D Dream Company Real or Fake? 

D Dream is an MLM company that offers health and beauty products.

In this post, we will review D Dream Company and let you know whether it is legitimate.

What is D Dream Company?

D Dream is an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company that is offering you health and beauty supplements that help people to be healthy.

D Dream company homepage

D Dream Trade & Marketing Solutions Private Limited was incorporated under MCA on September 2, 2021. Its directors are Sankalp Rawat and Palak Budhwani.

The company’s business model depends on person-to-person sales i.e. Direct selling. 

D Dream legal certificates

They have three membership plans Diamond, Platinum and Gold Entry and rates are Rs 3999, 2999, and 1999. By purchasing memberships you will get discounts on products. The company doesn’t disclose discount percentages.

D Dream membership plans

Ddream.in has 11k+ monthly visitors and as per Whois.com, the website was last updated in October 2023.

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Website Profile

Website Ddream.in 
Known as D Dream Company  
Product offered Contact number and email 
Domain registration date 24 January 2022 
Address  BALLABGARH FARIDABAD HARYANA Faridabad, Haryana -121004 
Contact Number and Email 9315253397
[email protected]

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D Dream Company Review

After thoroughly researching we found facts that raise malicious thoughts. Before buying or investing in any product from this site should always consider the points below

  • Poor management of the site
  • They don’t disclose product specifications
  • Limited products listed on the website
  • No proper guidelines for investment
  • Less known company

The website is being poorly managed as links are not working properly. There is a limited number of products listed on the site.

Every MLM company has well prepared plan for investors to purchase membership plans and products but this website has no such plans and all things are messy. Definition of PV (Present Value) is not available on the site.

We believe this company is relatively new and less popular compared to other MLM companies. Hence it needs to emphasize more on fundamenals and requires strong leadership to grow further.

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Who is the founder of D Dream Company? 

Sankalp Rawat and Palak Budhwani are the directors of it.

Where is the D Dream Company located? 

It is located in Haryana, India.

Is D Dream Company real or fake? 

D Dream is an MCA-registered MLM company.

Should I join D Dream Company? 

Its up to you, but thoroughly check its products before purchase.

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