BFTC Coin Review: Real or Fake?

Bits Factor (BFTC) is a cryptocurrency that has gained attention for its promise of earning real money.

In this review, we will explore its characteristics, value, and presence in the cryptocurrency market.

What is BFTC Coin?

Bits Factor (BFTC) is a cryptocurrency token.

As of now, its market price is approximately $0.010965, and it is listed on one exchange with a 24-hour trading volume of $10,821.49.

Despite this, Bits Factor is still considered to be a relatively obscure cryptocurrency with a market cap of $0, placing it at the #2702 rank among all cryptocurrencies.

The official website of Bits Factor offers a range of services, including the BFTC Academy, BFTC Card, Factors Tube (F. Tube), Factors Trader, Meta Meet, Med Shop, Game Factors, Helex, B-Browser, and Easyticket.

According to SimilarWeb, it has only 500 visitors monthly.

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BFTC Coin Review

The website of BFTC Coin was recently created, and this crypto token was also recently introduced in the market.

Here are some red flags of Bftc coin that are found suspicious:

  • It is a recently created token.
  • There is a lack of conclusive evidence that Bits Factor is listed on well-established and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance.
  • The value of Bits Factor appears to vary on different platforms, causing concerns about its reliability and stability.
  • Bits Factor employs Telegram, a platform that is infamous for being associated with fraudulent activities.
  • No information about the owner is found.
  • Uses Telegram as a communication channel.
  • Lack of policy pages on the website.

Bits Factor (BFTC), raises several concerns, including its legitimacy, value inconsistencies, restricted access, and the use of Telegram.

We have not found any medium to contact the owner of this site or to purchase this token.

Its website doesn’t have much information about this crypto token and relies on other blockchain technology.

Investors and users should exercise caution and carefully evaluate the risks associated with the BFTC Token before considering any involvement.

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Is BFTC Coin listed on Binance?

No, BFTC Coins is not listed on Binance.

Is BFTC Coin legal in India?

We have not found any documents that evidences its legitimacy in India.

When was the official website of BFTC Coin created?

The official website of BFTC Coin was created on 21 July 2023.

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