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Today we are going to view the Tupperware Products with Price and Images along with a few details of the company.

Tupperware is one of the top MLM companies with a majority of women distributors. Tupperware was started in the USA and now it serves in around 80 plus countries.

tupperware products

The company was started with the name Tupper Corporation in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper and later on the name was changed to Tupperware Brand Corporation.

Tupperware uses a party-plan network marketing concept for its direct-selling business. This party plan is a bit different from other MLM marketing plans.

Tupperware India offers many working opportunities, especially to women but most of them are unaware of the advantages of joining Tupperware business.

Tupperware All Products

Tupperware is one of the popular companies known for manufacturing plastic containers and utensils. Tupperware products are famous for their quality, design, and innovations.

tupperware products price list

Tupperware products have a premium look and their robustness is considered as its plus point. Tupperware products are majorly comprised of plastic products for daily use.

The products in the Tupperware products price list PDF are divided into multiple categories such as:

  • Accessories
  • Multipurpose containers
  • Steel bottles
  • Steel thermal flask
  • Beverage on the go
  • Bottles
  • Kids lunches
  • Microwavable lunches
  • Unisex lunches
  • Women lunches

Tupperware also releases Tupperware India Products Catalog regularly which contains details of all the products. This catalog is considered a helpful tool for direct sellers to run their Tupperware business ahead as it includes a detailed description of every product on the price list.

Tupperware Products Price List

Sr. No.NameCategoryMRPAmazon  Price
1Tupperware Transparent Dry Snack Storer 1.5L (1.5l)Dry Storage₹2,899.002,425.
2Tupperware Potatoes, Onion, Garlic Container Access Mate 5.5L 1pc (2.3l)-Plastic ( Multicolour )Dry Storage₹1,500.001,299.
3Tupperware Plastic Storage Container- 1.7 liters, 4 pieces, MulticolorDry Storage₹2,700.181,185.
4Tupperware Plastic Storage Container- 1.1 liters, 4 Pieces, WhiteDry Storage₹1,595.001,119.
5Tupperware Fridge Smart Plastic Container (500Ml_Multicolour)Dry Storage₹1,299.00880.
6Tupperware Designer Snack Rectangular Container 1.3 LDry Storage₹1,400.00839.
7Tupperware Plastic Smart Saver – 2.3 L, 1 Pieces, MulticoloredDry Storage₹999.00899.
8Tupperware Plastic Smart Saver with Lid – 1.1 L, RedDry Storage₹545.00379.
9Tupperware Double Crisper Multipurpose Container 9.4L 1pcDry Storage₹1,999.001,296.
10Tupperware Modular Mate Oval Plastic Container, 1.7 Litres, Set of 8, TransparentDry Storage₹3,600.003,050.
11Tupperware Double Crisper Multipurpose Container 9.4L 1pcDry Storage₹1,500.001,499.
12Tupperware Dry Storage Smart Snack Pulses Lentils Storer 1.1L 1Pc(Polypropylene)Dry Storage₹510.00455.
13Tupperware Square Smart Saver Plastic Container, 3.9 Litres, MulticolourDry Storage₹800.00644.
14Tupperware Smart Storer, 5.4 litres, MulticolourDry Storage₹950.70678.
15Tupperware Store It All Plastic Container, 12 litres, WhiteDry Storage₹1,750.171,178.
16Tupperware Medium Super Storer, 3 litres, AssortedDry Storage₹790.00619.
17Tupperware Large Super Storer, 5 Litres (112)Dry Storage₹960.71778.
18Tupperware 20 Kg Plastic Rice KeeperDry Storage₹2,950.001,768.
19Tupperware Plastic Rice Keeper, 10Kg 1pcDry Storage₹1,750.001,190.
20Tupperware Oval Dry Storage Containers 1.7L 4pcDry Storage₹2,480.001,350.
21Tupperware Plastic Rice Flour Keeper Canister – 9 Litre, 1 Piece, BrownDry Storage₹1,850.001,450.
22Tupperware Plastic Oil Dispenser, 440ml, Set of 4, RedFood Preparation₹1,100.00730.
23Tupperware U Series Utility Knife 1pcFood Preparation₹1,999.001,799.
24Tupperware U Series Serrated Knife 1pcFood Preparation₹2,200.001,799.
25Tupperware Plastic Teaz me Tea Strainer (Beige)Food Preparation₹899.00450.
26Tupperware Speedy Chef CookwareFood Preparation₹3,800.001,325.
27Tupperware Whisk Hand Beater (Black)Food Preparation₹1,599.001,499.
28Tupperware 252 Choppers and Blenders, MulticolourFood Preparation₹4,500.004,488.
29Tupperware Cutting Board 2pcFood Preparation₹1,799.001,515.
30Tupperware Smart Chopper, RedFood Preparation₹2,090.001,579.
31Tupperware Mega Magic Plastic Flow, 1.1 litres 1pcFood Preparation₹550.45448.
32Tupperware Masala Keeper Spice ItFood Preparation₹940.78848.
33Tupperware Frozen MyLunch for Kids, 590ml 1pcKids₹1,425.001,325.
34Tupperware Plastic AtLunch Peanuts, BlackKids₹750.00749.
35Tupperware Plastic My Soccer Plastic Lunch Box (1.5 L, Multicolour)Kids₹650.00550.
36Tupperware Multipurpose Liquid Tight Executive Lunch Bowl 180 Ml 4 Piece PlasticLunch and Outdoor₹799.62699.
37Tupperware Multipurpose Liquid Tight Executive Lunch Bowl 180 Ml 4 Piece PlasticLunch and Outdoor₹799.62699.
38Tupperware Plastic New Executive Office Lunch Set, 1220 ml (Blue)Lunch and Outdoor1,255.
39Tupperware Plastic New Urban Lunch Set (Black)Lunch and Outdoor₹1,120.001,090.
40Tupperware Eat Salad On The Go Plastic Storage – 1L- Midget , PurpleLunch and Outdoor₹1,425.001,325.
41Tupperware Plastic square away MEAL HOLDER – small, 200ml, Pink, Purple, White , L14cms X w13cms X h4cms – Set of 2Lunch and Outdoor₹1,425.001,325.
42Tupperware Plastic Lunch Box with 2 Containers, MulticolourLunch and Outdoor₹1,000.00658.
43Tupperware Polypropylene Multipurpose Container – 1 Piece, MulticolourLunch and Outdoor₹1,099.00999.
44Tupperware Girl’s plastic Day Out Lunch Box, 500/300ml (Peach and Pink)Lunch and Outdoor₹2,100.00990.
45Tupperware TP-860-T187 Plastic Best Lunch (Including Bag) with Two Bowls, One Tumbler and One Square Box all (Purple)Lunch and Outdoor₹1,299.941,024.
46Tupperware Tupin Plastic Spring Surprise Lunch Set (Pink)Lunch and Outdoor₹980.00882.
47Tupperware Plastic Rocker Lunch Set with Bag (Multicolour)Lunch and Outdoor₹1,995.001,795.
48Tupperware Classic Plastic Lunch Set ( Blue Green)Lunch and Outdoor₹1,399.001,275.
49Tupperware Polyester Lite Luncher Lunch Set, MulticolourLunch and Outdoor₹1,280.00621.
50Tupperware Men Extreme Plastic Lunch Set (Blue)Lunch and Outdoor₹1,000.00899.
51Tupperware Plastic Click to Go Lunch Carrier 900ml 2pc (Multicolour)Microwave₹1,825.001,499.
52Tupperware Plastic Click to Go Round Food Carrier 880ml (Multicolour)Microwave₹1,899.001,699.
53TUPPERWARE Silicone Baking MoldMicrowave1,499.
54Tupperware Rectangle Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 160ml 4pcRefrigerator₹900.00699.
55Tupperware Liquid Tight Container Bowled Over 400ml 4pcRefrigerator₹650.00555.
56Tupperware Buddy Bowl Set, 300ml, 4 Pieces, Assorted, Plastic, MulticolourRefrigerator₹1,200.001,100.
57Tupperware Spillproof Tropical Bowls 210ml 4pcRefrigerator₹999.00699.
58Tupperware Plastic Liquid Tight Container – 400 ml, 6 Pieces, Yellow, Purple, Green, BlueRefrigerator₹900.00825.
59Tupperware Plastic Spill proof Tropical Bowls (Multicolour, 210ml, 4 Pieces)Refrigerator₹900.00560.
60Tupperware Plastic Fruits And Vegetables Storer – 1.6 Litre, 2 Pieces, BlueRefrigerator₹1,340.88856.
61Tupperware Plastic Storage Jar- 200 ml, 6 Pieces, MulticolourRefrigerator₹1,200.00885.
62Tupperware Plastic Container- 500 ml, 1.2L 4 pcs, PurpleRefrigerator₹1,125.91949.
63Tupperware Cool n Fresh Plastic Container (White, Green, Pink, 490ml ) – 4 PC EachRefrigerator₹1,000.00795.
64Tupperware Cool n Fresh Plastic Container (Blue, Green ; 490ml, 800ml ) – 4 Pc EachRefrigerator₹2,190.001,880.
65Tupperware Plastic Bowl (1000ml, Multicolour) -4 PieceRefrigerator₹1,800.221,179.
66Tupperware Multipurpose Ss Bowl 1.5L 2Pc(Plastic)Refrigerator₹837.00734.
67Tupperware 11156460 Plastic Containers – 650ml, 4 Pc, GreenRefrigerator₹1,500.00868.
68Tupperware 11156461 Plastic Container With Lid – 1000ml, 4 Pc, GreenRefrigerator₹2,000.001,249.
69Tupperware Cubix Xtramini Plastic Storage Jar ( Multicolour , 110ml , 4 Pieces )Refrigerator₹700.52649.
70Tupperware Cubix Small 650Ml 4Pc(Plastic)Refrigerator₹1,500.95935.
71Tupperware SS Large Bowl, 2 litres, Set of 2Refrigerator₹1,200.00980.
72CUBIX 1L SF2-OP FKRefrigerator₹1,050.62859.
73Tupperware Preludio Transparent Serving and Storage Bowl 3LServing₹1,600.001,340.
74Tupperware plastic Polypropylene Bowl- 350Ml, 2 pieces, Pink and PurpleServing₹1,500.001,300.
75Tupperware Illumina Plastic Mug & Snack Plate (Red, Orange) -Set of 2Serving₹2,799.001,999.
76Tupperware Hooriyas 178 Bread ServerServing₹1,200.00999.
77Tupperware Illumina Mug Drinking Buddies (Set of 2) 350 MLServing₹1,200.00998.
78Tupperware Clear Serving Bowl 2.4l 1pcServing₹2,000.001,380.
79Tupperware Modular Spice Shakers Set, Set of 4 (128)Serving₹750.51489.
80Tupperware Tup-per Magic Flask, 250mlWater and Thermal Flask2,799.
81Tupperware Steel Thermal Fashion Flask (400ml, Multicolour)Water and Thermal Flask₹4,078.001,340.
82Tupperware Plastic Water Bottles, 750 ml, Set of 4, Yellow;PinkWater and Thermal Flask₹1,500.001,275.
83Tupperware Steel and Plastic Desk Coffee Tea Mug (Red, 400ml)Water and Thermal Flask₹2,000.001,650.
84Tupperware Plastic Desk Steel Coffee Tea Mug 400ml 1pc (Black)Water and Thermal Flask₹1,500.001,290.
85Tupperware Alloy Steel Sipper Bottle 550ml , Set of 1 , GreenWater and Thermal Flask₹1,450.00899.
86Tupperware Alloy Steel Sipper Bottle 550ml , Green , Pack of 1Water and Thermal Flask₹1,250.001,100.
87Tupperware Thermal Steel/Plastic Flask 1.2l 1 PcWater and Thermal Flask₹3,535.002,690.
88Tupperware Cool n Chic Plastic Bottle, 750ml, Set of 2, BlueWater and Thermal Flask₹680.00540.
89Tupperware Cool n Chic Plastic Bottle, 750 ml, Set of 2, Blue;BlackWater and Thermal Flask₹650.00599.
90Tupperware Cool n Chic Plastic Bottle, 750 ml, Set of 2, MulticolourWater and Thermal Flask₹750.00650.
91Tupperware 11156191 Plastic Bottle, 500ml, 6 Pieces, Multicolor, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, BlueWater and Thermal Flask₹1,400.00948.
92Tupperware Plastic Cup – 1 Piece, Blue, 490mlWater and Thermal Flask₹690.43555.
93Tupperware Plastic Tumbler – 1Pc, Pink, 490MlWater and Thermal Flask₹790.00630.
94Tupperware Aquasafe Plastic Fliptop Bottle Set, 1 Litre, Set of 4, MulticolourWater and Thermal Flask₹1,090.001,079.
95Tupperware Aquasafe Plastic Flip Top Bottle Set, 1 Litre, Set of 4, MulticolourWater and Thermal Flask₹1,390.111,099.

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