Vs-store.net Review: Real or Fake Site?

Vs-store.net is offering you products at 95% off with a free refundable in 30 days.

In this post, we will review Vs-store.net and let you know whether it is legitimate.

What is Vs-store.net?

Vs-store.net is an online shopping website that has products like home decoration, and gadgets that can ease your work.

Vs-store.net homepage

The site is offering you all products at a huge discount of 90%. There are only a few products listed on the website.

There is no information available about the operator of the site.

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Website Profile

Website Vs-store.net 
Known as Vs-store.live 
Product offered Household products 
Domain registration date 1 November 2023 
Address Cambridge England  
Contact Email [email protected] 

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Vs-store.net Review

After thoroughly researching we found facts that raise malicious thoughts. Before buying any product from this site should always consider the points below

  • Surprisingly huge discounts on products 
  • Limited products listed on the website 
  • Website URL .net and .live is suspicious 
  • No information about the operator of the site 
  • Recently created site 
  • A limited number of products

There are many online shopping websites on the internet that offer discounts in the range of 20-30% minimum. Whosoever wants to call a loss of 90% discount.

The website management is very bad. Users may feel misled while navigating the site. The recently created site is offering a 90% discount on their products. This is something to think about.

Clearly, we don’t recommend this website to purchase products. Please stay away from such types of sites.

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Who is the founder of Vs-store.net? 

There is no information available about the founder of the Vs-store.net. 

Where is the Vs-store.net located? 

Vs-store.net is located in Cambridge, England.

Is Vs-store.net real or fake? 

Vs-store.net is a fake with no guarantee of product delivery.

Should I join Vs-store.net? 

We do not recommend using it however you can invest at your own risk. 

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