Review: Real or Fake Company?

Phygicart E-commerce Private Limited, a private firm ventured into the world of e-commerce and direct selling, offering a range of products and a unique business model.

In this review, we will explore the details of, its products, ownership, and affiliate program, and examine its legitimacy.

What is is an Indian e-commerce and direct-selling online shopping website.

It is registered and operating in India. Its company name is Phygicart E-commerce Private Limited.

Phygicart review

Its business model has garnered recognition from the Dubai Direct Selling Association, which operates under the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, USA (WFDSA).

Phygicart creates a replicated web link for all customers registering to be its Direct sellers.

According to SimilarWeb, it has 23.6k monthly visitors.

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Product/ServicesBeauty, Healthcare, Fashion, Electronic and Home appliances.
Domain registration date25 April, 2015
AddressPhygicart E-Commerce Private Limited Door No 25/2216A, Mangalodhayam Building, Thrissur, Kerala 680001, India Door No 08/107/C11,12, 3rd Floor, E-Town Shopping, East Fort,Thrissur, Kerala, India – 680005,
Contact[email protected]
[email protected]
+91 9207015000
+91 9072019005

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Phygicart Products

The platform offers an array of products across categories, including electronics, home and furniture, beauty and health, fashion, Phygicart exclusive items, and grocery/FMCG products.

Products may be purchased by online payment or POS at the store.

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Phygicart Income Plan

Customers registering as privileged customers can earn loyalty points on each purchase call Phygibucks.

Every product carries SV/BV. (SV is a universal point to calculate business and achievements. BV is the base for all bonus calculations)

Direct sellers can earn commissions through retail sales (20% the net realization value of the products), team-building bonuses, generation bonuses, career recognition bonuses, and an annual bonus (1.5% of BV) based on specific qualifications and sales achievements.

It has an affiliate program too.

The compensation structure for participants in the affiliate program is based on product sales, and there is no benefit for enrolling or recruiting direct sellers.

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Phygicart Review

In assessing, we’ve identified both green flags, indicating positive aspects, and red flags, signifying areas of concern, which are as follows:

Here are a few positive things about Phygicart.

  • Phygicart is a legally registered Indian company.
  • The website of Phygicart has been operating since 2015.
  • All information about is provided on its website.
  • It has a physical store and the given address is also correct.
  • The Information is the individual behind this venture, is available.
  • is recognized by the Dubai Direct Selling Association under the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, USA.
  • The presence of correct and comprehensive policy pages.
  • The website asserts that there are no entry/registration/activation fees in its affiliate program.

One major negative about Phygicart is its expensive products. Like most MLM companies, its products are also overpriced which creates a challenge for distributors.

Overall, Phygicart is a legitimate direct-selling company and individuals can participate after thoroughly understanding its compensation plan.

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Is a legally registered company?

Yes, Phygicart E-commerce Private Limited is a legally registered company.

Who is the owner of is operated by Dr. Boby Chemmanur, Chairman of Boby Chemmanur International Group.

Is there an entry fee to participate in’s affiliate program?

No, the platform claims there are no entry/registration/activation fees for participation. is located in which country? is located in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

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