Glaze India Business Plan PDF Download 2022

Glaze Trading is a product-based direct selling company, which was started on 16 March 2004. Its head office is in Janakpuri, New Delhi. Glaze products list consists of products from agriculture to FMCG.

Mr. Sanjeev chabber, Mr. Chetan Prakash Handa, Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, Mr. Sumit Kohli and Mrs. Nisha Dutta are the directors of the company.

It was registered under MCA in 2004 with the name of Glaze Trading India Private Limited which also known as Galway.

Glaze Trading Business Plan

An Individual can join Glaze as a distributor and has to perform two major tasks:

1. Product Selling

Distributors get products at a lower price which is distributor price (DP) and by selling it on MRP, they can earn retail profit.

Suppose, if you buy a toothpaste for which DP is 230 rs and sell it MRP of 300 Rs, then you get 70 Rs as a retail profit.

2. Recruitment

The second task that helps to earn more is recruitment, which means you have to add more people in the downline.

When downline purchases products, upline gets some commission. In every MLM company, recruitment is generally considered a prominent task to get more income.

As per Direct Selling guidelines, the company will not give commission on only recruiting people, income will be only based on products purchase, whether it can be personal or from the downline.

How to join Glaze Trading?

To join Glaze Trading as a distributor, individual needs some legal identity proof such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Bank account information.

A person can contact any existing distributor of Glaze and become part of it from their sponsor ID.

And after joining, it is compulsory to buy some products for activating ID.

Glaze Trading Income Plan

Glaze promise to give 9 types of income to their Distributors. Every income has different criteria and formulas for commission calculations.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Performance Bonus
  3. ABC Retail Income
  4. Super Club
  5. Master Club
  6. TMB
  7. PMB
  8. Car Fund
  9. House Fund

Glaze Trading Business Plan PDF 2021 Download

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