Top MLM Earners in India 2020 | Highest Network Marketing Income

In this post, we will discuss the top MLM earners in India. Many of our visitors interested to know about the highest earner Network Marketing Leaders in India & Asia. We have already published a list in which we mentioned top Indian MLM Leaders. So most of the highest-earning networkers are from that list.

Indian MLM Industry has faced several ups & down till now. Even various giant MLM Companies getting hunt by “MLM Saturation” and other threats. The industry is full of vagueness and direct sellers rarely afraid to onslaught other companies to promote their company.

Top MLM Earners india

The direct selling guidelines launch by the government are not enough to persuade people to maintain a healthy business environment. Although few MLM leaders and companies promote guidelines, but the frequency of these leaders & companies is very low.

So now come to our topic Top MLM Earners in India who are at the top 0.04% successful people in MLM.

Disclaimer: This post is based on internet research which may have some anomaly. The income shown in the list is not verified by us.

Top MLM Earners in India

Our country has several MLM Leaders with lacs of downline. But it is near to impossible to collect accurate details about MLM leaders from all MLM Companies and their not enough source available to verify the earnings shown on the internet about leaders.

We have tried our best to make this piece of content. We are not giving any specific ranking to leaders and mentioned leaders are the top earner from their respective companies.

Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is the founder of the dynamic India group, motivational speaker and an MLM Leader. Sonu Sharma started his network marketing career with Naswiz Retails in the year 2005. For more than a decade, he was the top earner in the Naswiz Retails.


Sonu Sharma has 2 Million Subscribers on his youtube channel in which his seminar videos are uploaded. Sonu Sharma was the identity of Naswiz Retails till 2019 when he left Naswiz and joined Vestige Business.

Rumors says Vestige bought Sonu Sharma for 48 crores. While Sonu Sharma marked to some internal matter for leaving Naswiz Retails.

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Because of his popularity in the industry, there are thousands of people joined vestige behind him and many of them were from naswiz.

Siddharth Singh

Siddharth Singh started his network marketing career with his mother in 1999 at the age of 21. Before joining the MLM Industry he failed to pursue a job and own audio cassette business. And due to the family financial crisis, MLM was the only option remaining to cope with the situation.

Siddharth Singh tried his best and with one year he got the result of the hard work.

From the beginning, Siddharth Singh and Gautam Bali (founder of vestige) are familiar with each other. So in the year 2004 when Vestige started Siddharth Singh joined and started building networks actively.

In 2017, a video uploaded on YouTube. In which Siddharth Singh was rewarded with 1.68 crores cheque from vestige directors. Siddharth Singh is the highest earner in Vestige Company and Ambassador in Vestige Directors List.


Dr. Surekha Bhargawa

The next name is Dr. Surekha Arun Bhargava. After completing M.Phill & Ph.D., Dr. Surekha Bhargava married to Arun Bhargava. Surekha became a housewife and used to remain busy in doing household works.

But her ambition to live a dream life was alive within her. So around 1996, Surekha Bhargava came to know about MLM Business and joined Modicare Limited.

After pursuing network marketing work actively, she started climbing the ladder of success.

In the year 2005, when her husband was suffering from paralysis due to brain hemorrhage her passive income from the downline helped a lot.

According to a video available on youtube, in 2017 in a Modicare Seminar, Dr. Surekha Bhargawa given a cheque of 80 lacs rupees by company. Surekha Bhargava has also written a book named KALAM SIR KE SUCCESS-PATH.

In Modicare Limited, she is the highest earner and also called MLM Guru Maa.

Surya Sinha

Up next name is of Surya Sinha. He is the highest earner in FLP India. Surya Sinha is a human trainer, writer, and MLM Leader. Surya Sinha has published 15+ books and few of them are on Network Marketing.

At the beginning of his career, he was working in the film industry in Mumbai. But due to some reason he faced a crisis and have to left his work. Later Surya Sinha started living in Delhi and came to know about MLM Business.

He joined MLM Business around the year 2012 and within a few years of joining he become the top leader of FLP and overtake leaders who were working on the same plan for more than a decade.

Surya Sinha actively executes charity as well.

SP Bharil

SP Bharill is another Vestige Top leader who is on the list. He started his network marketing career with Amway India, but due to lack of satisfaction, he left the Amway Plan and joined Vestige Marketing Private Limited.

SP Bharill is a Motivational Speaker, Personality Development Trainer, and a Spiritual Person. He has also written a book named 18 Chapters.

Here is a video of a vestige seminar. In which, SP Bharill has got 59+ lac rupees cheque. SP Bharill is with his family and vestige all three directors.


I hope this post on “Top MLM Earners in India” is helpful for you and your query of “Highest Earning Networker” ends here.

You can also tell us the name of your favorite MLM leaders in the comment section. And if you have any queries or suggestion then you can also comment below.

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    1. Modicare is better than any of the MLM companies including Vestige. Vestige has always buy top leaders of other networking company .. I couldn’t say anything about vestige products ..they may be good , as I never used them… But modicare products are best. Also modicare top earner Surekha Bhargava earns 80 lacs per month and also get a bonus cheque of 5+ crores this year..
      So I think modicare is much better than vestige and other companies

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