What is MLM Software? Best Affordable & Free MLM Software

Till now we have cover various topics on Network Marketing AKA Direct Selling,

How to start an MLM Company? and How to register an MLM Company? also had become part of our discussion.

In this post, we are going to talk about MLM Software AKA Network Marketing Software.

Nowadays, every business is directly and indirectly connected to technology. In MLM Industry a strong grasp between MLM Company and the direct sellers require.

MLM Softwares helps in several ways to manage the company, even help the direct sellers to track their downline and sales.

We will discuss about MLM Software Pricing, MLM Software importance & features, Affordable MLM Softwares and Best MLM Software Provider.

And at last, we will also see how to get MLM Software in Free.

What is MLM Software?

As the term, MLM Software denotes, the software which is used to run a successful MLM Business.

MLM Software varies according to the MLM Compensation plan, provider and, requirement.

MLM software can include these three components.

  • MLM Company Website,
  • Admin Dashboard,
  • and Member Dashboard.

MLM Company Website

Every MLM Companies official website you see is an example of MLM Software’s one component MLM Company Website.

But not every MLM Company Website is managed by MLM Software provider. MLM Company website may be built by the independent developer who is not an MLM Software provider but only a web developer.

Company Website is not a prominent component of MLM Software, like Admin and Member dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

Here the person admin refers to the MLM Company’s owner, director, general manager or a person who looks after MLM Company’s day to day activities.

Admin interface/Dashboard provides various real-time information related to a company like Number of direct sellers, active direct sellers, total sales, total new joining, money transaction, complain received, Direct Sellers Database and all information required to run MLM company successfully.

For an MLM Company admin, MLM Software makes everything easy. It’s like using an app on your smartphone and analyzing a Company.

Below is an example of an Admin Dashboard of an MLM Software.


Member Dashboard

The member refers to the MLM Company’s direct seller, distributor, or associates.

The member interface provides a dashboard for the direct seller, where they can check their sales, downline, payments and MLM Company account details.

If you are a direct seller and every time when you log in to your MLM Company’s website or app, then you are using the user interface of an MLM Company Software.

Admin Interface and Member interface varies according to the MLM Software provider.

Types of MLM Software

MLM Software varies according to demand and requirement.

On the basis on Compensation Plan

There is various type of Compensation plan in the MLM Industry, few are mention below.

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Unilevel Plan
  • Monoline Plan
  • Party Plan
  • Board Plan
  • Gift Plan
  • Stair Step Plan
  • Emgoldex Plan
  • X Up Plan
  • Australian Binary Plan
  • MMM Software
  • Hybrid Plan

Most of MLM Software Provider has the same module framework which they customize according to MLM plan, while few have different software according to the compensation plan.

On the basis dashboard

MLM Software includes

  • the company’s website,
  • admin dashboard,
  • and user dashboard.

But not every provider give three of them. Some only offer admin dashboard and some offer three of these components.

Why MLM Softwares are important?

Easy Tracking

MLM Software makes MLM business tracking very easy. On fingertips, the person can check realtime company activities.

MLM Software user doesn’t require an assistant to check the day to day reports. The simple and attractive interface of MLM Software makes business analysis smooth and comfortable.

Various MLM Integration

Popular MLM Software provider gives various integration such as automatic payments, online user registration, e-wallets, customer chat system.

All these tasks which required different departments to handle can be managed by an MLM Software.


MLM Software also improves company security level. The only authorized user can view the company’s report.

Even any suspicious activity and transaction by the direct seller can be identified by MLM Software.

Speed and Reliability

Trustable MLM Softwares are reliable and work in real-time.

Unlike the traditional way, MLM Software gives real-time approach and have low data redundancy which is more reliable.

Easy Scheduling task

Network Marketing Software is necessary for managing MLM Business and scheduling the task.

One can easily track customer, accounts, and sales which increase profitability to your business. And you will get all these features in a single interface which doesn’t require to change the system again and again.

Time Consumption

Every Business owner needs proper time management. And nowadays technology has a big role to improve time management.

MLM Software offers various features which save lots of time. MLM Software user doesn’t require to create a balance sheet. Even taxation become easy, so a person doesn’t require lots of time and effort.

Advance features of MLM Software

Nowadays the number of MLM Software providers are available in the market. Then the question arises how to choose the best MLM Software? and What are the required features of an MLM Software?

Due to high competition, every provider tries their best to attract customer. So, the buyers get lots of option. But if you are going to purchase an MLM Software you must check for the following features.

Backup & Security

Check the security and backup of the MLM Software. Because if the software is not reliable and secure than it may become a reason for your business failure.

Nowadays DDoS attacks, SQL Injections, and various hacking practice are used to break your system, So the provider should have proper support to save you from the crisis.

Automatic Payment Processing

Your MLM Software should include the feature of Automatic Payment Processing in the secure mode.

The direct seller can make the direct transaction to the company and the company can send the payment on a regular basis.

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce Integration makes an MLM Company’s Website look classy.

Because of the e-commerce integration, all the products of MLM Company are listed on the website with their proper description and pricing. So that the direct seller can even make a purchase.

Not every MLM Software providers offer E-commerce integration, but if someone is offering, then go for them. But only when the e-commerce integration is done professionally.

E-pin & E-wallet

E-Pin is the code generated when the transaction through a user is made and to verify the action.

E-pin makes safe online purchase, registration, sign up, renewal and more.

E-wallet is the virtual account assign to the registered user of the MLM Company. In the E-Wallet, money for the transaction can be stored in a secure manner, while e-wallet to bank transactions are also allowed.

Ticket and Support System

MLM Software should offer ticket and support system. According to Indian Direct Selling Guideline, every MLM Company has to resolve direct sellers and consumers issue within 45 days.

MLM Software should allow the user to file their complaint and generate their unique ticket. And the oldest ticket should get priority.

User Management

There can be more than one controller of an MLM Company. Therefore, the proper user management of MLM Software is also important.

One user has all the control and others are restricted to access certain features. The proper user management allows work people from different departments on one interface.

App and Mobile-Friendly

Around 65% of internet users are from mobile and the percentage is increasing more. So, the MLM Software you are going to purchase should include your business app for android and ios.

If the app feature is not available, then at least the company website and the member dashboard should be mobile-friendly, so that member can get access from their smartphone.


Can we run MLM Business without MLM Software?

A big no, nowadays MLM Software has become an important part of every MLM Business. Not only for the managing purpose but the company’s direct sellers also want to track their sales and downline daily.

So the MLM Company without MLM Software is like a pizza made without cheese.

What is MLM Software cost in India?

Network Marketing software price varies according to the provider, requirements, and plan.

MLM Softwares in India starts from 100 $ (7000 Rs) which are basic. No advance features like e-commerce integration, e-wallet available in the basic plan.

But as we increase budget various advanced features get added.

An Advance MLM Software with premium features cost 1000 $ (70,000 Rs ) or more. Even popular international MLM Software provider like Infinite MLM Software takes around 950 $ for their basic plan, but which includes all required advance features.

Source: Infinitemlmsoftware.com

Most of MLM Software Providers takes monthly charge to manage, update and continuous support.

How to get free MLM Software?

Personally, I would never recommend anyone to use free MLM Software. Because, as your business grows you can’t control everything with a free MLM Software.

But if you are only seeking for the free MLM Software, then try the Free MLM WordPress Plugin.

To use the free MLM WordPress Plugin, you should learn first how to use WordPress and Woocommerce.

And then download the MLM Plugin from below link and install to your WordPress site. You will get various features of MLM Software for free.

But note that, in WordPress Plugin you don’t get all advanced features.

How to choose an affordable and Best MLM Software in India?

Everyone looks for best MLM Software at an affordable price and due to high competition in the market, you can even get it.

In India a large number of MLM Software provider available in every metro city of the country.

To get the best MLM Software just compare the pricing and features of MLM Software. And now every MLM Software provider gives a free demo, so you must check the free demo before purchase. So, you can easily find the best MLM Software at an affordable price.


I hope this post on the MLM Software is helpful for you.

For every MLM company, Network Marketing Software is vital. The features which MLM Software provides makes your MLM Business managing easy. And due to high competition in the market, you can get the Best MLM Software at Affordable Price.

If you have any query, you are free to comment below. Thank You!!

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