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Today we are going to view the Tupperware products price list along with a few details of the company.

Tupperware is one of the top MLM companies with a majority of women distributors. Tupperware was started in the USA and now it serves in around 80 plus countries.

The company was started with the name Tupper Corporation in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper and later on the name was changed to Tupperware Brand Corporation.

Tupperware uses a party-plan network marketing concept for its direct selling business. This party plan is a bit different from other MLM marketing plans.

Tupperware India offers many working opportunities especially to women but most of them are unaware of the advantages of joining Tupperware business.

Tupperware Products

Tupperware is one of the popular companies known for manufacturing plastic containers and utensils. Tupperware products are famous for their quality, design, and innovations.

tupperware products price list

Tupperware products have a premium look and their robustness is considered as its plus point. Tupperware products are majorly comprised of plastic products for daily use.

The products in the Tupperware products price list PDF are divided into multiple categories such as:

  • Accessories
  • Multipurpose containers
  • Steel bottles
  • Steel thermal flask
  • Beverage on the go
  • Bottles
  • Kids lunches
  • Microwavable lunches
  • Unisex lunches
  • Women lunches

Tupperware also releases Tupperware India Products Catalog regularly which contains details of all the products. This catalog is considered a helpful tool for direct sellers to run their Tupperware business ahead as it includes a detailed description of every product on the price list.

Tupperware Products Price List

Below Tupperware product list is in a tabular manner and divided according to product categories. Given tables has serial number, product name, and price in Indian rupees.


SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Mylunch Inner Container 4pc525

Multipurpose Containers

SR No. Product NamePrice in INR
1Clear Serving Bowl 610ml400
2Fridge Container Roundstax 530ml 4pc720
3Liquid Tight Container Bowled Over 400ml 4pc540
4Liquid Tight Container Bowled Over 400ml 6pc810
5Multipurpose Refrigerator SS Bowl 1L 4pc1,280
6Multipurpose SS Bowl 1L 4pc1,280
7Mylunch Inner Container 4pc525
8Rectangle Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 160ml 4pc410
9Rectangle Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 160ml 6pc599
10Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 1.2l 4pc928
11Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 500ml 4pc640
12Square Refrigerator Container Keep Tab 500ml 6pc1,152

Steel Bottles

SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Steel Sipper Bottle 550ml 1pc Blue1,250
2Steel Sipper Bottle 550ml 1pc1,250

Steel Thermal Flask

SR No. Product NamePrice in INR
1Aquasafe Steel Insulated Thermal Water Bottle2,000
2Desk Coffee Tea Mug 400 ML Black1,500
3Desk Coffee Tea MUG 400 ML RED1,500
4Duo Tup Flask 500ml 1pc2,000
5Duo Tup Steel Flask 500ml 1pc2,000
6Mini Click to Beverage 300ml 1pc1,600
7Mini Click to Beverage Mahalo 300ml 1pc1,600
8Retro Bottle 350 ml Pink1,300
9Retro Bottle 350 ml Sky1,300
10Steel Sipper Bottle 550ml 1pc1,250
11Thermal Fashion Flask 400ml Pink 1pc1,350
12Thermal Flask 1.2l 1pc2,600

Beverage On the GO

SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Thirst n Go 2 pcs399
2Mahalo Drinking Tumbler 350ml 1pc300
3Drinking Tumbler 450ml 4pc760


SR No. Product NamePrice in INR
1Aquasafe Eco Fliptop 2 litre Water Bottle 2pc750
2Aquasafe Fliptop Bottle 750ml 4pc990
3Aquasafe Water Bottle Gold 750 ml 2 pcs550
4Aquasafe Plastic Fliptop and Normal Cap Water Bottle 500ml 4pc555
5Aquasafe Cool n Chic 500ml My Green Water Bottle 2pc399
6Aquasafe 350ml Bottle549
7Aquasafe Cool n Chic 750ml Drops n Waves Fliptop Water Bottle 2pc449
8Aquaslim 500 ml Water Bottle 4pc920
9Aquasafe 750ml Fliptop Bottle 4pc990
10Cool N Chic Keep Calm 750ml Bottle 2pc700
11Aquasafe 500ml Bottle 6pc878
12Cool n Chic Bottle Positive Vibes 750ml Bottle 2pc449

Kids Lunches

SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Go Flex Collapsible Container 850ml 1pc349
2Peppa Pig Kids Lunch Set990
3Dora Kids Lunch Set Pink990
4Dora Kids Lunch Set990
5AtLunch 1.1l 1pc300
6Sandwichkeeper Peanuts 300ml149
7Kids Divided Dish 1pc350
8At Lunch Soccer Party 1pc249
9Barbie Kids Lunch Set Pink Green990
10Shaun The Sheep Kids Lunch Set797
11Kids Slim Lunch with Bottle Set400
12Barbie Kids Lunch Set891

Microwavable Lunches

SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Click to Go Round Food Carrier 880ml410

Unisex Lunches

SR No.Product Name Price in INR
1Go Flex Collapsible Container 850ml 1pc349
2Click to Go Lunch Carrier 900ml 1pc375
3AtLunch 1.1l 1pc300
4Office Lunch Set810
5Mylunch Liquid Tight Lunch Box 590ml 2pc899
6Click to Go Lunch Carrier 900ml 2pc399
7Mylunch Liquid-Tight Lunch Box 590ml 2pc899
8Extreme Set475
9Lite Luncher Lunch Set1,100
10Classic Slim Lunch 1pc370

Women Lunches

SR No.Product NamePrice in INR
1Satchel Lunch Set for Women799
2Elegant Lunch Set for Women1,280
3Her Lunch Set855
4Women Extreme Lunch Set480

Tupperware Products Price List PDF

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