Swamini Life Products Price List PDF Download

Swamini Life is a product based direct selling company. This MLM company has been started in 2018 in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), but the legal registration of the company has started from Pune in 2019.

The directors of Swamini Life are Shraddha Sunil Khot and Kiran Subhash Katekari. Its registered name is SWAMINEE LIFE PRIVATE LIMITED.

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Swamini Life Products

Swamini Life sells a total of 27 products in the market such as health, agriculture, beauty, personal and other FMCG products.

Swamini Life is an MLM company, so anyone can join it as a direct seller.

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Swamini Life Products Price List

Agriculture Products

ProductQuantity /WeightPrice(Rs)DPBV
Quba10 Tab160080080
Top 521 Ltr45042040
Top Micromax500 Ml60055050
Top Gard250 Ml42040020
Triple Action70 Tab168080080
Top 611 Ltr45042040
Top Calbo250 Ml40038040
Top Might250 Ml42040020
Top Gff1 Ltr120080080
Top 501 Ltr45042040
Top 80250 mL36030020
Top Blue250 Ml40036020
Top 191 Ltr40038040
King10 Ml60054060

Health Products

ProductsQuantity /WeightPrice(Rs)DPBV
Noni Capsule90 Cap168080080
Spirulina Capsule90 Cap168080080
Moringa Capsule90 Cap168080080
Herbaveer Capsule90 Cap168080080
Magnetic Google1 Pc80072080
Sea Buckthorn90 Cap168080080

FMCG Products

ProductsQuantity /WeightPrice(Rs)DPBV
Alovera Shampoo200 Ml18016020
Facewash200 Ml19017020
Goat Milk Soap100*4 Gm36030040
Facial Toner Spray100 Ml21018030
Hair Oil100 Ml14913515
Dento White100 Gm999010
Anion Sanitary Napkin1 Pc20018020

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