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In this post we are again going to discuss about RCM MLM Company. As we have told you in last post, RCM is coordinate by Fashion Suiting Private Limited and the full form of RCM is Right Concept Marketing.


Unlike earlier contain in this post we are going to talk about RCM Business Apps. Currently, RCM have launched three apps which are available on play store. So, here we take an overview of those apps and we will see uses of three apps.

RCM Business Apps

RCM have launched three apps and their name is

  • RCM Business Official App
  • RCM PUC Official App

we will see the one by one their features, records and uses. So, that you will get the more information about all these apps. So, let start with RCM first app RCM Business Official App.

RCM Business Official App

RCM Business Official App Details

  • This app was released on Play Store on May 28, 2016.
  • App have 500k+ means more than 5 Lac downloads.
  • The app is rated by more than 19,000+ user on play store and have 4.6 star rating.
  • The app size is just 4.5 MB.

RCM Business Official App Uses

  • The app is extremely useful for the RCM Direct seller and the Distributor.
  • The registered direct seller can place order of RCM Products Online and get the home delivery.
  • Product order history and the Business Volume can direct seller check in this app.
  • Direct Seller can locate nearest PUCs by using RCM Business Official App.
  • All information like training, seminar, meetings can direct seller get from this app.
  • RCM Company graphics, presentation, videos can be found in this app.

Downlaod RCM Business Official App

To download the RCM Business Official App, just click the below download button. And you will redirect to play store and there click on download button.

Note: You should Download Latest version of RCM Business Official App.

RCM PUC Official App

RCM PUC Official App Details

RCM PUC Official App released on Dec 11, 2017.

This app have more than 1 Lac users.

RCM PUC Official App size is around 7MB.

App is rated by more than 19,000+ users on Play Store and have 4.6 star rating.

RCM PUC Official App Uses

  • This app can be used for Quick and Easy managing of Invoice and Billing operations.
  • Add items,Generate bills, View sales in just single click.
  • Access real-time reports & analytics from anywhere to see your business growth.
  • Syncing of mobile data with website data.
  • Entire monitoring of tasks and targets

Download RCM PUC Official App


RCM-DEEP App Details

  • This app was released on Play Store on Dec 3,2018.
  • RCM-DEEP app have more than 50,000 downloads.
  • RCM-DEEP app is rated by more than 1900+ users and have 4.7 star ratings.
  • App size is around 4 MB.


RCM-DEEP app is released to teach its user about Direct Selling.

DEEP full form is Direct Seller Education & Empowerment Program.

This app contain the video about learning direct selling.

Downlaod RCM-DEEP App


Hope, this post is helpful for you and you got all the require RCM Business Apps Details. If you have any query regarding our post on RCM Business Official Apps, you are free to comment below.

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