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Saarvasri is a direct-selling company. Its headquarters is located in Bargarh, Odisha. Saarvasri was started by Gopal Kundu in the year 2013. Apart from Gopal Kundu, there are 4 other directors in this company as well.

Being an MLM company, SHPL holds a wide range of products. The registered legal name of the company is Saarvasri Herbs Private Limited, hence it is also known as SHPL.

This post will provide you with the latest SHPL Products Price List and we have also added button to download SHPL Products List PDF.

SHPL Products Price List

SHPL manufactures 300+ products such as health care, personal care, home care, kitchen care, agro care, animal care and baby care.

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As SHPL is an MLM company so any person can join SHPL as a direct seller and after joining, distributors have to sell their products, as well as connect more people with the company to earn income.

Baby Care Products

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
 Baby Body Massage OilSHPL-962150
Baby Hair OilSHPL-961150
Moisturising Baby CreamSHPL-678150

Animal Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Saarva Mineral ForteSHPL-960500
Fish GrowSHPL-959750
Dog CareSHPL-958500
Chick PlusSHPL-957750
Calsri 1ltrSHPL-955400
Calsri 5ltrSHPL-9561500

Agriculture Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Saarva Humic GranulesSHPL-11321000
Saarva Sooper GoldSHPL-1158750
Saarva Doctarr GoldSHPL-1160750
Saarva Humic Liquid 1ltrSHPL-11511100
Saarva StickerSHPL-951300
Saarva NeemSHPL-950500
Saarva MaxSHPL-9461000
Saarva HumasSHPL-9481000
Saarva GreenSHPL-949500
Saarva Black MagicSHPL-954350

Kitchen Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Zaitoon OilSHPL-5231100
Saarvasri Tea (pouch)SHPL-96425
Saarvasri Tea (Special)SHPL-349125
Vegetable Masala DropsSHPL-632155
Rice Bran oil 2ltrSHPL-1063500
Rice Bran oil 1ltrSHPL-1070250
Coffee with GanodermaSHPL-7072500

Home Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Lime & Orange Dish wash TubSHPL-69865
Shine Multipurpose LiquidSHPL-683129
Clean Car WashSHPL-693175
Crystal Clean WhitenessSHPL-72465
Veg & Fruit WashSHPL-610250
Hand Wash Premium (Aloe Neem)SHPL-609150
Hand Wash Premium (Lemon)SHPL-608165
Aloe-Neem Gentle Care Hand WashSHPL-649250
Hand SanitizerSHPL-59550
Disinfectant SpraySHPL-611165

Oral Care Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Saarvasri Tooth BrushSHPL-108650
Saarvasri ToothpasteSHPL-94499
Neem Tulsi ToothpasteSHPL-59459
Mouth protect SpraySHPL-1065350
Charcoal ToothpasteSHPL-943119

Hair Care Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Hair Gel (Extra Hold)SHPL-88975
9 in 1 Hair Therapy OilSHPL-878500
Red Onion Black Seed Hair OilSHPL-880650
Hair OilSHPL-877300
Aloepecs OilSHPL-879350
Amla & Coconut Hair OilSHPL-62399
Saarcoal Shampoo(Activated Charcoal) 200mlSHPL-886300
Saarvasri Shampoo SachetSHPL-72860
Saarvasri Shampoo 200mlSHPL-522250
Noni Black ShampooSHPL-511300
Ginger ShampooSHPL-883300
Green Apple ShampooSHPL-881300
Neem & Aloevera ShampooSHPL-59799
Noni Black Hair Magic ShampooSHPL-675100
Saarvasri ShampooSHPL-721500

Body Care Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Oil Clear & Glow SoapSHPL-68460
Neem SoapSHPL-73445
Moisturising Beauty SoapSHPL-60145
Charcoal SoapSHPL-919100
Chandan Haldi SoapSHPL-73645
Aloe Neem SoapSHPL-59845
Natural Body Wash (coconut)SHPL-1016500
Natural Body Wash (Neem, Aloevera)SHPL-1015500
Natural Body Wash (Aqua)SHPL-1019500
Natural Body Wash (Green Apple)SHPL-1004500
Natural Body Wash (Haldi Chandan)SHPL-1005500
Olive Body OilSHPL-546250
True Me Body Spray for WomenSHPL-333350
True Me Body Spray for MenSHPL-300350
Natural Body Wash (pomegranate)SHPL-1014500

Beauty Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Papaya Face WashSHPL-895250
Neem Face WashSHPL-894230
Gold Face WashSHPL-893300
Charcoal Face WashSHPL-892300
Aloe Neem Face WashSHPL-640150
Aloe Vera GelSHPL-420270
Papaya SPF – 30SHPL-902250
Mosquito Repellent body roll onSHPL-932150
Gold Facial Kit (6 in 1)SHPL-5741500
Fruit Facial Kit (6 in 1)SHPL-5711500
Diamond Facial Kit (6 in 1)SHPL-5691500
Charcoal Facial Kit (6 in 1)SHPL-5701500
Vitamin C Face SerumSHPL-1088750
Saarcoal Shampoo (Activated Charcoal)SHPL-1008600
Hair Treatment MaskSHPL-891800

Health Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Tulsi Cough Syrup 200mlSHPL-453165
Honey Ras 200mlSHPL-431165
Saarva vita SyrupSHPL-695200
Stone ClearSHPL-434200
Sribion Syrup- Anaemia CareSHPL-447200
Tulsi Cough Syrup 100mlSHPL-718110
Honey Ras 100mlSHPL-720110
Hemofit SyrupSHPL-614200
Women ShaktiSHPL-839750
Yashtimadhu TabletsSHPL-713300
Triphala TabletsSHPL-716300
Tulsi TabletsSHPL-711300
Shilajit TabletsSHPL-726300
Shallaki TabletsSHPL-722300
Shatavari TabletsSHPL-965300
Punarnava TabletsSHPL-700300
Neem TabletsSHPL-701300
Karela TabletsSHPL-702300
Jamun TabletsSHPL-704300
Ginseng TabletsSHPL-723300
Giloy TabletsSHPL-703300
Brahmi TabletsSHPL-719300
Ashwagandha TabletsSHPL-715300
Amla TabletsSHPL-708300

Wellness Product

ProductCodePrice (in Rs)
Foot PatchSHPL-029600
Lemon TeaSHPL-317600
Green TeaSHPL-318600
Slim TeaSHPL-289600
Anti Diabetic TeaSHPL-211600
Whey Protein ConcentrateSHPL-9762400
Whey Gold Protein PowderSHPL-8721000
Women Care (Protein Powder)SHPL-8731000
Saarva Fit-KesarSHPL-8761250
Saarva Fit-MangoSHPL-8751250
Saarva Fit-KulfiSHPL-8741250
Saarva Fit-StrawberrySHPL-8701250
Saarva Fit-VanilaSHPL-8691250
Saarva Fit-ChocoSHPL-8681250
Kids Care (Protein Powder)SHPL-8711000
Advanced Mass GainerSHPL-9742400
Happy MorningSHPL-867165
Noni StemSHPL-8661500
Noni KetonesSHPL-8651500
Apple StemSHPL-8641500
Saarva Amrit JuiceSHPL-592500
Saarva Slim & Care JuiceSHPL-1010750
Shallaki JuiceSHPL-981750
Super Kids-Energy DrinkSHPL-438500
Noni JuiceSHPL-1026650
Karela Jamun JuiceSHPL-825650
Giloy JuiceSHPL-1139650
Diabo Care JuiceSHPL-1141650
Chlorophyll JuiceSHPL-1012750
Amla JuiceSHPL-1137650
Ayush Immunity Booster (Juice)SHPL-602500
Aloevera Noni JuiceSHPL-584500
Well Digest JuiceSHPL-554500
Sea Buckthorn with CurcuminSHPL-10802500
Aloevera Litchi JuiceSHPL-586350
Spray Me (Detox)SHPL-859500
Solar Energy DropSHPL-210800
Tulsi CurcuminSHPL-378350
Panch TulsiSHPL-457210
Piles Care DropsSHPL-297500
Nine PowerSHPL-4251000
Happy Feeling OilSHPL-383350
Happy Enjoy OilSHPL-356350
Asthma Care DropsSHPL-225500
Active Moringo DropsSHPL-412500
Anti Addiction DropsSHPL-296500
Acidity Care DropsSHPL-251500
Eye Care DropSHPL-26675
Ear Care DropSHPL-26575

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