Vestige Company Fake or Real? Honest Review

In this post, we are going to give a detailed answer to the question, “Is Vestige Fake or Real”. This question often asked when a person first time knows about Vestige Marketing Private Limited from their family, friends or colleagues.

In the first impression, many people think that Vestige Business Plan is a fraud. But no doubt, Vestige is one among the list of legal direct selling companies in India and leading MLM company.

So here we will review Vestige Business Plan & Products. And check the Pros & Cons of Vestige Marketing Private Limited. And at the end, we have added some frequently asked questions.

Vestige Fake Or Real?

There are several pros and cons of joining an MLM company like the Vestige. But before that, one should be clear about What MLM is actually about. 


Because many people don’t even know what is MLM & Direct Selling. Hence many invest time and money in any random company and hope for good returns.

Before we move to the pros & cons, you have to keep in mind that, getting success in MLM is one of the hardest jobs to do. So that the myth of getting rich quickly from MLM gets out of your mind.

Benefits of Vestige

Vestige is an MLM company and 99% fail in it. But there are also some advantages of Vestige MLM business. Let us know them first.


Products are the most prominent reason for joining Vestige over other MLM companies. If you are sure to put your leg in the MLM industry, then you must compare any other MLM company’s product ones with the vestige.


Vestige has a range of product and their prices are reasonable compared to any other MLM company.

Vestige is also known as Indian Amway, but when we look at product pricing, Vestige always superior over Amway.

You can compare the Vestige Products Price List & Amway Products Price List.

Joining Amount 

According to Direct Selling Guidelines 2016. No MLM company is allowed to take initial joining fees. 

But instead of joining-fees, every MLM company now has set a threshold amount of which every consumer has to take the product. Otherwise, they can’t start doing business with the company. 

In Vestige, you have to purchase products of 30 PV (Point Volume) which is around 1500 Rs. Most of the other MLM companies like Safe Shop, Glaze India, Naswiz and even Amway bother to purchase products of more than 10,000 Rs.

Market Presence

Vestige was started in the year 2004. Till now it is one among the fastest growing MLM companies in India.

Vestige Market Presence

According to a report published on, Vestige ranked 63 globally for their annual turnover of $ 200 Million and still growing.

Training & Support 

There is no doubt about excellent Training and Support which vestige provides.

They regularly organise seminars and training sessions. 

They have also launched various apps such as Vestige Business App, POS App, and Vestige Best Deals which help their direct sellers in various ways. They even publish their products catalogue on a regular basis which is rare in Indian MLM Companies.

Generation Plan

Generation plan is complex to understand and often called a slow plan. But in various ways, the generation plan is superior over the binary plan.

There is no capping (Payout) limit in the generation plan. The product purchase and repurchase are not fixed in the generation plan.

Most of the fraud product-based pyramid schemes use a binary plan, Hence now it is not convenient to work in a binary plan.

In a binary plan, the income gets extremely affected when a single leg stops growing.

Disadvantages of Vestige

Now let us understand the disadvantages of MLM and Vestige company itself.

Success Rate

Before joining any MLM company, one should know the actual MLM success and failure rate which is inevitable.

Jon-m-taylor mlm research

According to Jon M Taylor’s 15 year-long research, there is only 0.4% of people get success in MLM. 

99.96% of people get failed in Network Marketing and this research is authorized by FTC (Federal Trade Commission is USA Government’s agency).

MLM is top-weighted, people who are at top of the pyramid get most of the payout. So getting success in MLM is harder than cracking IIT exams.

Overpriced Products 

You will get more reasonably priced products in vestige compared to other MLM companies. 


But if you compare vestige products to generally most used traditional market products, then vestige product’s price will be more. Hence every month you have to buy over-priced products and have to forget your favourite brand. But no doubt, Vestige Products are not overpriced as Amway and most of the other MLM Company.

Skills Required

To join MLM Company like vestige, your age, sex, qualification, caste do not matter.

But there few hard skills which extremely required in MLM business. Communication, Marketing, Presentation skills are the most prominent skills you have to learn. After that follow-up, the recruitment process, and many new things you have to learn.

Vestige FAQ

Do Vestige offers a fixed salary?

If you joining vestige as a direct seller, then you can never expect any fixed salary from vestige and any other MLM company. Your income is directly depended on the product purchase made by you and your downline. The purchase varies every month, Hence earning also varies.

How to join Vestige?

To join vestige, you have to contact to any existing direct seller of Vestige. Also, you can visit to complete registration process.

What is Vestige Products Return Policy?

You can return Vestige products within 30 days of purchase, but the product should be in the returnable condition. You can read Vestige Return Policy to know more.

What are alternatives of Vestige company?

There is no doubt, Vestige is one of the leading MLM companies in India. But if you are looking for something else other than Vestige, then several other companies are also present in the Indian MLM industry. Modicare Limited, Mi Lifestyle, RCM are other companies which also have quality products and plan. But make sure, your company should offer you reasonable products for the money you pay.

I hope this post on “Vestige Fake or Real?” is beneficial for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding MLM Company like Vestige Marketing, feel free to comment below.

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  1. 0.04% is very less success rate even upsc is easy than success from joining vestige.
    Thank you for this information.

    • I used some vestige products , than I feel vestige products are really superior to market products, I am not saying every vestige product is superior to market product but which I have used they are really superior.

  2. Can you earn crores of rupees once you become successful in this vestige business ? Do you even get a luxury car in case you succeed ?

  3. Vestige products are of very good quality and are competitive in prices also. The important facts are the discount on purchase, cash back and free gifts on each purchase.

  4. I dont think people should join any kind of mlm company
    Personally i will suggest stay away from amway also ….
    Mlm is fraud ….and help top level people to become more rich …

  5. Thanks sir for ur hard efforts put inorder to explain all the imp and required information and letting everyone know every aspects of the MLM to all who feel like joining can read this ….can really help u out..


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