Interview of Sarita Raj – MLM Millionaire & Vestige DUCD

Welcome everyone to and this is our second interview for MLM Leader Interview Series.
In this interview, our guest is Sarita Raj Gaddamwar, who is Professional Network Marketer and a Digital MLM Coach. Sarita Raj is Double Universal Crown Director (DUCD), which is top-level in Vestige Network Marketing Company. She is also the top leader of the vestige from the whole south India.

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Sarita Raj Ma’am is in the network marketing industry for the past 12 years and she is an MLM Millionaire. Sarita Ma’am has more than 3 lac networkers in downline from 5 different countries.

After all, when I invoke her for the interview, I found she is really humble and given her precious time for the interview. So without any further ado, let’s get started with our first question.

First of all, Sarita Ma’am, please give a brief introduction of yourself to our readers.

Hello Everyone, My name is Sarita Raj Gaddamwar and I live in Hyderabad.

I am a professional Networker, Founder of Network Marketing Digital Academy and a Digital MLM Coach. Qualifications wise I am an MBA Graduate.

Ma’am, earlier you were working at a good position in an MLM company named Modicare Limited and then you switched to Vestige. What was the reason behind this?

Before Modicare, I already worked with Vestige and reached to an excellent level there. At that time, I was earning a good 6 figure income. But because of some personal and professional network-related issues, I moved to Modicare.

But later, I again went back to Vestige, and now I am a Double Universal Crown Director. The reasons behind these changes are my personal, I didn’t have any issue with any of the company.

Being an MBA graduate to what extent your qualifications helped you to do network marketing business?

After doing MBA, I did a job in firm where I used to do surveys, public-serving and customers relationship buildings. So, I have learned basics from MBA and which obviously helps in Network Marketing or any other business.

Yes, being an MBA graduate, it gives some advantages to do network marketing.

When you started network marketing business, you were a housewife with the responsibility of a kid. What difficulties did you face in the beginning?

Being a woman there is always some expectation with business, family and children, we always try to be the best in every situation. I travel a lot and most of the time, I remain busy with calls.

Many times my child needs me for his project, PTM or even in sickness. So because of continuous work, I can not become a vital part of my children’s lives, but yes I am blessed with a noble family who takes care of my children.

In the end, there is always guilt, mostly my husband goes to every PTM and my son complains that everyone’s else mother comes, but you never.

Most of time other’s opinion and judgment makes me feel guilty, that this woman is running only behind money. But the dream I am fulfilling for my family, the results are paying off and worthy to the sacrifices.

Sarita Ma’am when newbies do prospecting they find that most people around them are negative about MLM. So what is the solution and how newbies can grow their network?

For the newbies, they should make downlines by approaching the right people. Network Marketing is for everyone, but everyone is not for network marketing.

So reach people who are going to be serious about MLM and able to work hard. Because many people are not wanted to approach others, do meetings, ask people to join and work without salary. They find excuses and negativity first.

Therefore tell the right people what actually network marketing is and start working with them.

Ma’am, between plan and product, on what basis beginner should promote MLM and why?

I suggest beginners should promote MLM on the product basis. It will be easy and better that they tell about products of their company to others and promote them.

They can easily share the product’s advantages and quality offered by them. First, serve people with your products and later they can also promote it with the networking plan and provide an opportunity to others.

What is your opinion on big leaders switching MLM companies with their network?

There is nothing wrong with the leaders switching MLM companies. Most of the time leaders are not getting the growth and earning they expect from a company, or maybe some personal reasons.

But the agenda and the actual reason behind change matter most. If the network/downline is also moving with the leaders, the downline should know the actual agenda behind the changes. Changes are good if the change is for welfare of everyone.

If we make the change for only personal profit, greediness or switching for a bribe, then it is wrong.

If the leader’s personal agenda doesn’t get fulfilled by one change, then he or she will again change the company and by this, that leader and network can never achieve success.

Ma’am, you are a digital MLM coach. Is it possible for new direct sellers to grow their business online? Cause lots of people can’t do one-to-one presentation and public speaking.

It is absolutely possible to grow a network marketing business digitally. And I teach both traditional and digital ways to grow in network marketing.

The corona pandemic showed us the importance of online network marketing. We started using the zoom app now for plan and product presentations when seminars and meetings are not possible. I am using this app since long ago when people used to search on YouTube, how to use the zoom app.

Online network marketing has a lot more potential. It saves time and money for traveling and meeting people.

Sarita Ma’am what will be your reaction, if someday your son says, He also want to build career in the network marketing industry.

I will be the happiest person. My son (13 years old) takes interest in network marketing and he knows lots of things about the business plans, products and presentations.

Many times he gives excuses for studying and says to pursue network marketing.

And surely I will be the happiest person if my son joins network marketing.

How much time it took to receive your first cheque from network marketing.

So my first cheque from network marketing was just 153 Rupees. From 153 Rs to 10,000 Rs, it took me around 6 months and I worked consistently to scale it.

How it feel to stand in front of thousand people’s on stage. I have seen you in YouTube videos with many other big leaders. And Please give some tips to cope stage fear?

So there are always butterflies in my tummy when I go to the stage. I also feel pressurized in front of thousands of people. But whenever I spoke, it’s always me and the audience. I consider few points and start speaking and it goes on.

In beginning, I also faced the same issue but practice will make you better at the stage.

You are always on stage for a reason. So consider this reason and start going on. Never compare yourself with others and thinking they are better speakers than me, it is wrong.

How you are looking today and stuttering on stage doesn’t matter. If you are going to perform bad on stage, no one will judge you. So keep going and practice, you will get improved.

There is war-like situation between OK Life Care and Vestige. what is your opinion ma’am?

There is nothing wrong between OK Life Care and Vestige. If you are at the top position, you have to face the competition. And it is common for a new company to target a specific existing company. When vestige was new, they also targeted other existing MLM companies.

The competition is healthy, and it forces companies to do better and share more profit with their respective distributors. The end consumer also gets benefits from this competition.

You have launched a free audio-book on MLM, “Network to Networth”. Please tell us more about it and what was the reason behind doing so.

Network to Networth” includes my 10 years of network marketing experience, which is a guide for everyone who wants to get success in network marketing.

Most people buy books and rarely complete them. So I don’t want the same thing to go with my book. So I made an audiobook. If people are wasting their entire day watching Netflix series, then it is very easy to listen to an audiobook of 1 or 2 hours which will help them learn something new.

So anyone can listen and download “Network to Networth” from my official site,

To Conclude

I hope this interview is knowledgeable, and you got to learn about new things from our top-notch networker Sarita Ma’am. A big thank you to Sarita Ma’am for being a part of this interview. Personally, I also learned lots of things from Sarita Ma’am.

You all can follow and connect to Sarita Ma’am from their social media handles. And don’t forget to listen to the Network to Networth audio-book.

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