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This post is about the Products Price List of Smart Value Company.

Smart Value is a network marketing company, which is having approximately 39 Lakh+ Distributors in India. It got incorporated under MCA on 20 Dec 2006 with the name of Smart Value Products and Service Limited.

Boddu Prasad Reddy, Sivakumar Krishnamoorthy, and Nirmala Arora are the directors of this company.

An individual can join Smart Value as an IBA (Independent Business Associate) and can earn income from the company by selling products and recruiting people.

Smart Value Products

Products are said to be the backbone of any MLM company. It is one of the factors, which decides the growth of turnover of any MLM company. Smart value has a great and big range of products, even company has Educational products also.


Smart Value includes products related to health and wellness, personal care, home care, lifestyle enhancers, agriculture, food and beverages, stationery, and educational books and DVDs.

The company has good quality of health care and other categories products at a very decent price, but educational products of the company are very expensive.

For example, the company provides Computer Fundamentals And Office Tools For Smart Students book for 1,219 rs, but on Amazon, if you search the same topic, you can get away much good book at a very handsome price.

Smart Value Product Price List

From the below chart, you can see the latest products price list of Smart Value with MRP, Miles and AP. But before moving forward, It is important to under about these abbreviations.

  • MRP = Maximum Retail Price, It is the highest price at which a product can be sold.
  • Miles = In each product packages purchase, you get some miles. Some Incomes are based on completing miles.
  • AP = Associate Price, It is a special price, which contains some discount and IBA of the company buys the product at this price.

Health & Wellness

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
HENOU00046NOURISH Omega 3 Fatty Acid 60 Capsules2.5604699
HENOU00045NOURISH Iron & Folic Acid 60 Capsules2.5604699
HENOU00043NOURISH Green Coffee Extracts 60 Capsules2599699
HENAT00042Naturals Amla Sweet Candy 500gm0.5249299
HENAT00041Naturals Amla Chatpata Candy 500gm0.5249299
HENOU00036NOURISH Moringa – 90 Capsule6799899
HENOU00057NOURISH Noni Premium Plus 500ml69491289
HENOU00056NOURISH Noni Premium Plus 1000ml1218492629
HENOU00055NOURISH Noni Kokum Plus 500ml57491099
HENOU00054NOURISH Noni Kokum Plus 1000ml1014982139
HENOU00053NOURISH Noni Gold 500ml57991149
HENOU00052NOURISH Noni Gold 1ltr1015982199
HENOU00050Nourish Aloevera Juice with Honey 500ml3.5599699
HENOU00049Nourish Amla Juice with Honey 500ml3499599
HENOU00013NOURISH Pain Oil 100ml0.2185199
HENOU00012NOURISH Multivitamins & Minerals 90 Capsules5649749
HENOU00011NOURISH Calcium 100 Tablets3349449
HENOU00010NOURISH Spirulina 90 Capsules5649749
HENOU00086Nourish-Vitamin-C — 90 tabs3639729
HENOU00085Nourish – Panch Tulsi Drops – 20 ml0.3159189
HENOU00083Nourish Protein Life – Chocolate – 1 Kg2036994099
HENAT00081Naturals- Quinoa seeds – 220 Grams1209259
HENAT00080Naturals-Flax seeds – 200 Grams1.1219249
HENAT00079Naturals- Black Chia seeds – 220 Grams2499579
HENOU00078Nourish Muscles & Joint Pain Oil – 100 ml1279299
HENOU00072NOURISH Wheat Grass Juice with Honey – 500 ml3599599

Personal Care

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
PENUR00034Nurture-New Maha Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair Oil 100 m0.5129159
PENUR00033Nurture-New Anti Dandruff Shampoo 220 ml0.5159199
PENUR00032Nurture-New Green Apple Shampoo With Aloe Vera 20.2199249
PENUR00031Nurture Aloevera Soap 100 gm- Set of 50.7220300
PENUR00029Nurture Herbal Hair Tonic Oil-100 ml0.199109
PENUR00028NURTURE Neem And Aloevera Face Wash 125ml0.2149199
PENUR00027NURTURE Hand Wash 250ml0.2599109
PENUR00024NURTURE Ayurvedic Gel Toothpaste 100gm0.27989
PENUR00020NURTURE Apricot Almond Scrub 125gm0.2149199
PENUR00019NURTURE Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15 100ml0.299119
PENUR00018NURTURE Herbal Neem Tooth Paste 100gm0.26979
PENUR00015NURTURE Strawberry Lip Balm 10gm0.17999
PENUR00014NURTURE Fairness Cream 100gm0.2149199
PENUR00008NURTURE Noni Gold Facial Kit1013991999
PENUR00053NURTURE Hand Sanitizer – 100 ml05050
PENUR00050Nurture – Soap 75gm- Set of 51.1379495

Home Care

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
HOSMA00009Smart Wash Detergent Bar 200gm (Set of 4)0.1109120
HOSMA00008Smart Shine Dishwash Bar 200gm (Set of 4)0.199120
HOSMA00003Smart Wash Detergent Powder 700gm0.299119


Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
LINEC00011Neck Tie APLL0.8399499
LISAA00010Saathi pair of watches(gold Plated)2024992999
LISMA00009SmartValue Travel Bag1399449
LIBAC00008Back Pack Bag1017991999
LINOU00004Nourish Institutional Bag5999999
LINOU00003Nourish Pen2203203
LS101Suit Length 3mtr2535004000
LS160BSV Woven Polyster Tie0.58289349
LS160AWoven Polyester Tie – Assorted0.58289349
LS140BFabric Combo 2 Shirt Plus Pant1016491979
LS140AFabric Combo 1 Shirt Plus Pant1016491979
LS140DFabric Combo 3 Shirt Plus Pant1016491979


Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
ACAGR00003Agrolizer82 500ml3569689
ACAGR00004Agroveera Plus 500 ml2479549

Food and Beverages

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
FONOU00013NOURISH Crunchy Peanut Butter – 340 gram1.5329409
FONOU00012NOURISH Creamy Peanut Butter with Honey – 340 gra1.5349429
FOSMA00010SMARTVALUE-SMARTEA 250 gm0.11125135


Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
STEXE00008Executive Diary – 2019 (Personalized)0.5359359
STEXE00007Executive Diary 20190.5349349

Business Support Material

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
BSNOU00035Nourish Health Guide (Kannada)0129249
BSNON00027Noni Booklet02959
BSCOD00024Code Of Conduct(English)03949
BSPRO00023SmartValue – Corporate Profile099109
BSAPL00020APLL Prospectus.06999
BSNOU00036Nourish Health Guide(Hindi)0109109
BSNOU00028NOURISH Health Guide (Bengali)0.1109109
BSM361ASet Of Leaflets03838
BSM260ANOURISH Health Guide (English)070109
BSM230SmartValue – Corporate Profile04949

Educational Books & DVDs

Product CodeProduct NameMilesAPMRP
EDBOO00103Book – Scripting Technologies For Smart Students59991459
EDBOO00102Book – Web Programming Languages For Smart Stude59991459
EDBOO00101Book – Computer Fundamentals And Office Tools For59321219
EDBOO00100Book – Computer Fundamentals And Office Tools For59321219
EDBOO00099Book – Personality Development For Smart Students –5799999
EDBOO00098Book – Personality Development For Smart Students –5799999
EDBOO00097Book – Business Communication For Smart Students59921299
EDGOO00096Goods & Services Tax (GST)59991299
EDMOR00095Moral Responsibility5799999
EDINF00094Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo58191069
EDINF00093Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo59991299
EDINF00092Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo59991299
EDINF00091Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo59991299
EDINF00090Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo59991299
EDINF00089Information Technology & Business Accounting – Boo59991299
EDSET00079Set of 2 DVD9 Self Learning CBTs(Hindi)09991099
EDDVD00072DVD(set of 2) on Personal Dev. and Bus. Comm1016981848
EDSMA00071Smart Commerce DVD (set of 4)1016981848
EDNOU00056Nourish Writing Pad3299299
EDBOO00055Book on Food and Nutrition1526992699
EB130DBook – PC Hardware And Networking For Smart Stude1018231920
EB130CBook – PC Hardware And Networking For Smart Stude1017991920
EB130BBook – PC Hardware And Networking For Smart Stude1018132050
EB130ABook – PC Hardware And Networking For Smart Stude1017991920
EB120DWeb development using .NET For Smart Students1521292329
EB120CBook – Web development using JAVA For Smart Stude1521992399
EB120BBook – Web development using C plus For Smart Stud1521992399
EB120ABook – Web development using SQL For Smart Studen1521992399
EB210ABook – Mastering English For Smart Students511091259
EB110BBook – Computer Fundamentals And Office Tools For59321319
EB110ABook – Computer Fundamentals And Office Tools For59321319

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