25 Dollar 1Up Honest Review: 100% Commission Reality?

This post is genuine and unbiased review of 25Dollar1Up.com (25 Dollar 1Up).

This company claims it’s neither an affiliate marketing program nor a network marketing plan. However, it offers commission on direct as well as downline sales and they call it a NEW INNOVATIVE SYSTEM.

Maybe you got to know about it, from Instagram stories or social media promotions where people sharing income screenshots and claiming a guaranteed income without working much.

So we are here to inspect more about 25Dollar1Up.com and examine these claims are real or fake.

What is 25 Dollar 1Up?

According to 25Dollar1Up.com, they are an innovative system that gives 100% commission on every sale.

They already clarified that they are not an MLM.

25Dollar1Up.com domain is first registered on 22, May 2018. And Alexa ranking estimates that around 65% of people visiting this site are from India, hence we can say most 25Dollar1Up members reside in India.

Company Profile

On their official website, no details of company origin are provided and the faces behind this are unknown.

In contact, their physical address is of Bowie, Maryland, USA.


Before discussing the compensation plan, we must know about 25Dollar1Up’s products.

25Dollar1Up provides different digital services, which are available in packages named Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Enterprise and Elite.

To earn from 25Dollar1Up, individual have to purchase one of these packages first.

Below you can see the features of every package with the price.

Gold Package


Platinum Package


Diamond Package


Enterprise Package


Elite Package


All these packages primarily focus on teaching to increase sales of these packages.

10$ Hosting Chagres

While purchasing these packages, 25Dollar1Up will charge an additional $10 for Hosting.

On this hosting you can create landing pages for promotion of 25Dollar1Up.

This hosting has limitations and you can’t create a custom website on it, Until you purchase an Elite Level package which costs $1100.

Compensation Plan

25Dollar1Up’s products primarily emphasize making more sales of their products and in return give 100% commission.

You heard right, 25Dollar1Up gives 100% commission on every sale.

Actually, after becoming a member of 25Dollar1Up, you have to recruit more people and this is the only main task here.

Recruitment is a better word than selling for 25Dollar1Up, as their compensation plan demands more peoples and no other consumable product is available. Members have to recruit new active members to 25Dollar1Up who purchase at least 1 package.

When you recruit any person to 25Dollar1Up and they purchase any package (with $10 hosting), then the complete amount of sold package will be rewarded to you.

On the second recruitment, the package commission will be given to your upline.

Not only that, your second recruitment will be considered as a direct downline of your sponsor.

After the second recruitment, all your downline package purchase amount will be rewarded to you.

And whenever your direct downline makes their second recruitment, that recruited person will become your direct downline and you will get the commission.

The name 25Dollar1Up gets justified here. Packages start from $25 and your second recruitment will go up to your downline i.e. 25Dollar1Up.

Our Opinion

The hosting charge of $10 is the actual money that company is taking of.

In reality, 25Dollar1Up offered hosting is not hosting, you can’t create a custom website or do things on it.

If you want to create websites you can do this free on Blogger or other no-cost CMS. And for $10 you can buy decent shared hosting for 1 year from reputed providers to do real stuff like creating a WordPress website.

10$ for hosting is nothing, but the margin of the company, and we can say a dummy-product to trick people.

100% Commission on Every Sale

100% commission is the most lucrative thing with 25Dollar1Up. And meanwhile, I can say this is a MONEY CIRCULATION.

For $25 (forget other expensive packages) you will get some courses and digital tools that can be used to promote the 25Dollar1Up program.

They are circulating money in a single-level network marketing plan. For $25 you will get nothing worthy and that money will go to your sponsor.

To get self-invested money back, we will do our first recruitment and make relatives or friends stuck in a money circulation scheme.

Second recruitment to sponsor, this policy makes it a more lucrative scheme, as people with large downline will get relatively more commission which eventually attracts more peoples and motivates others to recruit more.

It is money circulation and 25Dollar1Up shorted the large network management drawback of MLM, made it a lovely earning opportunity.

For the short term, 25Dollar1Up promoters will get 100% claimed commission from their dear ones by gifting $10 useless hosting, and nothing in the long term.

And not forget to mention, 25Dollar1Up.com is a sharp player here.

25Dollar1Up FAQ

Is there any refund policy of 25Dollar1Up?

No, on the footer of 25Dollar1Up.com it is strictly said that “there is no refund policy”.

25Dollar1Up is legal in India?

25Dollar1Up is not registered in India under MCA, hence there is no governance on it. Network marketing and affiliate marketing are legal in India but 25Dollar1Up says they are not one of them. In my personal experience and opinion, 25Dollar1Up.com is money circulation.

What will be future of 25Dollar1Up?

Nothing, like similar this kind of online earning opportunities, 25Dollar1Up will be shut down or popularity will go down. So don’t get dependent on 25Dollar1Up or similar opportunities for life-long earning or career.

Which payment method 25Dollar1Up supports?

You can make transactions with 25Dollar1Up with PayPal, Stripe, Payza, and other payment methods.

25Dollar1Up is recommended?

Obviously a big No. The 100% product cost is circulated in-network, phrase rob Peter to pay Paul is best suited for this innovative system. $10 hosting charge is the money 25Dollar1Up taking away for managing the operational expenses and profit.

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