Tupperware Business Plan 2023 PDF Download

Tupperware is a product-based multi-level marketing company, which was started in the USA with the name Tupper Corporation in 1946. Earl Silas Tupper is the founder of the company.

It is a listed private company, which got registered under MCA on 01 May 1996 with the name of Tupperware India Private Limited. Deepak Chhabra, Shyamal Chatterjee, and Kimberly kay Weate are the directors of Tupperware India.

Tupperware Business Plan

Anyone can join the company as a Consultant and being a consultant every person has to perform two major tasks to earn well.

1. Product Selling

Tupperware provides the product at a lower price and by selling products at MRP, consultants can earn a good amount of retail profit.

Suppose, you buy a bucket of MRP and you get it for 200rs as Consultant, then here you can get 200rs as retail profit.

2. Recruitment

The second task to earn more from it is recruiting new people to Tupperware. For passive income as well as active income, consultants need to recruit more people in the downline.

Earning are always based on the product purchase, which can be a personal purchase or downline purchase.

How to join Tupperware?

To join Tupperware, you can contact any existing Distributor of Tupperware and ask them to enroll you in the company.

To join it, individuals should have documents such as aadhar card, pan card and bank account details.

It is compulsory to make the initial purchase.

Tupperware Products

Tupperware products are mainly known for their designs, quality, and great innovative products.

Tupperware company is known for manufacturing plastic containers and utensils. Tupperware products have a premium look and their robustness is considered as its plus point.

You can check Tupperware Products Price List here.

Tupperware Compensation Plan

Tupperware offers 3 types of income:

  1. Commision On Personal Sales
  2. Sales Bonus
  3. Commission On Recruitment

Tupperware Marketing Plan PDF Download

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