King567 Review: Real or Fake Platform?

Today, we will examine King567, a gaming and earning website that entices users with promises of significant monetary gains and valuable rewards through paid games.

This review aims to dissect its offerings, features, and user experiences to shed light on potential risks associated with the platform.

What is King567?

King567 operates as a gaming and earning platform.

The promise of lucrative returns creates an allure for users seeking financial benefits through their gaming endeavors.

In this way, users are encouraged to participate in paid games.

King567 welcomes new players with an enticing bonus on initial deposits. The 1st and 4th deposits receive a substantial 150% bonus, while the 2nd and 5th enjoy a 75% boost. The third deposit is rewarded with a 100% bonus.

King567 provides various deposit methods, including PayTM, Google Pay, and Bitcoin, allowing users to fund their playing accounts.

Notably, the app is not available on the Google Play Store; users have to download the APK from the official website. review

The phone number provided indicates that King567 operates in India.

King567 sets a minimum deposit of 10 INR and a minimum withdrawal of 100 INR. Payouts are processed within 72 hours for amounts below 200,000 INR, commission-free. The daily winnings limit is five times the deposit value, subject to company approval.

According to Similar Web, approximately 3 crore (23.7 million) people visited the site as of October 2023.

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Website Profile
Product/ServicesGambling and Casino Games
Domain registration date08 October 2020
Contact[email protected]
+91 8071279199

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King567 Review

King567’s gaming and earning proposition comes under scrutiny due to the multitude of red flags raised by user reviews and online assessments. Here are some negative aspects of this website that question its legitimacy.

  • The absence of the app on the Google Play Store raises accessibility concerns.
  • Doubts persist regarding the reliability of King567’s payment system, with users reportedly facing issues when nearing payment eligibility.
  • The poorly designed website raises concerns.
  • Numerous reports suggest issues with the platform’s customer care service.
  • Lack of transparency, omitting essential information about the owner and company.
  • The terms and conditions page mentions a “Contact Us” section, yet no actual “Contact Us” page is available on the platform.

King567’s gaming and earning proposition is fraught with red flags, including doubts about payment reliability, a lack of transparency, and user dissatisfaction.

Potential users are cautioned to approach the platform with skepticism and prioritize alternatives with proven legitimacy and positive user experiences.

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Is King567 a legitimate platform?

King567’s legitimacy is questionable.

How can I download the King567 app?

The app is not on the Google Play Store; users must download the APK from the official website.

What deposit methods does King567 offer?

King567 supports deposit methods such as Paytm, Google Pay, and Bitcoin.

Are payments on King567 reliable?

Payment reliability is questionable, with user reports suggesting uncertainties as they approach payment eligibility.

From where does King567 operate?

King567 operates primarily in India.

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