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Yashbiz is an Indian product-based network marketing company. It was started in 2018 by Yash Patel and Ramesh Patel. The legal name of Yashbiz is YASHBIZ MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED and it is registered under MCA from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Yashbiz Products

Yashbiz has a total of 80 products mainly under the category of Health Care, Personal Care, Agriculture and Household. Yashbiz Noni Juice, Noni Capsule, Noni Toothpaste are some of the prominent products of this company.


Yashbiz is company and as a distributor, one has to buy and sell products and the second is recruitment.

Yashbiz Products Price List

Health Care Product

Health ProductsWeight / QuantityPrice
Apollo Noni90 Cap₹650
Apollo Noni Classic450 ml₹750
Geo Energy90 Cap₹1199
Geo Natural Tulsi Drop20 ml₹180
Geo Super Berry0.700 kg₹999
Geo Weight Loss Capsule90 Cap`₹1199
Yashbiz Bio Magnetic Water Bottle Belt1 Pc₹1300
Yashbiz Corbit Spray50 ml₹1099
Yashbiz Corbit Syrup200 ml₹649
Yashbiz DIA Care Capsule30 Cap₹350
Yashbiz Kadha Tab60 Tb₹650
YASHBIZ Kids Syrup200 ml₹250
Yashbiz Magnetic Mattress2000 kg₹4000
Yashbiz Noni450ml₹750
Yashbiz Noni Enzyme₹750
Yashbiz Ortho Tab60 Cap₹1299
Yashbiz Premium Masala Tea250 g₹180
Yashbiz Sugar-Free Drops30 ml₹399
Yashbiz Uricare Syrup200 ml₹250
Yb Vitamin C Capsule90 cap₹499
Yashbiz Wellness Combo4 pack Combo₹4200
Yb Vital Drink500 ml₹1900

Yashbiz Oral Care Products

Oral ProductsWeight / QuantityPrice
Yashbiz Bamboo Toothbrush30 gm₹80
Yashbiz Charcoal ToothPaste100 gm₹125
Yashbiz Dant Vedik Toothpaste120 gm₹99
Yashbiz Dento Care Toothpaste120 gm₹99
Yashbiz Noni Toothpaste200 gm₹99

Yashbiz Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics ProductsWeight / QuantityPrice
Anti Dandruff Shampoo300 ml₹350
Apple Cider Shampoo300 ml₹350
Charcoal Face Scrub100 Gm₹265
Grape Seed Lotion100 Gm₹250
Hair Conditioner100 Gm₹199
Handmade Soap125 Gm₹99
Noni Cream100 Gm₹250
Return Hair Tonic150 ml₹495
Skin Lightening Facewash100 Gm₹275
Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20100 Gm₹299
Tea-Tree Facewash100 Gm₹410
Twasa Charcol Clay Facewash100 ml₹499
Twasa Charcol Clay Mask100 ml₹599
Twasa charcoal soap125 gm₹295
Twasa Charcol Lip Balm₹229
Twasa Vitamin C Face Booster25 ml₹999
Twasa Vitamin C Face Mist100 ml₹695
Twasa Vitamin C Face Serum25 ml₹755
Yashbiz Blueberry Shower Gel100 gm₹220
Yashbiz Coffee Handwash₹199
Yashbiz Facial Lavender Bar125 gm₹125
Yashbiz Foaming Face Wash100 gm₹425
Yashbiz Hair Oil100 ml₹99
Yashbiz Noni Soap100 gm₹50
Yashbiz Onion Shampoo300 ml₹399
Yashbiz Skin Care Gel30 gm₹150
Yashbiz Strawberry Shower Gel₹199
Yashbiz Tea Tree Foaming Facewash100 gm₹425
Yashbiz Tea Tree Peel Of Mask100 gm₹410

Yashbiz Agriculture Products

Agri ProductsWeight / QuantityPrice
Yashbiz Bio Side₹1800
Yashbiz Diamond1 Ltr₹1099
Yashbiz Excellent0.150 kg₹245
Yashbiz Gold1 Kg₹1099
Yashbiz Green500 ml₹699
Yashbiz Soiler₹750

Yashbiz Cattle Food Products

Cattle Food ProductsWeight / QuantityPrice
Yashbiz Green Tonic1 Ltr₹350
Yashbiz Live500 ml₹210
Yashbiz Min1 Kg₹400
Yashbiz Poultry300 ml₹310
Yashbiz Sol (Kesar)₹300
Yashbiz VitaPower500 ml₹330
Yb Milk Booster For Cattle500 ml₹999

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