Keva Business Plan 2023 PDF Download

Download Keva Industries Latest Full Business MLM Plan PDF for free – Keva Income and Business Plan PDF

This post will provide you with a PDF of the complete Keva Kaipo Business Plan. You can find the latest Marketing and Business Plan for Keva Industries, which you can also download in PDF format at the end of the post.

Keva Industries is a product-based network marketing company, which was started in Ludhiana, Punjab in 2009.

Mr. Karan Goel is the director of the company and its head office is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, and the company also has another office in Bangalore, Karnataka. Keva products list consists of products from various categories mainly health and FMCG.

Keva Industries Business Plan

Anyone can join Keva and after joining the company, a person is called Distributor.

Distributors have to perform two major tasks to earn well. These two tasks are the following:

1. Product Selling

After becoming a Distributor, by purchasing or selling products ahead, a person can earn 100% retail profit because on each sale, keva gives 1 free product on every purchase.

On each product purchase, BP (Business Points) are given, and through BP different incomes are calculated.

2. Recruitment

The second task to earn from Keva is recruiting people.

To earn passive income as well as active income, distributors need to recruit more people in the downline.

With this, distributors will receive a part of the profit on their product purchase, as no MLM company pays money for recruiting people according to Direct Selling Guidelines.

Earnings are always based on the product purchase, which can be a personal purchase or a downline purchase.

Keva Income Plan

Keva income plan offers 8 types of income, which is divided into two parts that are following:

Package Income (Weekly Income)

  1. Pair Income
  2. Leadership Bonus
  3. Foreign trip
  4. No Time Limit Rewards
  5. Life Time Rewards

Repurchase Income (Monthly Income)

  1. Retail Benefits
  2. Team performance Bonus
  3. Club benefits

Keva Industries Business Plan PDF Download

You can download the complete Keva Industries Business Plan PDF by clicking the below download button.

How to join Keva?

To join Keva, you can contact any existing Distributor of Keva and ask him/her to enroll you in the company.

To join, a person should have required documents such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, and Bank Account Information.

After joining, to earn distributors have to buy a product package, which is compulsory.

There are two product packages offered by the company. First package is 2,999 Rs and the second package is of 4,999 Rs. Each product package has different benefits.

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