Millionaire Track is Real or Fake? Honest Review

This post is an honest review of Millionaire Track which is also known as YIEP.

You may also have seen post on social media promoting YIEP and affiliate marketing to earn a handsome income while sitting at home.


Bizgurukul, LeadsArk, and Grow Partner are a few other similar kinds of programs popularised on the internet and claim to earn daily up to 10,000 rupees.

This post will provide an unbiased detailed overview of YIEP i.e. Millionaire Track. We are also going to answer some serious questions regarding this and Why you should not join YIEP.

What is Millionaire Track?

Millionaire Track is an online Ed-tech platform that provides online skill enhancement courses. It is also called YIEP which stands for Young Inventor Entrepreneurs Program.

yiep review

As per their official website, YIEP was founded by Ahmed Irfan on 17 October 2021.

YIEP is not yet legally Incorporated under MCA. Although it is a registered entity under Delhi Goods and Services Tax Act & ISO certified. Mohd Ahmed is the legal name as per the documents.

Moreover, YEIP claims to have 68,000+ enrolled students & 99+ instructors offering 1,395 premium courses.

It provides a variety of online courses to learn skills and get certificates. But YIEP is famous for and due to its affiliate program.

YIEP marketing material reveals It has distributed affiliate commissions of more than 1 crore rupees to its affiliates.

Before moving forward, let us take quick glance at What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing mainly involves three entities.

  1. Seller: Any company, individual or organization that sells any products or service. Sellers start affiliate programs to increase sales of their products.
  2. Affiliates: Affiliates are individuals who join affiliate programs to promote and sell products of different companies to earn commissions.
  3. Customers: Customers are the end consumers of products who get recommendations from affiliates to purchase any product or service.

Affiliate Marketing is a very common thing nowadays, many YouTubers promote products in their video to get commissions from the company. Here YouTubers are affiliates and viewers are potential customers.

In the case of YIEP, they have many online courses as their products and they want to promote them to students, hence they started an affiliate program. So anyone can join YIEP to sell their courses and earn commissions.

Joining YIEP & Courses

To join YIEP, one needs to visit their official website and click on Enroll Now option.

From there you will need to fill out a registration form with the required details.


During registration, Referral Code & Referral User Name is compulsory, hence you will need to get this from one existing affiliate of YIEP.

Moreover, one also needs to purchase a joining package.

It provides 3 types of packages which are listed as follows with respective prices: Each package covers different types of modules as listed below:

yiep course package

1. Elite Course (599 Rs)

  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

2. Silver Course (2359 Rs)

  • Lead Generation Mastery
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Sales Funnel

3. Gold Course (4130 Rs)

  • Communication Mastery
  • Face book Ads
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Sales Closing
  • Website Designing

YIEP Affiliate Program

Once completing the registration and purchasing any package from YIEP, one can become part of the YIEP Affiliate Program.

Every user gets a unique referral ID which can be further used to make affiliate sales. Whenever someone purchases any YIEP Package (Elite, Silver & Gold) using your referral ID, you will get some commission.

YIEP Affiliate Program provides 2 types of income, Direct and Passive income.

Course NameDirect IncomePassive Income
Elite400 Rs100 Rs
Silver1700 Rs250 Rs
Gold3000 Rs400 Rs

Direct Income

In Direct Income, you can earn commissions by directly selling the course to your friends or relative.

For example, if you sell the Elite Package of 599, you will get a commission of 400 Rs.

Remember buyers must use your referral code while registering.

Passive Income

Passive Income is the commission paid on sales by your referrals.

For example, if you enroll your friend Anon in Elite Course, then you will get a Direct Income of 400 Rs. But now whenever Anon will directly refer to someone with Elite Package, you will get 100 Rs as Passive Income.

By combining Direct & Passive Income, YIEP is offering a 98% commission on the package amount, excluding GST.

YIEP Review

Hope the above explanation helped you to understand What is YIEP, its packages and the affiliate program. Now it’s time to share our personal opinion on it.

You may have also seen people on different social media platforms sharing screenshots of earning 2k to 7k daily from joining YIEP.

Some people are really earning from YIEP by selling courses to other people. But the most important question is, is it worth buying YIEP Courses?

How you will feel if someone recommends you the wrong products for some commission?

Obviously, you will feel bad, as we all want to take the best decision with our money. But many affiliates promote crap products to get heavy commissions.

Affiliate Marketing is part of word-of-mouth marketing and we only take suggestions from trusted people, hence we can’t believe all affiliates, as their intention can be only to get the maximum possible commission. And this is what exactly happening with YIEP.

People are promoting it to just get commission and no one really cares about the content of the courses.

Bizgurukul, LeadsArk, Bizcrown and now YIEP, all these platforms are popular for their affiliate program and not for courses. Some misled youth only want to earn commission from sales without knowing the actual worth of products.

The job of Affiliates is to bring the best products to their audience with transparency, but these affiliate programs are just about rotating money between youth and the worthiness of products is kept aside.

Should I Join YIEP?

For joining one needs to purchase one package of YIEP which starts from 599 Rs.

Is it worth buying YIEP Package? Cause during affiliate promotion, the same packages are promoted ahead.

As per my assumption, the answer is no. Cause after checking some of their content I found nothing special. Even you can get much better content for free on YouTube or blogs from industry experts.

At present, you can learn all digital marketing-related skills from the internet for free then why you will need to purchase a paid package?

It’s not the first time when this type of affiliate program roaming on the internet. There are many and more will come to get fast success. But important is to deliver the best products and services.


Who founded YIEP?

Millionaire Track i.e. YIEP is founded by Ahmed Irfan on 17 October 2021.

Is YIEP legal or not?

YIEP is not registered under MCA but ISO certified and Delhi State GST approved, hence as an enterprise it is legal. Like Direct Selling Rules, there are no governing laws for affiliate marketing in India, therefore its business activities can’t be judged.

What is the return policy of the Millionaire Track?

Millionaire Track offers returns and refunds if applied within 24 hours of purchases. A deduction of 5% of the paid amount is held as a gateway and processing fee.

YIEP is real or fake?

YIEP offers up to 98% commission on sales. But personally, I believe YIEP packages are not worthy and one should avoid them as all skills can be learned free through the internet based on will power. It is popular cause people only want heavy affiliate commission on each sale.

Which type of packages Millionaire track provides?

Millionaire track provides Elite, Silver and Gold packages of 599 Rs, 2359 Rs and 4130rs Rs respectively.

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  1. This is the best and an honest one. I too have taken the affiliated stuff from Millionaire Track but found that it’s completely a low-grade course, whereas at that price we may get the best of the best courses outside. It is completely money minded so please do not come into that trap as I did .


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