Jaa Lifestyle Busines Plan 2023 PDF Download

Jaa Lifestyle is an advertisement-based network marketing company, which was started in London, UK in 2020.

Jaa Lifestyle full form is Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle.

In India, it is registered under MCA on 3rd, December 2020 from Bangalore. Johny and Jolly Johny are the directors of the company.

Jaa Lifestyle is not launched yet but claims that it can change people’s lifestyle and provides an opportunity to earn a lot of money through its platform.

Jaa Lifestyle Business Plan

Anyone can join Jaa Lifestyle in two ways, the first is a free member and the second one is a KYC-approved Member. More than 30 Lacs people already participated in it.

Every person, who joins Jaa Lifestyle has to perform two major tasks to earn well, first is viewing an Advertisement and the second one is by adding other people to their downline.

Overall it seems, Jaa Lifestyle has only created overhype. Their compensation plan seems like a pyramid scheme, as they don’t have retailable products and using they are using MLM concept.

How to join Jaa Lifestyle?

To join Jaa Lifestyle, you can Contact any existing free member or KYC-approved member and ask them to provide their referral link and so you can enroll under them.

To be a free member as well as a KYC-approved member, you have to provide documents such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card and Bank Account information.

For KYC-approved member, individuals have to pay 1109 Rs.

Jaa Lifestyle Income Plan

Jaa Lifestyle offers two types of Income plans, first one is for free members and the second one is for KYC-approved members, which is also called a paid plan.

In both Income plans, there are some different types of income.

In free members Income plan, Jaa Lifestyle offers two types of income that are following:

  • Free Ad View Income
  • Referral Income

In paid plan, Jaa Lifestyle offers three types if income that are following:

  • Free Future Share income
  • Free Ad View income and Referral income
  • Subscription-Based Monthly Team income

Jaa Lifestyle Business Plan PDF

You can download Jaa Lifestyle Plan PDF by clicking the below download button.

Source: www.jaalifestyle.com

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