Let’s Grow Business Plan 2023 PDF Download

Let’s Grow is a product-based network marketing plan, which is being operated by Panchora Industries Private Limited. Panchora Industries registered under MCA on 23 July 2020 from Cuttack, Odisha.

Being an MLM company Let’s Grow provides an opportunity to earn money. Preeti Majhi and Amresh Majhi are the directors of this company. Panchora Industries’ head office is in Rajgangpur, Odisha and it is started in 2008.

Let’s Grow Business Plan

Anyone can join the company and after joining the company, a person is called a Distributor.

Being a Distributor, Every person has to perform two major tasks to earn well. These two tasks are following:

1. Product Selling

After becoming a distributor, Let’s Grow provides their product at a 15% discount and by selling product ahead, distributors can earn Retail Profit.

2. Recruitment

To earn passive income as well as active income, you need to recruit more people in your downline.

With this, you will receive a part of the profit on their product purchase.

As no genuine MLM company pays money for recruiting people according to Direct Selling Guidelines.

Earning are always based on the product purchase, which can be a personal purchase or downline purchase.

How to join Let’s Grow?

To join Let’s Grow, You can fill the form on the official website of the company or you can contact any existing Associate of Let’s Grow and ask them to enroll you in the company.

To join, you should have documents such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card and Bank Account Information.

And it is compulsory to purchase Let’s Grow’s product of certain amount.

Let’s Grow Income plan

Let’s Grow income plan offers 7 types of income that are following:

  • Retail Profit
  • Income Per Member
  • Repurchase Income
  • Salary
  • Reward
  • Insurance
  • Company Bonus

Let’s Grow Business Plan PDF

You can download Let’s Grow Compensation Plan PDF by clicking the below download button.

Source: www.letsgrow.co.in

Let’s Grow Products

Let’s Grow has a broad range of products, which includes FMCG, Health Care, Cosmetic, and some other categories of products.

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