lifestyle as a Direct Seller, he/she has to purchase the company products and sell them further. On each successive sell, the Direct Seller earns a fixed amount of retail profit. The following formula can calculate the retail profit.

Retail Profit = Product MRP – Product Price for Distributor

2. Recruitment

Not only purchasing and selling products but building an active Downline is also a plus. i.e. the Direct Seller needs to add a new Direct Seller in the downline to earn passive income. When a person from the downline makes any purchase, the upline member also gets a part of the commission.

Mi Lifestyle Incomes

There are mainly 9 types of income according to the Mi Lifestyle Compensation Plan.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Sales Turnover Bonus (Weekly Payout)
  3. Rank Income (Monthly Payout)
  4. Performance Bonus (Monthly Payout)
  5. Star Performance Bonus (Monthly Payout)
  6. Loyalty Bonus (Monthly Payout)
  7. Royalty Income (Monthly Payout)
  8. NTC Bonus (Monthly Payout)
  9. Awards and Rewards
Mi Lifestyle Income Plan

Source: www.milifestylemarketing.com

Mi Lifestyle Products

The Mi Lifestyle Products Price List includes more of the element category products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, on and on Nutrilite powder, and many more.

It provides the Direct Seller an opportunity of getting a regular customer base.

Mi Lifestyle Business Plan PDF

If you wish to have the Business Plan PDF on your device click the below button to start the download.

Source: kamleshpanchal.in


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  1. Direct selling play a significant role in every normal person life if he do it seriously aa part time or full time as per his requirement . It can change his life on 360° and make a person from Ordinary to extraordinary . After covid 19 situation are favourable for direct selling and noe every person want to increase his immunity power and some direct selling companies products can fulfils this and increase immunity power and not only health but wealth also because direct selling work health and wellness and direct selling is the only way to increase his wealth with Health. So every person who’s age between 20 to 45 must do it and take it as a self business and feel like businessman.
    Jai Hind Jai Milifestyle
    Amit Sharma
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