BJP Free Recharge Yojana Real or Fake?

One recent claim asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is offering a “three months free recharge” piqued our curiosity and warranted a closer examination.

In this post, we will review BJP Free Recharge Yojana Real or Fake?

BJP Free Recharge Yojana Review

The scheme in question, often referred to as the “BJP Free Recharge Yojana,” purports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are offering a three-month free mobile recharge to entice people to vote for the BJP in the upcoming 2024 general elections in India.

The scheme is primarily circulated through various digital platforms and social media channels, with links directing users to websites claiming to facilitate this “free recharge” offer.

These websites request users to provide their mobile phone numbers and other personal information, presumably to avail themselves of the promised free mobile recharge.

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BJP Free Recharge Yojana Real or Fake?

As per our information, the BJP Free Recharge Yojana is fake and no such scheme is available from the government or any political party.

Here are some crucial facts to know:

  • The website has an unusual URL structure, distinct from the official BJP site and a very cheap domain.
  • Despite our best efforts, we could not locate any trustworthy news reports or official communications substantiating the alleged scheme.
  • The absence of any references to the “BJP Free Recharge Yojana” on the official BJP website further fuels skepticism.
  • The “” website has been flagged as “Doubtful. Medium-Risk. Alert” by Scam Detector, signifying potential risks.

The claim regarding the “BJP Free Recharge Yojana” appears to lack credible substantiation and official endorsement.

The distinct absence of supporting information on the official BJP website, coupled with the dubious reputation of the associated website “” raises significant doubts about the authenticity of this purported scheme.

It is vital to approach such claims with skepticism and rely on authentic and credible sources for information related to political initiatives and electoral schemes.

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Is the “BJP Free Recharge Yojana” an official government scheme?

No, there is no official confirmation or announcement from the government or the BJP regarding such a scheme.

Can I receive free mobile recharges by providing my phone number on these websites?

It is highly advised not to share personal information, including your phone number, on unverified websites. Such actions could lead to privacy and security risks.

What is the purpose of the “BJP Free Recharge Yojana”?

The scheme claims to offer free mobile recharges as an incentive to garner support for the BJP in the 2024 general elections.

Is the domain “” dubious?

“” is a domain flagged with a “Doubtful. Medium-Risk. Alert” status by Scam Detector.

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