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Safe Shop is one of the top Indian MLM companies based on the number of direct sellers.

This post is about Safe Shop Video. Several videos are daily uploaded on YouTube and Facebook to promote safe shop business. Where some about safe shop products review, training, seminar, and many more.

You can download these safe shop videos, or save offline in your youtube download section.

According to my personal view, Safe Shop Company doesn’t focus on products but believes in the power of network marketing.

Safe shop is also famous for several allegations in the Indian MLM Industry. The most popular was about their name change. The company’s registered name is SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE MARKETING PVT LTD and now people know it by Safe Shop.

Safe Shop Jabalpur Case was also so popular. Where the company caught for selling overpriced products.


Safe Shop Video

Safe shop popularity is clearly visible on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube widely used by safe shop’s direct sellers to promote their business.

On Youtube, Several Safe Shop videos got more than 1 Million Views and the highest I have seen is above 3 Million Views. Which denotes safe shop has millions of direct seller.


You can check the following top-ranked video about safe shop, which are categorized below.

Safe Shop Training Video

The first video is about Safe Shop Training. In below video popular Safe Shop Leader giving a promotional speech of safe shop.

Safe Shop Business plan Video

If you are new and want to know more about a safe shop business plan, the following video will defiantly help you or you can even check the Safe Shop Business Plan PDF.

Safe Shop Diamond Video

Ajay pandit one of the most popular leaders of the safe shop. His seminar video got more than 3 Million Views on YouTube.

Safe Shop Telugu Video

There are several seminars of safe shop organize in South India. Here is a popular safe shop Telugu Video.

Safe Shop Ladies Team

Another video of the safe shop got great hits on Youtube. The below video is about ladies who participated in Safe Shop.

Safe Shop Product Video

Safe Shop Products Price List got an update in 2019. Below video contains more detail about the safe shop products list.

Safe Shop Seminar Video

Safe Shop organizes various seminars in every corner of the country. Here is a popular video of a safe shop seminar where thousands of people participated.

Download Safe Shop Videos

You can download these videos in your device. I will suggest to save these videos offline on youtube.


I hope this post on the safe shop video is helpful for you.

These are only a few videos, but on one search on youtube, you will find thousands of safe shop seminar videos and more.

At last, I request everyone who is, directly and indirectly, connected to the MLM Industry, must follow Direct Selling Guideline. Because it is the only way to remove Negativity from MLM Industry in India.

Thank You.

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