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Herbalife Catalog

When I talk about MLM company business plan, personally I feel the plan won’t work until the company doesn’t have solid products.

Herbalife offers quality Health and Wellness Products. For the Indian market, products look expensive, but according to quality and being an MLM company price is reasonable. Herbalife Formula 1 Shake is the most popular Herbalife Product.

Herbalife ranked 3rd globally in terms of revenue. In 2017 Herbalife revenue crossed $ 4.43 Billion. Where Amway and Avon ranked first and second respectively.

More About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife’s beginning was quite weird. Herbalife founder Mark Reynolds Hughes’s mother was a part-time model. His mother needs to maintain weight, So she used to take pills which have several side-effects.

Due to the overdose of these pills, Mark’s mother died when he was just 18. From that incident, mark started looking for a way of losing weight without side-effects and moved to china.

Using Chinese herbs mark build “Formula 1” which was an extremely powerful way of losing extra fat effectively. In 1980 Mark founded Herbalife and their first customer was Mark’s Grandmother who loses 9KG weight naturally.

In the first month of Herbalife, Mark did the business of $ 23,000 and from that day Herbalife never looked back.

From 1980 to 2010 Herbalife spread over more than 80 countries and widely know health supplements brand.

Herbalife shake is the most popular Herbalife’s Product. Sports legendary like Cristiano Ronaldo and Virat Kohli have performed ads for Herbalife.

Herbalife Nutrition Controversy

Like MLM Giant Amway, Herbalife has also faced several controversies and still counting. Most of the Amway controversy was about their compensation plan, but for Herbalife specifically, products are targeted which is more fatal.

Herbalife Products Side-effects comes to exist and several users faced the different problem when they intake Herbalife Products.

Kidney and Liver side-effects are found positive in many cases. Biotin, Hydrogenated Oil, Soy Lecithin, Soy protein are few sensitive compounds found in Herbalife Products.

Moreover, it’s consumer responsibility to take care of dosage and in several cases consulting a doctor is the only choice before regular consumption.

While women who are going through pregnancy or lactation period and kids below 12 years are not recommended to intake Herbalife Supplements.

Herbalife Business Plan

Herbalife Business plan offers an opportunity to earn money by selling Herbalife products and Recruiting new people for Herbalife.

In India, many people are working as Herbalife Associate and earning good wealth. Anyone who interested in Herbalife Products can join Herbalife. They just need to feel a registration form.

But here a shocking report occurs, researchers found that only 1% of Herbalife Associates earn 90% of Rewards.

Herbalife Products Catalog

The catalog is vital for every direct seller / Distributor. Here the Herbalife Nutrition Catalog provides more information about new product launch and products mentioned in the catalog.

Associate often called Herbalife Catalog as Herbalife Broucher or Herbalife Catalogue which is the same thing.

Currently, the electronic catalog means Catalog in PDF forms are in trends. So most MLM companies launch PDF catalog on a regular basis.

To download Herbalife Nutrition latest Catalog PDF, just click on the below download button. And the download will get start.

You can also download Herbalife Products Price List PDF, just click on the below link.


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Hemant Kumawat

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