Bizgurukul is Real or Fake? Honest Review

In this post, we are going to review an affiliate program that is on the boom, just after a few months of launching.

Bizgurukul is giving around 70% of the affiliate commission. I got to know about it, when I found various Instagram and Facebook posts where people are giving a guarantee of earning 20 to 50k rupees every month, without doing anything.


Initially, I thought, It will be a promotion of a typical MLM Company, but this time it was something different.

LeadsArk, Grow Partner, 25Dollar1Up, LeadsGuru, Millionaire Track, and Bizcrown are other few names popup with Bizgurukul.

So I did complete research on Bizgurukul, its legality, courses, and affiliate program.

So, this Bizgurukul Review post will help you understand the actual business plan of this company and the real truth that its promoter does not share.

bizgurukul plan review

Let’s get started without any further ado.

What is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul Private Limited Incorporated under MCA on 26, May 2020 from RoC-Delhi. Ritwiz Tiwari & Rohit Kumar Sharma are Managing and Additional Directors respectively and founders as well.

Ritwiz Tiwari (Left), Rohit Sharma (Right) is its official website which has all the details regarding their education courses and affiliate program. It has monthly traffic of 1 million and most are from India.

Date of Incorporation26, May 2020
DirectorsRitwiz Tiwari
Rohit Kumar Sharma
Address118C, G/F, KH No. 5/18 Sainik Enclave, D Block, Near CRPF Camp Delhi New Delhi DL 110043 IN
Email[email protected]


Bizgurukul Courses

Bizgurukul have 3 courses.

bizgurukul courses
  • Gold (Branding Mastery) – 2999 Rupees
  • Sapphire (Traffic Mastery) – 5999 Rupees
  • Platinum (Influence Mastery) – 9999 Rupees

Modules of all these courses revolve around digital marketing and personality development.

To be honest, these courses are extremely overpriced and the reason is, Bizgurukul needs extra profit to share as the affiliate commission. So they are charging huge amounts on each course.


I personally checked Bizgurukul’s course videos. Videos are below average in terms of content quality. Trainers are just explaining slides and nothing special. You can find far better content for free on YouTube.

If you go through, you will find that best-selling public speaking courses are available at an average of 500 rupees, for which Bizgurukul is taking 10,000 Rupees. While Bizgurukul coach Keshav lal and Rohit Sharma are not so0 popular.


From the education perspective, Bizgurukul courses are highly overpriced and on this price range, no one will look towards Bizgurukul.

How to Earn From BizGurukul?

Now the main reason behind the popularity of Bizgurukul is its affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing is a way of increasing the sales of products/services of a company. In which the company gives a fixed commission when a person makes a sale of the company’s product. To earn commissions a person needs to register with the company as an affiliate partner.

After becoming the affiliate partner, the person gets unique affiliate links (or an affiliate ID) and when someone makes a purchase by using the affiliate link, commissions for one purchase is given.

The below table will help you to understand Bizgurukul Affiliate Commission.

Course You PurchaseCommission on a GoldCommission on a SapphireCommission on a Platinum
Gold2000 Rs2000 Rs2000 Rs
Sapphire2000 Rs4000 Rs4000 Rs
Platinum2000 Rs4000 Rs7000 Rs
  • If you purchase, Gold product and sell any of the Bizgurukul products (Gold, Sapphire or Platinum) you will get 2000 rupees as commission on each sale.
  • Purchasing a Sapphire product, you will get 2000 rupees on Gold and 4000 on Sapphire & Platinum products sold.
  • While buying a Platinum product, you will get commissions of 2000 rupees on Gold, 4000 on Sapphire, and 7000 rupees on the Platinum product sold.

Two major twists are here…

In most affiliate programs, to become an affiliate partner and earn commissions you don’t need to buy or spend anything from your pocket.

Whereas, to become a Bizgurukul affiliate partner you need to buy their overpriced course first. Then only you can do affiliate marketing with Bizgurukul.

Moreover, Bizgurukul is luring people to buy more costly products by offering higher affiliate commissions.

This is not the right way of doing affiliate marketing where commission dimmed education.

Bizgurukul Real or Fake?

The obvious reason behind Bizgurukul’s popularity is its Affiliate program and products.

For 70% affiliate commission, even professional affiliate marketers can promote bullshit products, while Bizgurukul has targeted school and college kids.

Indian parents never say no to their children for any education expenses, hence innocent youth are involved in it for the commission without thinking worth of the parents’ money.

Most of the people who purchased the Bizgurukul courses, just want to earn the affiliate commission. Now there is a rise in affiliate programs that have the same business model as Bizgurukul.

As MLM is corrupted with pyramid schemes, the same scenario of affiliate marketing has become in India and these kids are proudly making Instagram posts with tags #WorkFromHome, #EarnWithMobile, #AffiliateMarketerLife without knowing the facts.

Should I Join Bizgurukul?

A big no from my side. If you are interested in Bizgurukul courses, then there are several better options available and nowadays YouTube is enough.

If you looking at Bizgurukul from an earning perspective then you are doing a blunder. You will get 60 to 70% of the money from your friend or relative to whom you are going to sell the overpriced courses and the rest profit is taken out by the company.

These courses are not reasonable to price and you are becoming part of a single-level money circulation which will pay you nothing in the long term.

It’s like rob Peter to pay Paul.

eBiz is a decent example for people who are blind behind money.

eBiz was a pyramid scheme that pretended as an MLM and operated for more than 19 years having 17 lacs members. It was also selling overpriced courses to Indian youth and doing money circulations. eBiz was caught in 2019 and turned out as a 5000 crore rupees massive scam.

The similarity between Bizgurukul and eBiz is, both bring money by selling overpriced courses to students. The main difference is, one is affiliate marketing and another is a fraud network marketing company.

If you are young or a student, then invest your golden time in learning new skills instead of selling these gold-platinum products for a one-time commission. Remember, skills will pay you for your lifetime.

And there are other genuine ways of doing affiliate marketing and online earning.

Bizgurukul FAQ

Bizgurukul is legal or not?

Bizgurukul is a legal company which is registered under MCA. But registering a company doesn’t prove legality. In our country, there is a lack of governance on online businesses like digital and affiliate marketing. There are no rigid regulations defined, So it’s easy to fool people online. Like Network Marketing rules, now affiliate marketing also requires strict policies.

Who is the founder of Bizgurukul?

Ritwiz Tiwari and Rohit Kumar Sharma are directors and founders of the Bizgurukul.

Can I earn money from Bizgurukul Affiliates?

Yes, Anyone can earn money from Bizgurukul Affiliate Program. For this, you have to do 2 major tasks.
1. First you have to buy an overpriced Bizgurukul course. 
2. Then you have to invite your relatives or friends to buy the overpriced Bizgurukul course as well. On each sale, you will get fix commission.

Bizgurukul courses are worth it?

Obviously, Bizgurukul courses are not worth the price a person needs to pay. Similar courses from top educators are available at 500 rupees on various education portals and free related videos are available on YouTube. People promote Bizgurukul courses only to earn affiliate commissions.

Can I get a refund from Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul has 24 hours refund policy, user can apply for a refund by sending them a mail at [email protected]. During the refund, 2% is deducted as payment gateway fees and 5% is deducted as processing fees. Users will get 93% of the total amount paid if apply for the refund within 24 hours of purchase.

How Bizgurukul will pay me the commission?

Bizgurukul gives weekly commission. You will get all the commissions of the first week on Friday or Saturday of next week. But various users are facing trouble related to unpaid earnings.

Is Bizgurukul Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing?

No, Bizgurukul is not an MLM. Somehow Bizgurukul is similar to single-level marketing in which a person gets profits from their direct sales only. But the major drawback is, you need to buy products/services first which is usually not common with most affiliate programs.

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    • You are correct sir , its just they have started new business and its already popular in europe countries, I already got an offer to join the company so.I want to waste my money here and anyways , its all waste of time , I think so just to watch video and sell it as a promotions and earns rewards all waste of time instead of that join a good company and start a new job.

  1. Loved your genuine review. It was a good approach to explain the unthinkable amount that Bizgurukul promise to it’s affiliate partners.

      • And What about the worthiness of the product for which everyone are paying a heavy cost? Affiliate marketing is not only about promoting products, adding value is more important.

        • Yeah, when it says that courses are overpriced. But you have you sell to your friends or relatives. Sucess doesn’t depend on relatives or friends. Most people join thinking they can sell anything to their dear ones and start earning money. Its our expectations that kills us. Family, friends can be the ones who says No for your service. Which is okay. Get used to “No” also means not to give up and approach the unlimited people.
          How can someone do it knowing that this course is completely useless and you yourself isn’t getting any benefit out of it.
          I understand if atleast you get/learn what you pay for.
          I am into a affiliate program. Really high ticket product. Great business model.
          Definitely you work smart and have patience. If you want to know. Ask me for more info.

  2. Great Work Hemant. You are true person to save hard earned money of friends and relatives and dear brother and sisters out there. God bless you and give you all strength to throw light on all such darkness.

  3. I have a doubt , If there is no sales they won’t provide the commission?What if no relative of mine wants to buy it ? They provide commission only when I sell their product/service ?

    • They teach you how to sell it on Social media platforms . (Instagram Mastermind & Facebook Marketing) are few courses, additional Training by Affiliates who are achievers also guide you.

    • Blogging, YouTube, Freelancing (on fiverr or upwork with your skills), affiliate marketing in genuine ways…

  4. Thanks a lot Hemant for the fabulous review. It was worth reading and quite informative. Brother in these testing times you have definitely saved my 2999rs that I actually didn’t have it with me to invest. I would have probably begged from someone to help me start earning. Thanks a ton.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless you

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  8. I have a question. Most of the people earning in lakhs per month just buy bizgurukul course one time.
    So isn’t a one time investment for us.
    So what are you saying on this,please reply.

    • Earning lacs for what? by selling overpriced courses to friends and relatives? affiliate marketing is new choice of money circulation schemes..

    • Click Bank is a great platform to find some genuine products to promote to your audience and starting an affiliate marketing career. But nowadays Indian are facing issues with Click Bank, as they block accounts without any proper reason.

  9. Many of guys are earning upto lakhs of rupees by selling those courses to unknown candidates through social media,,might be this”s a kind of making unknown candidates (fool) still it helps individuals to earn a lot through a single investment wanna know ur opinion on this…

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  12. I’ve no money to invest. I had experience with multiple network marketing businesses, joined clickbank to do affiliate marketing, two people have tried to sell me affiliate marketing courses, one of them is Ritwiz tiwari. From my experience, I learned is that to earn money, you should have money. For people like us who don’t have money, stay poor. But there is a way. To build our knowledge and skills from free online platform like YouTube and Google. Then produce products which are valuable and sell them on creators platform like YouTube, patreon and buy me a coffee. Advertise yourself using Instagram and other social media sites. But the most valuable asset you can have is the people around you, who support you in your journey.

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  15. You’re right in your perspective !!
    There are many courses that are more valuable. Yes most of all join here to make money and I’m too. It has made thousands of students to be self independent and through Training we’re able to create personal branding.
    To summarise , it’s a BIG YES and amazing platform for every student.

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    This guy “Hemant Kumawat” did not research well about Affiliate Marketing LOL….

    I have answers to all the questions he put up in his article…

    Just by knowing a little about Bizgurukul you cannot judge the platform…

    Go and see the number of lives this platform has changed.

    I am up for a debate LOL…. Contact me if anyone need any clarifications about this platform.

  22. Thanks Hemant,
    really a million dollar information, these days we really seen earn money by working 2-3 hours a day, but no one wants to know the reality. Really this information will help students to take their correct decision.

  23. So the people on Instagram having public accounts making reels, posts showing off their earnings are affiliate marketers only?

  24. Bizgurukul CEO has got Bharathiya Ratna Udyog award on Feb2023. If it was so useless Bizgurukul would have never reached till there. These courses have turned people into freelancers, helped in getting job, have created there own business with experience and learnt skills and have become expertise . There are n number of live testimonials in how it’s helping them. Along with the courses, every week they do live trainings sessions regarding business & life skills which help them in personal & professional lives. It’s absolutely free for lifetime. And the courses keep getting updated . The value that is bieng provided is more than worth.

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